Saturday, 21 January 2017

I joined a men's shaving club...

 Hi there! 

Strange title for a girl right?...
well as a female I love to have silky smooth legs and skin as often as I can - it makes me feel feminine, not to mention it helps my tan to apply better and more evenly!
However, have you noticed how in supermarkets and pharmacies the razors aimed at females can be double the price of the men's selection! literally you can find an identical razor by the same brand - one is for a man and the other is pink and marketed toward women therefore it is far more expensive!

These pink and gimmicky razors may be better to look at but they can lack in quality! not to mention the blade refills can be almost as expensive as the first razor you bought!

Men's razors are predominately designed for shaving their beards and therefore they tend to be better quality as they are designed to flex and reach the angles of the face without cutting! the same can't be said for women's razors.. think about it: how often have you cut your knee or shin?

I found the Dollar Shave Club online and yeah it's marketed toward guys but girls can join too! why not!

What I got: 


I decided to go all out (lol) and try the "executive" which is a 6 blade razor and comes with 4 replacement blades and free shipping! The first month is only $1 so you literally have nothing to loose by trying it! after that for the executive (the most expensive of the bunch) it is $9/month however-I personally know I won't go through 4 blades a month as lets face it you can get a couple of goes out of one blade and if you're just using it for your legs/armpits it's not like you will be using it every day! 
 I shaved my legs 5 days ago now and they are still silky smooth and the executive offers a really close shave! SO if you don't want to fork out $9 a month as you don't need a new razor every month then you can simply pause the subscription and wait until you are running out of blades and then re-activate your account! easy-peasy!

As I was only paying $1 for my razor I also picked up the shave butter!
The shave butter literally feels like butter but it helps you to achieve that close shave and allows you to know where you have shaved already and where you have missed!
It's formulated without parabens, helps to moisturise your skin: leaving it so soft to touch and it is not tested on animals!
I really liked this product but I don't think I will be re-purchasing it and I wouldn't say it is an essential to pick up when selecting your razor as in my opinion shaving with conditioner (yes hair conditioner) works just as well!

To conclude: I would definitely recommend joining the Dollar Shave Club and picking up a razor of your choice because in my experience the blades are super sharp,they work excellently and the postage only takes a day or two! The best part is it saves you both money and convenience so what's not to like?!

Check out the Dollar Shave Club here!

Happy Shaving! haha 
Shahira Xo 

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