Tuesday, 5 September 2017

I've started waist training and using a sweat belt

Hi everyone! 

So over the past couple of years I've heard the buzz words 'waist trainer' a lottt with regards to getting in good shape (literally) and adding it to your fitness regime. Waist trainers can be seen all over instagram and social media and it's largely due to celebrities who are fans of waist training such as the Kardashian/Jenner girls, Amber Rose and Snookie (to name a few) who are all known for having incredible bodies with curves! an hour-glass figure is definitely sort-after by many!

I had a number of girls message me asking if I have ever waist trained. Honestly I had zero knowledge or experience with the concept so I decided to research it and ultimately decided to give it a go! 

Here's what I know so far
Waist trainers are said to...
  • Reduce Back Pain 
  • Improve Posture 
  • Reduce Bloating 
  • and Aid Weight Loss 
I see waist training not as a replacement to a healthy diet or exercise but as an aid to your healthy lifestyle and fitness routine!

My experience so far

I feel like I can definitely vouch for the reducing back pain and improving posture claims as I often work very long hours on set.
A while ago I was on set of a film for two long back to back days (12hrs) at the same location, with the same set-ups and approx same length of down time/standing/sitting etc... on day 1 I didn't have my waist trainer on and I experienced lower back pain after a couple of hours - This is often a problem for me! The following day I decided to wear my w.trainer to set! I didn't have any high hopes as such with regards to back pain and I had truly decided to wear it simply for fitness and shaping reasons... However to my absolute pleasant surprise I didn't suffer with any back pain that day and I also noticed that my posture was greatly improved and that I was sitting and standing up a lot straighter! It was a 12 hour set day so it could be assumed (I assumed, lol) that I would have some discomfort by wearing a waist trainer but in fact I feel it made me a lot more comfortable, took a way my pain and totally intrigued me to keep using it! It's worth saying that my w.trainer is a flexi trainer so it is stretchy and not as grooling as some of the other models I've seen online. 

If you work at a job where you are standing or sitting all day a waist trainer may actually help you, like it has me, with back pain and posture.

 I also love the shape that a waist trainer gives my body! I choose a beige/skin coloured trainer so I could wear it under a dress/clothes if I want to :)

When I was a teen my belly/back/sides area never gained weight - if I was to hold weight it was on my legs but since I've gotten a little older I've noticed that the sides of my stomach have started to hold weight more than they ever used to! and it's a common problem for girls to wake up looking great but feel bloated and chubby by the end of the day. Wearing a waist trainer persistently for a couple of weeks is said to create a more toned and tighter looking stomach region - who doesn't want that? I wore my trainer for 6 weeks straight for a few hours every day and I have seen great results! A couple of my girlfriends have even been encouraged to pick one up for themselves!  

 The different types of trainers available 
  1. Day To Day: The Day to Day trainer is more elasticated, very safe and stretches to mould with your body for daily wear although still tight enough to constrain the waist region to achieve your desired results. (this is what I have) 
  2. Latex: The Latex Trainer is stronger, thicker and sturdier, better for cardio or daily if you do not need to bend over or move around too much during the day as it restricts your movement more than the Day to Day. Latex is recommended for fuller ladies as it offers more support. 

I got mine from waisttrainerfitness.com

A waist trainer is not the only thing I've been trying out! I've also teamed my waist trainer regime with a sweat belt! 

I like to check out the fitness section of Ross from time to time because it's half price for some great equipment! I got my kettle bell, skipping rope and yoga mat all from Ross! (no shame) and it was there where I was browsing and found a sweat belt! (only $6 may I add).
Some people like to wear their waist trainer when they workout but I don't like the idea of this because it would quickly become sweaty and smelly and they're not cheap. Therefore the idea of a sweat belt intrigued me!
A sweat belt works, similar to a sauna suit, by making you sweat in that area and therefore aiding inch loss. There are many for and against arguments when it comes to sweat belts and indeed waist trainers - some say they work some say they do not.
I find that sweat belts are great for immediate results ie. loosing water weight. This can be great for your confidence if you have an extra tight dress or special occasion that day. However it is said that this weight will go back on and also that a sweat belt can actually stop your abs mobility and therefore prevent that tone. So what I do is I only use it for an extra sweat during my cardio - then when it's time to strength train or target my abs I take it off!

I personally feel that adding both the sweat belt and waist trainer to my fitness regime has helped me a lot - and my abs are starting to re-appear after a period of hibernation!

I am not a fitness/health expert I can only tell you about my experience so as with anything do your own re-search and proceed with caution :)

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Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo