Saturday, 12 December 2015

My Christmas wish list and my 1st ever.. 1st impressions!

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is well!!

I did my first ever "first impressions" video!
I chose to do it on the L'Oreal Super Slim Liquid Eye Liner that I picked up in target recently for only $8.99! If you missed the video catch it here!

Since buying the eyeliner pen I have really fallen in love with it - it makes cat eyes so much easier!
I hope it lasts me awhile and doesn't dry out too quickly (as I've found similar products have).
I like this pen because the tip is precise and thin but it is not too long (as I found the maybeline master precise to be). I think that the longer an eyeliner pen like this is = the more flimsy and difficult to use. I think the super slim is perfect for beginners of makeup or people who still struggle with winged liner(cough mee).. I would highly recommend this product and would definitely re-purchase!
shahira barry

Highlight = 'Marilyn' by Gerard Cosmetics! Code 'Barry'=25% off the entire site!
I've seen loads of reports that the Kardashian's posted there Christmas wish list/gift guide this week and while I don't have any of their apps my question to you is what's one your wish list or gift guide? it might give me some ideas for a post? Let me know! 

My wish list would be mostly techy this year: a Macbook Pro (I hate my current laptop and I'm just over pcs altogether: my experience is that they don't last!), an iphone 6 S Plus (bigger is better?:) and a new camcorder(mine's broken), also a new tripod!lol Other than that I'd love the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix eyeshadow palette(it's in a colour wheel=how awesome!), over the knee lace up boots and the yeezy boost 350 runners: in love!x!
not quite as extravagant as the Kardashian's lists! lol

Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo 

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Friday, 13 November 2015

New Purchases - clothing :)

Hey Everyone!

SO I posted my first ever fashion haul video to YouTube! if you missed it check it out below!

I had lots of fun doing this type of video so I definitely plan on doing some more very soon!
On the video I shared mainly dresses that I collected over a number of months and I have written about and shared pictures of most of them on my blog in the past (links will be at the end of this post) However I have yet to share my purchases from here on the blog so I thought I would do that in todays post!

Let me correct myself as I now believe that I was in fact pronouncing yoins wrongly in the video (cringe) but I guess you get the drift! TomAto -Tomato!haha
ANYHOW, is the absolute bomb! They have really fashionable items at super affordable prices!

Let me start with my favourite find this STUNNING white lace long sleeved dress! This dress retails on for $21.95!! not outing any other stores but I have seen this same dress on other sites for a hefty some more! so what an absolute bargain!

As I explain in the video I love the lace/crochet detailing, along with the high laced collar and scalloped hem!

I am so in love with this dress! it is one of my new favorites in my closet! the only thing I would say is to check the sizing as I am regular medium height (5'6) and this is a bit short on me. I will need to invest in a white or skin toned slip to place underneath before I can wear it out in public but no biggie!

My styling tips for this dress would be to definitely wear a white or nude coloured bra(riskay!), a simple heel so as not to distract from the dress would be best and also for the long haired girls I think a classy upstyle would show this dress off to its full potential!
Product Details: 

- Sheer lace on body and sleeves

- High neck

- Long sleeves

- Scalloped hem

- Back Zip closure
- Bodycon fit
- Main: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane

- Hand Wash (don't forget this!)

I have yet to wear this dress to an event (can't wait to) but I tried it on for you in the haul video and took some pictures..

Shop this beautiful white lace long sleeved dress here!x!

Next up I have this casual high neck grey sweater mini dress that can be dressed up or dressed down for day or evening wear! It currently retails on for $23.95 which is 30% off!!

I love ribbed detail jumpers and polo-necks so I'd been looking for something similar for awhile and was delighted when I found this one!

Again check the size as I planned to wear this with bare legs (I live in LA) as shown on the model but it's a bit too short for this. It could, however, be done with a pair of shorts or a little black skirt underneath for an added bit of length.

My styling tips for this jumper-dress would be to pair with leggings and over the knee boots.. also some statement earrings, perhaps hoops like I wore, or a nice long delicate necklace would also be fab!

I love it's bodycon fit and curved hem! it is very flattering on!

Product Details: 

- Knitted fabric

- High neck

- Long sleeves

- Curved hem

- Bodycon fit
- Hand wash
- Main: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester

Shop this High Neck Grey Sweater Mini Dress here! 

Check out my Instagram to see me style both of these pieces for upcoming events! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog!x! and remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for future videos!x! 

Other posts on items in the haul, more to come!
What i wore-black cutout dress 
Perfect Purple Bandage Dress

Side note: to conclude: I don't feel like I can write a blog today without mentioning that my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris and everyone effected by the tragic events that unfolded in the city this evening.

Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo 

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Saturday, 7 November 2015

My Thoughts - Essena O'Neill 'Quitting Social Media!"

Hey Everyone!

So during the week the buzz word on social media was "Essena O'Neill" and "Quitting Social Media"... Yup, ironic that this idea of quitting social media was trending ON SOCIAL MEDIA..
Anyway - as someone who is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, has a blog and is trying to build a YouTube channel.. I thought I would write (use social media, lol) to give my two cents on this idea and Essena's trending video...

If you haven't seen the video then watch it first so you have some clue about what I'm talking about...

Ok here's the thing...I personally had never heard of Essena O'Neill or seen any of her pictures/videos before this video went viral.. I know I saw many saying the same online... so in complete contradiction that shows the absolute power of social media

When I first watched the video I could relate to her message and what she was saying... I personally can, at times, find social media very draining! so I get it! A part of me was saying "good on you" and "you go girl!" as she did make some very good points.. I even shared the video on my facebook and said that I found it very interesting... because I did! 
The part that left me very confused was the end... the part where Essena says that as a result of quitting her job(social media) she will not be able to pay for her rent and she asks her followers to donate money to her via her new website... This left me with a bit of a weird feeling in my stomach, I almost felt like a bad person for feeling a little negative about that part and this young girl... You see the thing is, as far as I'm concerned, if you truly want to quit social media because you feel it is doing you personal damage (which I can understand why/how it could do that) surely you would just post the video and then delete all social media accounts? At 19 years old (Essena was just about to celebrate her 19th birthday the day after making this video) most normal teenagers don't have a career yet anyway... many have no idea what they are going to do with their life and most have little or no money to their name.. Therefore it would be my thinking that you would just do some soul searching, decide what it is you want to do, even move back in with family if you need to(if that's an option) and then go back out into the real world and get a regular job.. it may not be the fulfilling job that you want immediately but something to pay the bills until you decided what it is you do want to do and what is it that will make you HAPPY (because that's what's most important and again no rush as Essena is only 19).  
There is something in me that really does not agree with Essena asking her followers for money(for the reason she has given at least)because she alone has chosen not to have social media as her career any longer and that was solely her choice. Not just that but money is made off of ad-sense and clicks on both websites and YouTube (all be it a teeny tiny amount) but having a video that goes viral and creating a new website which has a lot of interest as a result will gain some revenue in itself (which totally goes against the idea of "quitting social media" btw anyway). 
Look... each to their own - it's an individual's choice whether they want to donate money to Essena or not and I am certainly not judge and jury over what's right or what's wrong in that case... or what people should or shouldn't do with their own money but it is my personal opinion that while the original message was a strong one, and I, personally, can relate to the message in many ways as I've said (some days more than others, ha.) and I'm also sure Essena means well in her message and feelings behind the whole thing (she may even feel a bit overwhelmed by the attention it has since received..?) I do however feel in my gut that the end part makes the video somewhat hypercritical.. 

Anyway, that's my opinion on Essena O'Neill's video... now my opinion on social media in general... 

There was a time when I thought I was a queen of networking and social media... for Ireland I was doing pretty well with regards to my online growth - facebook/twitter/my blog etc... however then two things happened 1) Instagram came a long and 2) I moved to Los Angeles... 
Both of these things combined made me feel a tad more negative toward social media as a whole and here's why... 
Because it became an uneven playing ground for work and work = money and money = surviving financially! 
I'm not talking about money made off of views, clicks or endorsements.. to me that would never amount to being a job (not on the small scale that I'm currently on anyway) but jobs with regards to modelling and acting which I am pursuing here in tinsel town! 
For example many vine stars are now landing movie roles... not for their love of acting or that they even had any interest in it before (don't get me wrong some have so there are exceptions) but simply because they have a large following they are handed it... tell that to an actor who moved here 5 years ago has worked their butt off to get into acting classes and workshops and lived off of very little in order to do so but when it comes down to the audition the vine star gets the job... that seems unfair?... because, basically, it is unfair! but that's life and that's the social media world that we live in. (I have met many of these actors)

I once read an article by the New York Post saying how in the world of modelling you need more than 10,000 Instagram followers to stand any chance of booking "the" job. And lets be real... 10,000 on Instagram is nothing these days when there are 'Instagram models' who were unknown but have carved a following of a million+ on their account. (To read that article click here
Fair enough.. when it comes to modelling the larger the following the easier it is for the company to promote the product (for eg) and the more attention it will receive and I totally understand that from a business point of view and if you have put genuine time and effort into building your Instagram and real people are genuinely interested in following you then that's amazing and you probably should get the job!! however where it becomes unfair is where fake followers come into account:  On Instagram, in particular, I would argue that there are so many fake followers everywhere you me this is purely obvious based on the follows to likes/comments ratio.. I'm sorry, I realize that more people 'like' than comment on Instagram', but if you're picture has 2,000 likes and 4 comments I would call suspect on that one..
(the thing about fake followers is it attracts real ones because people think this person has a lot of followers so they must be worth following. Therefore i'd suggest we don't judge on numbers alone but on content and interest:)
What pisses me off is that numbers seem to matter so much so that someone with 100,000 fake followers would get a job over someone with 20,000 real ones? That just doesn't seem right...

BUT unfortunately It is a like game, it is a follow game and it is unfair and uneven. What hasn't been said  it that it is also a rich persons game... even if you're not paying for followers a picture of your Louboutin shoes placed perfectly on the seat of your expensive car or on your sparkling white rug will gain attention because Instagram is also a dream world where ordinary people aspire to have those Louboutin shoes, drive that car or go on that exclusive Bora Bora holiday! put up a picture of your hatch back and crocks and you won't be getting as much interest that's for sure!! (haha)

There is definitely a downside to social media: the above with regards to jobs (particularly in the entertainment industry) would be a huge one for me but also I can see Essena's point of view with regards to it not being "real life" and it playing havoc on people's self esteem... Perhaps a young girl who looks at the likes of Jen Selter and comes away from her phone feeling shit about her own media can definitely do that...however, it could be said that they are the downsides to an otherwise positive platform because it can also do the complete opposite and inspire - be it fitness,lifestyle or something else: it may set another girl/boys dreams higher, it may inspire them to eat healthier, workout or to travel etc... and It may give people who never had a voice the chance to have one... 

I believe what is important is that when looking at social media nobody take it too seriously...A person is not defined by 'likes' and 'followers'..when judgement day comes and its all put in perspective what does that matter anyway? And definitely don't think your life is bad because your comparing it to that of someone you see on social media because you definitely don't see the half of it! Everyone wants to post their best pics, I don't think there is anything wrong with that, nobody is going to post pictures from the day they feel awful, haven't washed their hair in days and have been lazing around in sweats. I can give you a direct example: yesterday I was sick all day! I literally did not leave my house - I missed my audition due to a migraine, I also had bad cramps, was feeling homesick, lonely and extremely anxious..I didn't put on a spot of makeup or brush my hair, I ordered take out and ate fairly unhealthy: I felt horrendous on the inside and out and I cried a number of times (my hormones were all over the place to make things worse)... yet I also posted a "selfie" on Instagram that was taken about three days earlier - that selfie was not taken yesterday!! the last thing I wanted was any type of picture to be taken with how I was feeling yesterday but to the world or people who follow me on Instagram they probably thought that that picture was from yesterday and I had a much different type of day than I had in fact had! so there ya go! 

My advice to people trying to build their social media organically: 
  • Post content you actually like and believe in e.g. don't post about any brand just because they ask you to: if you don't like the brand.. don't post about it: simple. 
  • Don't compete with others on social media - no good can come of it and it's impossible in a world where a lot (not all) is contrived.
  • Don't become consumed - it's true that it's not real life - make sure you are enjoying your real life first and foremost! 
  • Use it as a form of self-expression! 
  • Celebrate life - be proud of who you are and express the real you!!x!!
  • Think of followers like friends... it's better to have one real one than a hundred fake ones :)
So to conclude: 
Social Media is Like Television, Stage, Radio or Magazines - There's really not a huge difference. It is basically "entertainment" so take it with a pinch of salt and ENJOY! 

Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Wonder Woman Outfit - Maxim Halloween Party 2015

Hey everyone

So I don't know how many pics are too many to post from one night on social media so I'm going to post them here! lol!
Last night I dressed as Wonder Woman for the 2015 Maxim Halloween Party! It wasn't the most original costume idea but I loved being her for the night!
The party was held at Chateau D'Or (in Bel Air) It is truly one of my all time favorite homes! I was a part of an Akon video that we shot there years back and I'm so in love with the property! I was so excited when we pulled up! It was beyond amazing! there was a graveyard, a haunted house, fortune tellers, photo booths/red carpets, the best food and drink and a performance/club area - if my feet weren't killing me from the get go I would have definitely done more walking around but I spent most of the night in the club area... not to worry: there was a rocky horror performance as well as a performance by Nick Jonas - who was amazing! I never knew much about the Jonas Brothers but I'm loving his new material! Plus ladies we can't deny he's pretty cute!
Anyway, here are the pictures!



I had such a blast!!! 

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo

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