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VIVA-Las Vegas!!

Hey Blog Readers! 
I'm going to keep this short and sweet because it's Thursday night as I type this and I'm heading to the FAB Las Vegas very early in the morning!! :) I'm SO excited!!

I absolutely LOVE Vegas! It is like a whole other world and nowhere compares to it! I'm heading with Naomi and Tina and I can't wait for the glitz, glam and a bit of gambling followed by some "hangover" style memories :)
I'll fill you in on our weekend trip next week! 
Fashion News from L.A.
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Aztec-Who?? they really don't like the aztec print over here! At home (in Ireland) it is all the rage but here they seem to think it's old-fashioned and dated!! Never the less I'm still rocking some aztec around here because I LIKE IT :P
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What is trending in fashion in L.A.?
To be honest it seems to be quite plain... no mad patterns and a lot of black/white - which is then dressed up/down to suite the occasion but saying that Neon is in! as it is at home at the minute also!
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Dogs in Handbags...
When you think of L.A. especially Beverly Hills one of the things that may come to mind is dogs in handbags.. There are lots of pooches on leads but I hadn't seen any sign of a dog in a bag... until today!! I went down to see JLo get her star on the Hollywood walk of fame and beside me were two little dogs in one LV. handbag... to be honest I was disgusted.. It was SO HOT outside and these little dogs (two of them) were cramped into the one bag and could barely get their heads out.. both were panting franticly showing that they were way too hot and needed water...  From what I could see the bag wasn't designed for dogs and I felt really sorry for them! :( I'm not againt putting a dog in a bag=I'm sure there are some doggy-bags that are perfectly comfortable for dogs but these two looked depressed and uncomfortable.. in a leather bag in the boilng heat and also in a crowed :(
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JLo getting her star:
As I mentioned above I went to see Jennifer Lopez get the 2500th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.. it was a really cool experience to watch. There were loads of people there honouring JLo including pitbull, of course her management and then various actors she had worked with.
I really admire JLo... firstly she is 42 and one of the most beautiful women  I have ever seen! but she is also extremely talented, she comes from humble beginnings and she comes across as very genuine and sweet! She even started crying when she received her star! 

As she sings herself she is "Jenny from the block" and she worked her way to the top. For me she is a perfect example that dreams can come true!!

Some of the things I got up to this week... 
Last Friday I was on set of TYGA's music video in DownTown L.A.

I had a great day! I got the message to come down to the set just the night before (hence why I didn't tell you in last week's blog-which I actually write on Thursday night here to make up for the time difference).  It was really cool to meet him and he's pretty cute too!... -I may have developed a 'likkle'bit of a crush... I just love music and I find it very attractive when someone can sing/rap/preform.. it was great to see him doing his thing for the music video and it was like I was at a private gig! I went on my own but made loads of new friends there and then me and my friends who are over with me from Ireland headed to TYGA's album launch party later that night in Drai's Hollywood. Justin Bieber and the guys from Entourage were also there! It was our first night out in L.A. and we had a fantastic time!
  • I was also back at the Playboy mansion but I won't chat about my time there too much because it's a home and I'm just chilling there :) I got to bring over my friend Naomi so it was great to give her a tour!x
In other news... 
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  • I landed my first audition and casting since I arrived and they happened to be on the same day! (typical-when it rains it pours!) both went great though and I'm feeling optimistic! I also got called for another audition tomorrow! but unfortunately I won't be in L.A. so I can't make it... hopefully it can be re-scheduled for next week!
  • We ran into Khloe Kardashian and her mum Kris Jenner in Burbank the other day... Khloe was doing a meet and greet in Ultra! There was a huge que to meet her and you couldn't take pictures so we didn't feel a need to go up but I can say she is STUNNING and both herself and Kris looked GREAT!

I loved Khloe's outfit! It was very soft and flowy which suites the time of year! The aqua colours were amazing on her and her makeup was bronzed and glowing! Her hair was in side plaits and pulled over to one side in loose waves!-I actually love this hair style and have sported it a couple of times myself recently!
I hear there has been a good bit of press surrounding me being L.A. -which is always great and I'm very grateful! I haven't seen the coverage properly but I did get sent these two press clippings...
photo (2)

I believe the above clippings are from the Mirror and the Herald... don't get me wrong I'm delighted some people want to write/read about me but it always makes me laugh how exaggerated things can be in tabloids... For one the headline in the mirror is a little misleading..what I actually said was I wouldn't want to do nude..however Playboy is so massive so they are the only situation where I'd even consider it! As for the picture in the Herald.. they ALWAYS without fail pull it out of the bag and I HATE that photo!! It is literally years old (2009!!) and it makes me cringe to look at it.. I'm not sure why they continue to use it when they have plenty but oh-well that's showbiz I guess.. once a pic is out there it's out there ;) :P I hate to complain about silly things-both are positive articles in whole so that is a great thing!
That's it...
I've been up to loads this week and have been so busy since arriving but I don't have the time to fill you in on everything right now!-VEGAS IS CALLING!! 
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Thanks for stopping by!! 
Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo

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