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The BEST customised costumes - Victoria's Secret inspired!

Hi everyone! 

So a couple of months ago I found an amazing company while searching instagram. The company is called @republicofrave and while I have showed off what I got from them on my insta @ShahiraBarry I realised I never spoke about them on here so I thought I would do that now :)

Republic of Rave is a company who make the most beautiful and unique costumes that are of excellent quality!

At the time I had the Mid Summers Nights Dream party coming up at the Playboy Mansion and and I had this idea for a beautiful lingerie set made out of purple flowers. I was inspired by a gorgeous flower crown that was sent to me a couple of months before hand by @brambleandberrie (Bramble & Berrie design stunning bespoke flower crowns btw!).

I knew the flower crown would be perfect for Mid Summers which is an arabian nights/magical garden themed lingerie party. I contacted Republic of Rave with my idea and I was delighted that they were able to design a custom outfit to suit! I sent over some pictures of the flower crown and they got to work - I trusted them completely as I could tell from their instagram that their designs were just the kind of thing I was looking for!
here's an example of designs from their instagram

Only a couple of weeks later the most STUNNING lingerie I had ever seen arrived in the mail! it was perfect and I was so excited to wear it! Seriously Republic of Rave should design for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show because their designs are so unique and just beautiful!

The vision for my outfit had come to life and I had an excellent time at the party because I felt amazing in what I was wearing (all girls know how they feel in an outfit can help to make or break a night out).
Here are some of the pictures:

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FYI my shoes were from AMI Clubwear and I found flowers to match and pinned them throughout my hair:)

The Mid Summers party was at the end of August so after such a success I turned my mind to Halloween (Halloween is one of my favourite holidays because I love fancy dress and I always go all out!).
I was attending the MAXIM halloween party and I saw some gorgeous mermaid inspired pieces on the republic or rave instagram and set my mind on being a mermaid - this was perfect as I love wearing wigs (as I have always had the same hair colour so its fun to switch it up with wigs) and I had wanted to try a teal Kylie Jenner inspired wig for the longest time. I chatted to the people at Republic of Rave and described what I would like  - sending them some pictures for example and inspiration and I ordered a wig on ebay. Of course once again they blew my mind with the detail that went into the costume and I was in LOVE with it!

Here are some pictures:

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I made my own Diamond tights to match that I wore on the night (yep before Kylie Jenner rocked hers and got the world on a diamond tight obsession lol). If you'd like a blog post or video on how I made them then let me know and I'll get on it!

Anyhow, everyone knows about the Victoria Secret Fantasy Bra that debuts at the fashion show each year and costs millions of dollars but with Republic of Rave you can play out your own Victoria Secret dreams and have your own unique customised bra or costume! I think they are AMAZING and I cannot say enough great things about them! so check them out on instagram and maybe you could find yourself rocking one of their pieces for a special occasion or just for fun :)
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Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo 
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