Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Perfecting my smile with Gate Clinic

Hey Blog Readers!x!

SO lately I have been perfecting my smile with Paul Moore in Gate Dental Clinic in Galway! :)

Now let me start by saying I realise that I am lucky as I did have good natural teeth to begin with and perhaps some people would say I didn't need work done. My teeth were straight and white: which is what most people look for and had I a different job that wasn't so much based on your looks/smile then I wouldn't have felt the need to mess with them but because of my job in modelling: I became increasingly aware of a problem I had.

When I was younger I had two teeth removed-One from either side of my mouth so that my teeth wouldn't over crowed and would remain straight. This solved the overcrowding problem but left me with two gaps at either side of my mouth-which became visible when I smiled. The more modelling I did=the more self-concious I became of giving a big smile and exposing these gaps so I decided to see if I could fix them.

Right side


I met with Paul Moore-who is a great dentist in Gate Clinic (which is on Dock road in Galway) and I had a chat with him about what I could possibly do to perfect my smile and remove the two gaps.

We talked through my options and decided that two Cerec Veneers (On the canine teeth) would be the best solution. He could widen these to close the gaps and also even them out and have them match up with each other. Before the Veneers one of canines was noticeable more worn down and flat when compared to the other pointy canine.


Using Cerec Cad Cam image and design Paul made the Veneers and fitted them during one visit to the clinic.  The porcelain Can is tinted to match the colour of the natural teeth and bonded onto the prepared tooth. It has a success rate of 95% over 20years!

My Veneers have a durable surface texture that matches my natural teeth perfectly! 

The Results!
I am so happy with my resulting smile-the gaps have all but vanished and I now have two pointy canines (I'm told it's a sign of youth ;) ) that are even and match-up perfectly with each-other and my central incisors. 
After-my teeth match eachother perfectly :) :)

Right hand-side

Left hand-side

The dentist can be a daunting place but the staff at Gate Clinic made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I knew I was in good hands and that I would love the results!

Once I was given the anaesthetic there was no pain and the process was very easy! 

I am still working on perfecting my smile with Gate Clinic as I have a couple of silver fillings that I am having removed and replaced with white fillings!-for that big cheesy grin :)

I am looking forward to doing a photoshoot that shows off my new improved, confident smile and I can't wait to show you guys!

I would recommend to anyone looking to get dental work done to visit Gate clinic-as they are the best and so professional! -You will love the results as much as I do :) 

Visit Gate Clinic on Facebook by clicking here! 

The website by clicking here! 


Call (091) 547 592 to book an appointment/consultation! 

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo


Thursday, 3 January 2013

The year in review- 2012 Highlights... better late than never :)

Hey Blog Readers

I'm sorry I haven't written anything in a while... I'm still getting my grips on the New Year... and with that in mind......

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :) WEEEEEEEEEEE! Who's as excited as I am?

Is it just me or does there seem to be extra excitement of new beginnings this year... everyone I have met has been so excited and positive about the year to come :) so lets start how we mean to go on and have a great 2013!!x!!

I have to say my 2012 could have been the best year of my life so far... modelling wise everything began to fall into place and the opportunities that have come my way have seriously been fantastic and a dream come true :) I put it all down to dedication and following your dream regardless of what anyone else thinks... you just have to do you ;)

This day last year was the first day I appeared in a national paper in a feature with this article in the Daily Mirror:

I had been interviewed by the Mirror about reaching the final of an international modelling competition in Germany but I had no idea that the comparison to Georgia Salpa was going to be made... obviously I was delighted because she was the biggest model in the country and in my eyes she's absolutely gorgeous-so it was a nice comparison to see written about yourself :)

The year went on and it was more photoshoots and press coverage - I appeared in press both here, in the US, the UK and Bangladesh in total over 120 times! 

In May I was approached by US playboy about possibly casting for the magazine and by September I was over in LA at the Playboy mansion and the best part was that I got to bring my friend Tina to experience it all with me-which made it SO much fun :) We spent two full days in the mansion and another on a boat cruising along the West coast with friends we made from the mansion-We got to see Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach and Malibu all from a gorgeous boat with yummy food :)
On the boat :)

me & US actor jon Lovitz at the mansion
I also got the opportunity to meet one of my favourite artists Akon :) and myself and Tina hung out with him on set of his come back music video in a BEAUTIFUL mansion in BelAir :)

Then we hit Vegas to let our hair down :) 

My visit to the states got loads of press coverage back home aswell as some in the US and Bangladesh :) and made the papers almost every day-I had constant emails/phone calls from journalists and the time difference made it difficult so my mum jumped on board as a manager for a little while :) I was asked on both Ireland Am and The Saturday Night show but by the time I was home Rosanna Davidson had posed for the German edition of Playboy (she looked banging) which I think killed the buzz around my visit and those interview slots went to her-I'm not complaining though I was jet lagged for ages after and then it was straight back down to business and more modelling ;)

I am now officially my own business and my new website is currently under construction :) 

I got on so well at the mansion that I feel I have made a lasting friendship with Playboy and I have been told I have an open invite - which I plan on taking up later in 2013 ;) so if you could hash tag on blogger I would #WatchThisSpace ;) 

Hef asked if I would send all my press clippings from Ireland back to him so that he could put them in his scrap book collection-Which I did and then I got a lovely letter back from the man himself :) 

Heres a video from our trip (mine and Tinas) to LA :)

Back home in Ireland Life magazine with the Irish Independent asked me to be their 'Someone You Should know' which was a big compliment :)

I was approached by an irish music producer about possibly recording my own single-which would be my ultimate dream come true as the music business is what I have wanted to be in since age dot!! But this is still in the motions so hopefully I can tell you more about this in 2013! ;)

I have also landed a part in a TV series with Danny Dyer which plays off the Vampire and Twilight phenomenon and is called 'Darker Days' -I am filming my role in March and I'm really looking forward to it :)

I almost forgot I had great fun getting to be the main girl in the Nucentz ft Funzo music video back in august :) 

To end the year I appeared on the front of a UK paper along with a spread inside ;) I have other great opportunities arising there and I am the type of person where I feel if I tell someone to soon I'll jinks myself-Sooo I'll just let you know in due time ;)

2012 That's a Wrap! 
I have learned SO much in 2012!
I feel like my modelling is improving with each shoot and I couldn't even begin to name out every shoot I've done or press I've appeared in during the year on this blog but you can check out my facebook page to see some of the things I've done.
I've met some great people who were really positive and encouraging! This time last year I didnt have a 'like' page and I didnt have this blog-I am now so proud of both! My facebook page is legitimate-No page conversions or adverts and that is why every single individual like makes me smile :) and I can't believe it has reached well over 6k in a year! My YouTube channel (which I aim to post more on in 2013) is over 65,000!  and this blog is on 100,000 -Some of my favourite blog posts that I have written during 2012 were interviews: For one my interview with hip-hop manager to the stars and absolute legend Steve Lobel (click here to read) and also my interview with the very inspiring and talented Jahmene Douglas from XFactor (click here to read).

I want to Thank Everyone from the bottom of my heart who have supported me in any way shape of form this past year! It really has been the best year of my life so far-simply because I started following my dreams :) and I can only hope to continue growing on that in 2013!

My goals for 2013: 
  • To continue modelling as much as I can. 
  • To do a lot more in the UK! it's already up my sleeve ;)
  • To head back to my love Los Angeles :)
  • To branch out and become known not only for modelling but for my true passion in life which is performing arts: Singing, Acting and Dancing! :) 
  • To build my YouTube channel and do a lot more video blogs and start Tutorials-I frigging love Kandee Johnson.. She is my inspiration!Such a positive great person! 
  • To launch my new website! -weee :)
  • Simply to keep the ball rolling from 2012 and build upon it :) 
I am so very grateful for 2012 and the great things that have come my way and I am very hopeful and excited for 2013!x! I don't see 13 as an unlucky number... '3' is my lucky number and it is in there ;) 

I am wishing you all health, happiness and success in 2013-whether your 2012 was brilliant or sucky: It's a New Dawn, It's a New DAY, It's a New Life... and I'm feeling..... (sing the rest) GOOD ;)   

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo
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