Friday, 26 October 2012

Funky Studded Army Jacket

Hey Blog Readers :) 
I'm delighted to have teamed up with Irish clothing website
Once a month I will be blogging on a new purchase from the funky online store. NoPolka cater for both men and women and offer high-fashion clothes at reasonable prices! They also stock brands such as Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Armani Jeans and Lipsy-To name a FEW!!

I can't wait to Shop, Blog, Wear and Share :) 

This month I am blogging on the Army jacket which can be seen below... It is bang on trend and perfect for this season! It's also great Quality!! :)

What attracted me to this jacket was the eye-catching Army print. I am a fashion lover and for Autumn/Winter 2012 Army print is a huge trend! Studs and spikes are also to be seen everywhere!and this jacket mixes both

I love to mix a bit of 'grunge' with 'girly'-I think it gives a funky rock&roll edge to an outfit and this jacket is very versatile! As you can see above I teamed it with all black: Leather leggings and a black polo-neck which let the jacket do all the talking! Whereas below there is more going on: I pulled the hair back to show off the studded detail around the shoulder. I wore a skull tee, denim shorts (which have army print pockets), Bandage tights and combat boots: I believe the over-all outfit was very Combat-Chic.. especially when paired with a vibrant red lip.  

This jacket is so versatile and would spruce up any outfit! I would even throw it on over a body-con dress on a night out: again Girly meets Grunge ;) 

The colour Khaki green has been in for awhile now.. Everyone was  sporting the Khaki green Parka last year and the army print this season is a carry-on from that.

Spotted sporting Army:

Above Fern cotton, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora and MelB can all be seen sporting the Army Jacket. We see four very different outfits(again showing the jacket's versatility) MelB even teamed it with a long purple Maxi Dress!
Below Rihanna is sporting the trend with fiery red locks, a cow boy hat, denim shorts and a black tee=Great festival look. 
The army jacket is something you could keep in your wardrobe for a long time!  

SAVE €14!! 
This Military Gold Studded Jacket was €56
 NOW ONLY €42!!

The Jacket has four large pockets-which I personally see as a huge bonus!...I hate rummaging in my handbag for my phone and lippy ;)  

More Good News...

Oh and they offer a 'Next Day delivery' option Enjoy.... ;)
Lots of Love,
Shahira XO


Monday, 22 October 2012

Life Magazine :)

Hey Blog Readers :)

I rarely publish my press clippings on this blog-and you can find them all by clicking here :) ... but I decided to post the lovely article written about me in Life Magazine with the Irish Independent yesterday.

First the content page had this picture: 
Shahira Barry-Life Magazine

Followed by a lovely article on page12: 

Shahira Barry Life Magazine

The pictures were by Sean McCormack, the makeup by Samantha Craughwell and the article read: 

"She parties in the Playboy Mansion and has been asked to pose naked, but this Galway girl wants to act instead: 
Hugh Hefner himself has invited her to join the troupe of woman who ornament the Playboy Mansion: The 21-year old model from Oranmore was invited into Hef's inner circle after a casting director from Playboy spotted her on a modelling website and invited her to cast for the magazine. She decided not to pose for the publication, but has now been to two parties at Hef's house and has an open invite from the Kingpin himself. 

She was going to be a Primary School Teacher before a tragic life event brought about a shift in her priorities: Shahira overhauled her career trajectory after her bestfriend died of meningitis in 2009. "Before that, I think I would have cared what people thought if I tried to do modelling," she says. "After my friend died, my perspective on life changed. I realised that life is so short; you've got to do what you want to do while you have the chance." Four months later, she signed up for a modelling course and soon after that she was signed by Assets. 

She's big in Bangladesh: Shahira inherited Bangladeshi genes from her grandfather on her mother's side, which accounts for her long dark hair and exotic looks. This also accounts for her growing following there-she's even been featured on the front of a Bangladeshi newspaper. "I guess the story of my visit to the Playboy Mansion had been picked up and was spreading through Bangladesh." she says "I can't read Bengali, but from the emails, the response has been extremely positive, which is very surprising considering Bangladesh is a conservative country".  

She'll only pose nude at such a time as she feels it won't be the thing that defines her: "Since I was a little girl I've wanted to be on stage. I love singing, dancing and acting," she says. She's recently been offered the chance to record her own single and opted to protect those new avenues at the expense of her glamour-modelling career. "Where would you go from there?"she says of going naked. "You've gone the furthest you can go in modelling, and nothing is left to the imagination any more". 

Her name means 'Famous' in Arabic: "My mom is not into showbiz or anything like that at all, and she always says if she knew what my name meant that she would have never called me it!" she says."

It was a lovely article and I'm very proud of it :)

What do you guys think of the pictures and my story? 

Lots of Love, 

Shahira Xo


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Behind the scenes-pictures from Monday's shoot

Hey Blog Readers :)

On Monday I worked with Zeroaliasphoto and Shockalocks Session Styling  for the first time-along with Samantha Craughwell Makeup, who as you all know I've worked with LOADS! BTW Sam just got a job with MAC cosmetics in Galway so CONGRATULATIONS to Sam!x!

Now as laziness has it I felt quite unorganised going to my shoot-usually I would get my hair and tan done but I hadn't time this week so I made do with a DIY job that afternoon and headed off to the studio for 4O'Clock.

We knew the look we were going for-body painted stripes and I was really excited and open to try something different with my hair!... I'm feeling pretty adventurous with my style lately and I'm open to try out any hair style, makeup look, clothes etc... for shoots because I don't want all my pictures to look the same-it's important to me to be versatile and offer something different!

It was great to work with some new people-who were so friendly, welcoming and easy to work with! 

I'm really looking forward to seeing what we come up with for the resulting finished images!x!

Sam went for a smoky-eye extended on the outside corner of the eye and Natasha from Shockalocks put my hair into a funky 'pin-up' style: which took all my hair up off my face! I really liked it because it was something I had never tried before!

My friend Julian popped in and took some photos and a video-I'll put a video together when I get the professional pictures.
For now here are some of the behind the scenes pictures taken on my camera :)

Me & my buddy Julian :)

That's just messy paint under my arms ie NOT HAIR ;) LOL

Black&W gives a 1940s 'movie' look :)

A wee bit tangoed in this one-think its the lights-wasnt really like that :)

Close-up :)

Born to pose :) LOL #PokerFace

"lets see".... :)

Go-hard or go home ;) 

I look teeny behind a man ha-My mate Julian 

I think ju wanted a few bum shots haha ;)

Thanks a million to everyone involved-I had a blast!

I'll be posting the profesional images to my facebook of course :) Click HERE to go there ;) 

Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Do You Really Love Me???

Hey Blog Readers! :)

So just before I went to LA I was in Dublin for a day filming a music video for Dublin rapper Nucentz ft Funzo. I was a bit stressed going up there and doing it if I'm honest-Simply because I knew I had so much to organise (and as usual I was unorganised) for my trip to LA and the days were counting down fast but I am SO happy I did it because it was a fun day with really nice people-plus it doesn't hurt that the song is really catchy and the video funny ;)

It was produced by Alan Newman and directed by Jonathan Lambert. Shauna Fowley did the makeup and Jack Sheppard played the lead guy in the video-I really believe he will go far in acting=he was amazing in the role!

Here are some behind the scenes pictures-and make sure to watch the video at the end ;)

Jack and Nucentz




Shahira and Jack



Shahira & Liam


For search purposes I had to write my name in the third person above, lol.

A big thank you to who sent me some disco pants which I got to wear at the end of the video :) Click HERE to go to a blog on them :)

Here's the video-hope you like it and if you do..Don't forget to SHARE :)

Also if you like the song click here to give Nucentz facebook page a 'like'-Support Irish talent!x!
Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Requested- What Foundation do I wear?

Hey Blog Readers :)

A question I get asked a lot is "What foundation do you use?" and after my purchase of a new foundation recently I decided to make a blog on it :)

I absolutely LOVE make-up forever (MUFE) and their HD foundation it's amazing!! I've been using it for a few years now! (I normally use shade 141)

HD is great because it gives High definition results!
HD cameras show up every pore on the skin so hd foundation is designed to make your skin appear flawless even on a hd camera-If it does this on camera then naturally your skin will look extra flawless in person ;)

It is used in 90% of my photoshoots:

As my day time foundation:

and Night time/going out:

...Basically I use it ALL the time!

The problem with it is it is BEYOND difficult to get! 
It is nowhere in Ireland-IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!! 

They used to stock it in Blush in Galway but they don't anymore and the Makeup Forever shop in Dublin seriously NEVER has it in stock! It has been an on-going problem for me for years now! 

So after I had scrapped the last remains of my loved foundation from the bottle with a cotton-swab and pleaded with Makeup Forever to get it in-I decided it was time to give-up (for the time-being at least) and invest in a new foundation... I knew which one I was going for straight away... 

A couple of months back I worked for Revlon and got to test out some of their foundations. I had been extremely impressed by their 'Photo-ready' range: which basically means those products are also designed for cameras. In fact I remember thinking their liquid photo ready foundation was very similar in texture, tone and coverage as my make-up forever hd foundation but being a granny stuck in my ways I wasn't willing to try out a new foundation. This time however I was left with no choice! 

Firstly: Price wise the Revlon is an absolute steal compared to the make-up forever! The hd MUFE is aprox 38e... while the Revlon photoready foundation retails for 19e!! AND has been reduced to 14e!!!! I'm not sure if this is a special offer or if it'll remain 14e-but either way pick it up fast!!!

Now with my MUFE HD foundation one major plus for it is a little goes a LONG way and one bottle would literally last me nearly a year! I use the smallest drop! I am on my first bottle of Photoready Revlon foundation so I'll have to keep you posted on how it matches up in terms of how long one bottle lasts. Both come in 30ml and both have a pump dispenser so hopefully the Revlon will last as long as the MUFE.

In terms of application-I don't see a dramatic difference between the two foundations. Revlon photoready is definitely standing-up well beside it's more expensive sister in my opinion. The coverage is as good and it gives a dewey-glowy look (Revlon contains shimmer particles which gives a beautiful affect to the skin). A little also goes a long way and I only use one drop for my entire face: I put this on the back of a clean cd and then use my foundation brush to mix it up a little before applying to my face.  
Both foundations give an airbrushed finish. 

There are a wide range of shades in the Revlon photoready foundation-I use the colour 'medium-beige' but obviously if you are investing make sure to match it to your skin tone! With foundation never go for a shade simply because someone else you know uses that shade-you wouldn't wear the wrong size shoes so don't get a foundation that doesn't match YOUR skin! ;) 

When I started secondary school I used "no12 PANSTICK"-it was a bad mistake!! Firstly it was wayyy to light for my skin tone: I used it simply because everyone else did and I hadn't learnt about foundation or make-up then and also it was like wall-paint!=It was ridiculously thick and I wouldn't have considered using a liquid at the time! (Craziness) seriously girls-my advice to any young girls who are experimenting with make-up is you can copy your friends on eye-shadow, eye-liner, lipgloss: anything else but not foundation shade! Also less is definitely more!Don't use too much! and avoid panstick or compact foundation-Elizabeth arden is also another love among young girls: which in my opinion is way too thick-You dont need it-you're young! Use a liquid or light foundation... if you have blemishes or something that you want to cover completely then use a cream concealer to cover these areas. Personally I keep foundation to a minimum but I like to concentrate on the eyes and make them the emphasis-not how much foundation I'm wearing :) lol

Revlon Photoready foundation is oil and fragrance free-This is a major plus as it won't cause breakouts: Oily products can often block pores and added fragrances are unnecessary and can cause skin irritation. Panchromatic pigments bend and reflect light which minimises the appearance of flaws. It also has spf of 20 to protect the skin against the sun: An spf is a great plus in a foundation:. The skin on the face is subject to sun damage more then any other part of the body as it is on show 365 days a year! The MUFE hd foundation does not contain a SPF (points to Revlon there). 

While I still love the MUFE Hd foundation-and I may one day use it again: if it is stocked near me...  I am seriously happy and loving the Revlon version which is around 3times cheaper than it's MUFE comparison!! A BARGAIN!!! :) 

Revlon has a great range of colours-8 different shades: one to match all skin tones!-so your bound to find your perfect match!  

Will you be picking up a Revlon Photoready bargain??

Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo

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