Wednesday, 27 June 2012

BTS on Monday's Boat Race Shoot

AYy Ayyy ;)

On Monday I shot with a whole new team-The only person I had worked with once before was John (Gallagher) the photographer but saying that it had been awhile... :)
The team was:

  • Absolute Hair Studio (the hair love of my life, lol) did my hair in the morning.
  • 'Bare Your Beauty -Makeup By Katy' (Click the link to go to her page and give it a 'Like') 
  • Photographer John Gallagher
  • My mum, Yasmin, came along-she never comes on my shoots but she wanted to come on the boat :) lol. 
  • Pierce organised the Boat for us and brought us out to the Yacht in the middle of the bay. 
  • Glenn-The owner of the yacht. 
The theme was a press call for the Volvo Boat Race that's coming to G-G-Galway on Saturday ( Can't WAIT!) :) So sailor/Nautical theme. It was quick and easy to do-although between hair/makeup etc... I still didn't eat until 9 O'Clock :/ 

I wore:
  •  A blue and White Stripped Bikini with a Sailor Hat :)
  • A Sun Hat and black/white cover up
  • And a Gorgeous Peach/pink Bikini that was sent to me from @CristalloBras in the UK. I'm going to do a separate Blog on CristalloBras and this fab Swarovski Crystal bikini that is just SO CUTE! when I get the professional pics through :) I love it so much it deserves a separate blog post :) 

The Hair:

I called into Absolute Hair Studio for a Curly Blow Dry :) 

The Make-up:

Katy (the makeup artist) went to school with me so it was cool to work with her for something completely different to how we know each other-if that makes sense :P She's a really lovely, down-to-earth person so it wasn't nerve wrecking having a school friend there-as some may think it would be.
When I arrived I thought we were going to do my usual smoky eye and nude lip but Katy had an "nautical" idea of Blue and Yellow eyes with a Red lip... It sounds a bit 'out there' but I loved it!because it was different and it definitely suited the theme. I was a bit sceptical on having yellow on the eye because I had tried it before a long time ago for a night out and I wasn't too gone on it but she did a much better job than me and it blended really beautifully into the blue so I had no complaints :)

The Day:
After a busy day running around town-the traffic was terrible on the way in and out, searching for a nice sailor hat ;) and a big sun hat... #Props, Popping into Absolute for a curly Blow Dry and then out to Katy's house (which thankfully is only around the corner from Galway Bay Sailing Club) for make-up we headed down to meet John and Pierce at the harbour. Pierce has his own boat-which is so handy because it is one of his main methods of transport and he used it to jet out from Town to Oranmore to avoid the traffic and meet us: We piled into the boat and he took us out to Glenn's Yacht which was in the bay. Katy did the makeup Retouches and all that was to do was pop on the bikinis and pose for the pics... well that's what I thought... In fact I got harnessed to the boat and flung off the side, haha :) it was all in great fun though :) although I'd say I pulled a couple of funny faces in the pictures :) 

I loved being out on the boat-It's something I haven't really done before and the weather was nice for it,(thank god), which made it even more enjoyable :) I may be converted to the boating life style ;) 

Behind The Scenes Pictures: (I'll do a separate blog with the professionals when I get them)





And a BTS Video :)

That's all for tonight -so tired :) I'll post the professional pictures when I have them all :)

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo


Monday, 25 June 2012


Heyyy :)

Just the quickest of blogs because it's late and I have a busy day tomorrow-really need to go to sleep :p But to let anyone who hasn't already spotted my GIVE AWAY on my page in on it ;)

Basically I've organised a "Girls Night Out" package give away on my like page on Facebook!x! -which some of my favourite products that I use for shoots/nightsout or just anything that I need to get "glam" for ;)

It's not to be missed ;) ;)

I'm gong to give away....

1: The most Talked about celeb hair product of the moment 'Sleep in Rollers' -for big, voluminous, bouncy hair!! read my blog on sleep in rollers including pictures by clicking here.

2: Not one but TWO packets of Impress Nails-which Nicole Scherzinger is the spokes woman for! I always use them and they are FAB! They last over a week, take a second to put on, no drying time! and they are easy to wear (I'm a cluts and with most fake or gel nails I can't do anything-but with these I can go about my life as normal!). I'm giving away a packet of the press on manicure AND a packet of the press on pedicure!
To read my blog/Review on Impress nails click here!

3: A packet of the best eyelashes (in my opinion) around! made by the Eyelash Guru to the stars Ja'Mall Buster! They give an immediate glamorous look but they are light weight and easy to put on and wear all day/night long :)

4: Karora is probably the most talked about tan in Ireland at the moment-I first came across the Irish brand when I was in the Miss University contest (ages agooo) and all the girls, including myself, got a Karora spray tan... I've been hooked ever since! They have just designed a new instant tan for pin perfect legs! and I have a bottle to give away :) Good bye Sally Hanson ;)

My contest is going to be 100% fair and a winner will be picked completely anonymously to me and at random!-that's a promise!

All you have to do to enter is:

1: make sure you 'Like' my facebook page (I can check ;) ;) lol)

2: Share the picture of the competition on your facebook page

3: I had been telling people to tag themselves in the picture but it seems to have reached it's tag limit so just press like on the picture if this is an issue for you (and let me know).

3: Comment that you've done all 3 :)

***If you are continually getting irritating notifications from others commenting on 'a photo of you' etc... I believe you can unsubscribe from the picture so you won't get the notifications but your entry will still be there :) just keep an eye on my page to see if you're the WINNER :)

Click here to go to my Facebook page where you'll find the competition! :)


Follow me on twitter if your feeling nice :) @ShahiraBarry 
I'm also on instagram @ShahiraBarry  

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo

Saturday, 23 June 2012

It's all about Sleep in Rollers for BIG Hair ;)

Heyyyy Blog Readers :)

I'm a little late with this blog I know-I've just been swamped the last few days :/
Anyhowww I'll get straight into it....

DREAM BIG with Sleep in Rollers!!

Woman have been suffering for years trying to sleep while wearing rollers-well no more! the revolutionary rollers have been designed to flatten like a sponge when you lie down-allowing you to sleep comfortably but still wake up to BIG BOUNCY hair :)

It is definitely the in hair product of the moment with everyone from the stars of Desperate Scouswives to Katie Price and Amy Childs all being fans of the pink squishy product ;)

Even VOGUE has given Sleep Rollers the Stamp of Approval ;)

'Sleep in Rollers Ireland' kindly sent me two packets of Sleep in Rollers: one for meeeeeee :) and one for youuuuuuuu :) (well who ever wins the give away on my facebook 'like' page-so make sure you've liked it ;) ...follow the link here).

I've tried and tested the rollers and I LOVE them!! Now as you know my hair is really long and naturally poker straight (I call it Indian hair from my Bangladeshi routes) so with my hair it's not so much about tight curls but more about Volume and Bounce! Because of modelling and the odd night out my hair suffers a lot from heated hair tools and back combing... so anything that gives me volume without having to back comb my hair loads I am definitely open too-that's why I was delighted to hear about these new Rollers!

How to use them... It's as easy as one. two, three!

  1. Put them in! This is best with hair that is a little damp (but not so damp that it wont dry). Take small sections and roll the roller into place (considering which way you want the curl and bounce to go e.g. curl in the way or flick back the way). The velcro rollers will stay but it may be best to use a bobby pin to secure-especially if you move a lot when sleeping. 
  2. Go to sleep :) or just wear them around for a few hours... a celeb trend at the moment seems to be shopping with the sleep rollers in ;) 
  3. Take them out and TADA big bouncy hair!! 
It is also recommended to use a Volume or setting mouse before putting in the rollers and to spray them with a little hair spray to set them. 

The cute bag.... 
Could you get a cuter bag... Pink, frills on the top and a draw string to keep the rollers inside: I much prefer this than a packet as it means you can just grab your bag and take them with you wherever you go :)

What they look like when they're in (excuse the lack of make-up)

They squash like a sponge which makes them comfortable to sleep in :)

When they're out (this was the morning and I hadn't done anything else to my hair-including brush it! lol)

Going out later that night...

As I mentioned above my hair is naturally poker straight: plus I have A LOT of it! So if your hair is shorter than mine expect your hair to be curlier :)

Follow this YouTube link for a tutorial on how to put them in :)

The Sleep in Rollers are amazing for volume and so easy to use so I would definitely recommend investing in them! You get 20 in a bag and I only needed 15 for my hair-having 5spare :) 

Howeverrrrr Keep an eye on my facebook like page as I'm having a 'Girls night out' give away including these fab sleep in rollers-I have them ready to go I'm just waiting on a few other bits to arrive before I start the give away-Only open to people who 'Like' my page ;)

Would you try the Sleep in Rollers?? :)

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Celeb Hair - Would recommened to a friend ;)

Hey Blog Readers :)

Its rare that I go to a hairdresser... I love being in the hairdresser getting my hair washed and everything-don't get me wrong-but I have veryyy long hair and plan on keeping it that I'm always scared incase I go in and they cut too much off-In fact the majority of time I come out of the hairdresser almost crying because I feel as though my hair is too short (not that anyone else notices but its emotional for me-lol). 
I have always switched hairdressers, not for any particular reason and I don't have too many horror stories (well one but I won't share :P lol), I dont have a reason for switching all the time-I just go with the flow and pop in wherever but now I can gladly say I have a hairdressers that I'll be sticking with when I'm in Galway and would definitely recommend to a friend!!

Absolute hair studio is a quaint hair salon located in the heart of Galway, near Key street-in the Alley beside Busker Browns ;) It recently changed name from 'GQ Hairdressing' and has revamped with new management and  new staff... a new salon

I came across them on facebook when they posted a status about the 'Celeb Package' offer that they have: It's a GREAT Deal-Too good to miss!x

Lets face it it's hardly ever that you think of a new hair style off the top of your head without taking inspiration from a celeb's hair style, a hair style you spotted in a magazine etc...  therefore this deal suites everybody!

The Deal:
Pick a Celeb who you want to base your hair style on and for 65euro!Absolute will Colour/or highlights, treatment, cut, wash and blowdry to help you achieve the celebrity hair style of your choice!!

whether you want...
Cute, girly hair like the Beautiful Eva Longoria

Fiery red hair like Rihanna

or badass Colour dye like Jessie J 
Orrr any other hair from a Celeb for that matter... your bound to Love this 'Celeb Package'-Which depending on how daring you want to be could completely change your look ;)

Because I have long black hair I choose to base my haircut on Kim Kardashian's hair: I love the long bangs she has at the front and had been wanting to get them for awhile. I'm so happy I finally have them-because I wanted to keep long hair but still have a bit of style to it(..not just one level straight long hair). 

Lyndsay from Absolute looked after me and knew exactly what I wanted-she did a great job and my hair was left so shiny and nice-I felt  like a new person :)

I had a photoshoot the next day so I went back into Absolute to get a curly blow dry with some back combing for height and again Lyndsay did my hair-it was huge and lasted all day-loved it! So Absolute are also great for styling for special events and occasions!x!

Other deals: 
Balayage only 55euro!including blow dry!

With great deals and offers...
Call: 091-563944 
To book an appointment or make an enquiry!

As you can see I can't rave about them enough!x

Recommending to my friends, family and blog readers :)

Facebook: Make sure you add Absolute hair studio as a Friend and give the Absolute Hair studio like page a 'Like' to keep up-to-date with their deals and offers! (Click here to go straight to their page) :)

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

BTS on Friday's Shoot

Another shoot... another BTS (Behind the Scenes) blog :)

On Friday I went back in time to shoot with Lee (Furlong) the photographer from Absolute Studios Dublin & Absolute the agency, Ok not literally back in time... but Lee was the first photographer I ever shot with(-just over 2years ago now)... Most of you will know that I got into modelling by doing the Absolute School of Modelling course in April 2010... and the rest is history-I've been modelling ever since-& at this stage it's a career path for me and such a passion of mine! Lee got in touch recently because he was coming to Galway on his brothers stag and thought it would be a good opportunity to shoot together again. We got chatting and arranged a shoot in a boutique hotel in Barna-'The Twelve'.

Samantha Craughwell did the make-up for the shoot and it was based on a Megan Fox cat-eye look with massive double lashes that felt like two butterflies landed on my eyes :) I have worked with Sammie on SO many occasions now and she has become a close friend-I love her work and she's such an easy going and lovely person!

I got my hair done in my new favourite hair salon Absolute Hair Studio in Galway (new name change from GQ Hairdressing and a nice coincidence in names since Lee works with Absolute in Dublin) on Thursday Lyndsay from Absolute hair studio washed, cut, coloured and styled my hair (I'm going to do a full blog on Absolute hair studio-and my hair cut because their offers are just unreal and I've never been happier with a haircut-Honestly). I came back in on Friday morning and again Lyndsay did an amazing job styling my hair and got so much height out of it :)

I got a TanOrganic spray Tan in ChezElaine in Terryland on Thursday (the day before my shoot). TanOrganic gives a very natural colour.

Julian-a common mention in my blogs as he's my longest friend and I love him to bits came along (as he often does) and helped out in any way he could. He has a great interest in the industry so he likes to see how the day unfolds and be involved with the bts on a photoshoot.

The Lingerie was sponsored by Elegant Undies in Galway and I also got sent the most fab Swarovski Crystal bikini from a new company called Cristallo Bras in the UK and a Black Mac Jacket from Primark.

Getting ready for the shoot:

  • I visited Elegant Undies to collect the lingerie that was given to me for the shoot.
  • I also popped into Absolute hair studio to get a dye test behind my ear.


  • Thursday morning I went into the Results Ireland Studio in the Lisban Industrial estate to train with my trainer Dave for an hour...He Killed me!! and we've started a new 4week programme: I'll be training with him twice a week and following a regime for another 3days by myself-5 days a week training :/ click here to read Dave's blog on the training we do.
  • After my training session I popped over to ChezElaine for my spray tan.
  • It was then on to Absolute Hair Studio for my wash, cut, colour-Celebrity Package based on Kim Kardashian's hair cut (As mentioned I'll do a full blog on this).
  • After my haircut I met up with my friends: Julian, Sarah and Donna and had the chats in Kellys before looking around the shops.
  • I'm not a big fan of getting my nails done... I don't like having gels on: basically I'm a cluts and I can't pick anything up with them-they drive me crazy so I'm a big fan of Impress nails (to read my blog on them click here) I'm dying to try so many of their colours and styles but for the shoot I just wanted something that would go with everything and was feminine and pretty so I picked up a packet of lace detail impress nails.

  • I never give myself enough time the night before a shoot and as usual started getting into a fuss trying to pack my bag for the next morning and remember everything :P

The day of the shoot:

  • I popped back into Absolute hair studio in the morning to get my hair styled. 
  • Then I met Julian and we collected Sammie and headed out to Barna together-we met Lee in the hotel, had a few chats and then got straight down to business-Sammie started on my make-up and we had a look at the clothes deciding what order we'd shoot things in and what I'd wear etc...

We had a lovely suite in the Tweleve so we stayed there for the entire shoot and did a couple of different looks.

Editorial Video:
What made this shoot different is that we also did a editorial video: which I wasn't used to doing at all-I definitely had a few giggly moments but I hope it turns out well and can't wait to see it :) It was based on and inspired by a mixture of these two videos... (I can't include this video you can only watch by following the link).

Ok obviously I didn't do the rosie Hudington whitely type strip tease but the idea with the Mac jacket etc.. and then the other video (without the boobie shot of course).

BTS Pictures:



It was a long day and we were all starving by the end of it but we had a lot of fun and hopefully we'll get a few nice pics from it and the video will turn out well :) Lee is a lovely guy to work with and a great photographer: all involved were easy going, funny and we had a laugh :) Another photographer who I've worked with a number of times before, Saibh Egan, called in for a chat and laugh also :)

All pictures in this blog were taken on a phone-so apologies for the quality and the video clips from my cheap little video camera :p All for this BTS Blog-Can't wait for the professional ones #WatchThisSpace ;) lol 
Lots of Love
Shahira Xo

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