Friday, 22 April 2016

I've been taking Truvivity... and so has JLO!

Hi Everyone! 

So if you follow me on Snapchat (@ShahiraBarry) you may have already seen me post about the beauty supplement 'Truvivity' that I've been trying out lately... Well it's been a couple of weeks now since I started taking it so I thought I'd fill you in a bit more here on my blog :)


What is a beauty supplement? 
Beauty supplements are supplements (pills or drinks) that you take as part of your beauty regime... they work with the concept of "beauty from within". As we know when it comes to our fitness regime for example.. it's not all about exercise it's also about what you are putting in to your body! the food and nutrients that we are fuelling with... therefore the same idea can be applied to our beauty regime! We can use as many creams/serums etc.. as we like but taking a beauty supplement can also help with skincare, haircare, nail care etc... 

What beauty supplement am I taking?
As I mentioned above I have been taking Truvivity by Nutrilite for a couple of weeks now and it has become a steady part of my beauty regime! I really love it! 
I use both the pills and the powdered drink daily! and so does JLo! HEYYY if it's good enough for JLo ... it's good enough for me/you ;) 

What is Truvivity?
Truvivity is a ingestible moisture enhancing supplement designed to work from within to protect your skin's moisture and support elasticity and smoothness! 
 It is comprised of...

  1. An ingestible pill with PhytoInfuse (antioxidant-rich wolfberry, rosehip and grape seed extracts combine to form a powerful natural formula) and PhytoCeraide (an innovative skin moisturising technology) complexes that works at night to help protect skin moisture and support skin elasticity and smoothness so you wake up to healthier, smooth skin. I take two of these every night before I go to sleep so it can work it's magic! :)
  2. A powder that contains PhytoCeramides, Vitamin C and Cranberry Extract for antioxidant protection. Simply mix in water and drink whenever desired. I mix this in with my water when I'm going to workout! it's refreshing and it adds a nice subtle flavour to my water!:) I've also given a sachet to a few of my girlfriends to try and they love it!
How Truvivity by Nutrilite came About: 
Scientists evaluated the importance of ingestible supplements on the skin and carefully selected the right formula of botanical ingredients to provide the vital moisture protection your body needs!   

Why add yet another step to your beauty routine? 
As we age our skin can become thinner and as it does the skin's outer layer can become unable to serve as an effective barrier which can result in weaker looking, dryer skin! The Truvivity system provides a holistic yet effective solution! It works from the inside to relieve the skin from oxidative stress! the two pills work throughout the night during your restorative night time rhythm to combat negative side effects from the environment such as such sun exposure, pollution and general traces of a hectic lifestyle! the powdered drink compliments the pill by providing a wide range of nutrients that help to reduce tiredness and support skin health!

The beautiful Jennifer Lopez is known for THAT 'JLo Glow'! this powerful woman is 46 years old and yet she hasn't aged and looks absolutely amazing! if she believes in beauty from within SO DO I!! lol :)

Truvivity retails for €85 (the pills) and €47 (the drink sachets) or both for €115! It may be a little on the expensive side but the results are to live by! SO if you're interested in trying this beauty from within concept for yourself you can shop Truvivity by clicking here!

My skincare is so important to me! and I often get complimented on my skin! I am always asked what foundation I wear etc.. but the truth is it doesn't matter what makeup you wear because if you look after your skin first and foremost and provide the right base then you can get a way without wearing makeup! and you can simply provide the perfect base for makeup application which means a lot of foundations will look glowing and luminous from high-end to drugstore! that Jlo glow as they say.. truly starts from within so that's where I've begun starting from!
shahira barry

shahira barry

Lots of Love,
Shahira Xo


Saturday, 9 April 2016

A Hair Straightening Brush? The Dafni!!

Hey Everyone!

So I know you all saw the viral video of a girl brushing her hair with some sort of electric hair brush and immediately having beautifully straight hair!

Well...the idea and the video got my attention straight away and after some quick Google research I found out it was called The Dafni!!

The Dafni is a hair straightening brush that is x10 faster than a traditional hair straightener! It is easy to use, saves time and is actually safer for your hair than a regular straightening iron!
At a perfect 365˚F the Dafni brushes your hair in to a sleek straight style in just three to five minutes!! 
The trick is its unique design which goes between the hair strands instead of pushing from either side with a flat iron. The Dafni works on all hair types whether curly, straight, frizzy or flyaways  - it's the perfect solution for a person with a busy lifestyle! 

How to Dafni: 
  • Use only on dry tangle free hair!
  • Brush slowly in a pulling motion (as you would a regular hair brush)
  • Make sure your hair gets deep into the inner area of the brush!
  • Use the brush to shape the hair inwards or outwards!
Some FAQ's
How does a straightener brush differ from a traditional flat iron?
Brushing is the ultimate most intuitive way to self-style the hair.. therefore, the DAFNI brush is a natural and convenient way to style both the front and the back of the hair!
the DAFNI brush consists of a unique 3D surface that is substantially wider than a traditional straightener; hence the brush styles very large strands of hair in each stroke!
Will the brush burn the scalp?
If you look at the purple ceramic surface you will notice that on top of each tooth is placed a springy (black) insulator that allows you to brush from the root while touching the scalp worry free! 
How long does it take for the brush to heat up?
The brush heats to 186 degrees C (365 degrees Fahrenheit)  in just 1 minute!
Does the Dafni damage the hair?
DAFNI is actually safer than most straighteners in the market. Thanks to the optimal working temperature which provides good quality and lasting results. Also when the hair runs between the teeth the hair’s cloak remains unharmed since it is not squeezed between two heating elements but rather it enjoys the heat and runs freely between the teeth! 
Where can you buy the dafni?

I was so intrigued by the Dafni that I had to get my hands on it to test it out for myself! I have really long hair and I wear it in a braid every night which makes it wavy and untamed.. so I love the idea that the Dafni could help me to get ready with ease each morning and save me time! (a few extra minutes sleeping in in the morning is always welcomed, lol). SO I finally got myself a dafni and put it to use! give my video a watch and you'll see what I thought of the dafni and what kind of results I got on my hair!!

The Dafni...You'll straight up love it!! 

Lots of Love 
Shahira Xo

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