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What I Wore... Black Cutout Dress

Hey Blog Readers! 

So last night (Saturday August 15th) I went to a Saudi Prince's graduation party. The party was at one of his mansions (he owns like three in a row). It was in the Hollywood Hills over by the Hollywood reservoir and I wore one of my new dresses so I thought I'd show it off here :)

I got ready in record time (under an hour head to toe) & I was really happy with how the look came together! The sad part is I feel this particular party was a waste of the dress! I feel this way because it didn't start until 2am so we went to 1Oak first which was jammed! It was so packed that me and two of the girls left the club and went to Rock and Reilly's (an irish bar in weho) to wait until everyone we were with in 1oak was ready to go to the party. The three of us were way to dressed up for a pub! Anyway, eventually we headed over to the party but the security was top-notch: There was LAPD blocking the streets surrounding the house and we couldn't take the limo we were in up there - everyone had to take designated shuttles. When we reached the house everyone's phones had to be checked in - this meant zero photo opportunities at the party! That's why I feel the dress was wasted on that party! Luckily I did take a couple of snaps before leaving my place but without a doubt you will see me wearing this dress (and likely even styled the same?) to a better event (where I can get some proper pictures) in the near future! (so don't judge the recycling of outfits:)

Here's some more of the dress: 

This dress is from one of my new favorites The Kewl! (retails for $149) and as you can see it is SUPER revealing!  It's made from bandage material so it hugs and stretches in all the right places and has cut-out openings all the way up one side! You definitely have to be daring to wear this dress because it is a head turner and perhaps an opinion divider for sure but I think it's fab and so many people I met loved it and asked me all about it! I feel that although it is "risque" you can get away with it because it has a high neckline (your not showing any cleavage)  and it also comes down to a reasonable knee length at the front! from one side it looks like an extremely elegant dress but from the other it's "sex bomb" all the way! I am in love with it and I already can't wait to wear it again!!

Makeup and Hair! 
I knew as soon as I saw the dress that I would have to pull back my hair to show off this dress because my hair is so black and long that it would just blend in with the dress if I was to wear it down and it wouldn't do the dress justice! I thought about doing a beehive, a bun or sleeking it back but due to time restrictions I ended up just putting it in a french plait/braid and I think it worked pretty well! (I got a lot of "lara croft" comments on the night). For my makeup I decided to do a red lip, gold eye shadow and contour... I love the way red lippy looks on others but I've never been a huge fan of it on myself until now! Last night I was feeling it and I think it's because I've finally found a good red lipstick! 'Fire Engine' by Gerard Cosmetics (code 'Barry' = 25% off). I've used Ruby-woo, lady danger (both by mac) and a heap of other brands over the years in my search for the perfect red pout but none of them ever filled my requirements! Fire Engine though, as with all the Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks, ticks all the right boxes! <3

Here is a Makeup Video I did for this


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Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo
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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

TODAY August 4th...I have been living in LA 1 YEAR!

Hey Blog Readers

TODAY August 4th marks my 1 YEAR anniversary since my move to Los Angeles!!! 

A year ago I wondered what life would be like today! would I still be here in the city of angels and how would the past 365 days have gone! So I thought I would reflect!

I did write about my move to LA with a post that was very popular back in March! So click here to give that a read if you missed it because I'll try not to repeat myself in this blog post! 

I don't really know where to begin... what a year! in one way it feels like I've done so much and been living here for so long but in another way it still feels so new and like I've only been here for a month or 2 max!!! I remember when I first arrived seriously questioning if I could in fact stay & live in this scary place??! I'd been in LA before so I had a very rose tinted view on it but now suddenly I was jumping when someone would walk up behind me on the street... Now with the prospect of living here it was a much more dangerous, big & scary place than I had remembered!! But somehow I overcame my fear & I did it! I've been here 1 year!!

I've definitely learnt an awful lot about life and I'm proud of myself! you don't even realise all the new information that's about to be thrown on you when you move country! every little thing is different! you have to get your social security card, your id, your new driving license(learn to drive automatic and on the other side of the road as well as navigating scary freeways), find somewhere to live without having credit history (extremely difficult), learn about doing your taxes and the new currency! as a budding actress learn all about SAG(screen actors guild) what it is, how to become eligible and how to join(had no clue coming from Ireland), buy furniture (every rental is unfurnished in LA=crazy!), move, decorate, buy/sell cars, deal with mechanics on your own! as well as the simple things...learn to cook(I'm getting there), do your laundry, find your way around!, socialize, meet new people every day, earn a living, learn the new culture(there is a difference!) and most importantly stay safe! It's all been a challenge!
With all that said it has been the best year of my life!!! However it hasn't been without it's difficulties so I would be lying if I didn't share them...

The hardest part.. 

  • Buying my first car here: having had a second hand car for years at home I didn't think getting one in LA would be too difficult (they say "everyone" in LA drives (hence the traffic!) so there must be millions of good second hand cars right?).. how wrong I was! I brought a 2008 Chrysler (yup everyone told me not to buy an American brand car and to go with something Japanese but I didn't listen). I paid for it out rightly in cash from a dodgy dealer and immediately there were electrical problems with it (immediately as in the first day I drove it off the lot!) within a week the car started to break down and that led to months of constant car trouble! I was so afraid to drive it as it would cut out even on the freeway! luckily in January I managed to get myself a brand new car-which is beautiful and safe! but thousands of $$$ were wasted on that stupid Chrysler both between the purchase of the car and the money shoved into it for various repairs that didn't work! Lesson learned! 
  • A bad roommate situation for a period of time: I won't delve into it because frankly it's not worth it and I don't want to dwell on such negativity! It was a difficult time: I would go to work happy and find myself in floods of tears on the way home. Never the less I got out of the situation, learnt some harsh lessons from it and things are now better than ever! 
  • Home sickness! Being that all I wanted since my very first visit (2012) and my 3 month visit (in 2013) was to be living and working in LA it was a shock to me that homesickness hit me at all! It was very tough at the beginning and it can still be tough from time to time! anyone who know's me knows that me, my sister and mum are incredibly close and I've spoken on here numerous times about how much it physically pains me to be away from them! I also miss my pets and wish they were here with me but it would simply be too difficult for me to have them in LA at this point... maybe in the future.. you never know! 
  • Loneliness at times: the majority of the time I'm incredibly busy with work but at times it can be lonely here! while I have met some great people here everyone is still a relatively new friend! It's not really the same as people you've known for years or have a million mutual friends in common if they're a new friend like it would be at home in Ireland. Also 99.9% of people I make friends with here live the #setlife and with that comes a difficulty to plan as you have to be able to drop everything at a moments notice for a booking or an audition-at least there's a mutual understanding but it can be hard to keep in touch! 

The good side! 
  • I feel my career and dreams are going in the right direction! after all that's what I came here for and I have had a ridiculous amount of highs and been incredibly lucky so far! Sometimes I literally feel magic (I know that sounds silly) but the life I live today is chalk and cheese compared to the life I came from. Not that there was anything particularly wrong with my life at home in Ireland but sometimes I pinch myself at the amazing experiences I have had so far! I simply can't believe I'm experiencing them, if that makes sense! I'm not where I want to be just yet I haven't landed "the big role" or reached my goals but I definitely feel I am on the right track! This year has been about learning the ropes and I'm excited to see what this next year will bring!
  • I became SAG eligible really fast-which was amazing as I worked very hard and even today I meet people all the time who have been here longer than me but haven't managed to become eligible yet so I definitely got lucky with that one which is great considering I didn't even know what it was when I arrived this time last year.
  • The sunshine! though I haven't gotten to enjoy it as much as you might think (I spend a lot of my time inside freezing studios... why they feel a need to keep studios ice bucket cold I'll never know!). It's true it makes a difference to your mood waking up and there being good weather all the time! I've also developed a little beauty mark on my cheek that I don't think I had before.. if I did it's more noticeable now! Anyway developing a mark on your skin can be dangerous and I don't want anymore but I've always thought that they're cute! lol! so I don't mind it! 
  • The house parties are incredible and on another level! From student accommodation at home to mansions up to the value of $85million here!! I feel so lucky just being there and it definitely makes you set higher ambitions for your own life! There's something to be said for seeing success with your own eyes! you become inspired!
  • I'm definitely an outdoorsy person at heart and the weather here makes that very easy - along with the beautiful hikes, beaches and so much more to explore! 
  • There's an endless amount of things to do here! 
  • Living the set life can have its lows but it's also full of Adrenalin.. you never know what call is going to change your day or your life for that matter!

So to conclude this dramatic change of scenery hasn't been without it's challenges and I have certainly had days when I've thought "what the frig'am I doing!! where is my life going!!". It can be difficult getting on your feet: not only in the entertainment industry but also in your personal life and discovering both a new city and a new country! It can knock you down time and time again! However, when I realise that this time last year I prayed and wished for everything I have right now! and when I see proof that I am making progress and getting somewhere, when I meet people who I once could only look up to and realise success is attainable for me as well then it makes any of the bad times 100% worth it!! 
In 365 days I have accomplished things I once only dreamed! and I am confident in the fact that I am a much stronger, capable, happy and a more driven person than I ever realised! 

Fear of regret always outweighs fear of failure so if you're thinking of moving abroad or starting fresh with something - I say go for it! Chase your dreams whatever they may be!x! 

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Lots of Love
Shahira Xo

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