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Beautiful Unique Handmade Swimwear you need to know about for summer! + BTS photoshoot

Hey Everyone

So a few weeks ago photographer Richie Buttle was visiting Los Angeles from Ireland so we set up a photoshoot while he was in town! we ended up getting off to a really late start and we were chasing sunlight so we didn't get to shoot as much as we had planned but we did shoot some fab swimwear that I wanted to tell you about! ... Khongboon Swimwear!

If you are looking for some unique bikinis and swimsuits for Summer 2015 then I would definitely recommend checking them out!x!

Khongboon swimwear is truly unique and offer handmade luxury swimwear in original designs, prints and cuts!

visit their online store or stop by their instagram for shopping inspiration 

We shot on my apartment roof top in Hollywood. It was great to see Richie again as it has been years since we last shot together in his studio at home in Ireland and it's always nice to hear the Irish accent abroad! and it was my first time working with Valentino but he is a really nice guy and the three of us had a lot of laughs! 

I have yet to receive the professional images back but here are a bunch of BTS (behind the scenes) pics taken on my phone!x! If you're not already make sure to follow me on instagram @ShahiraBarry I post a lot of pics on there ;) 

on set with photographer Richie Buttle
Makeup: meee 

Nice hearing a familiar accent today shooting with @richiebuttle in #LosAngeles @valentinoxvalentino hair & @khongboon_swimwear ☺️☀️ #instadaily #video #bikini #Hollywood
Posted by Shahira (Barry) on Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Bikini...


About this bikini: This bikini is a 4 in 1 design with 4 different wearing options!! both the bottom and top are reversible! you can wear it in a solid pink colour or a more playful pattern! The perfectly cut bottoms are designed in a playful flattering way as is the top which features three middle bands that synchs your cleavage together and gives a bust lift! 

The Swimsuit/Monokini... 


The back of this swimsuit is the most impressive part unfortunately I don't have behind the scenes pics that show off the back but I will share the professional ones when I get them! 
here's a pic from their website that shows the back of the same style swimsuit in more detail!  

About the monokini: the ties at the back ensure a perfect fit! and this bikini is also reversible (2 in 1!) It features a Brazilian cut bottom which is very unique for a one piece! 

KHONGBOON SWIMWEAR is a vision of swimwear for the chic and confident woman.
The swimwear line with its custom prints, soft
 buttery fabrics, reversible designed tops & bottoms in combination with the flirty, unique designs and seamless comfort truly makes Khongboon swimwear one of a kind. These handmade bikinis are synonymous with femininity and beauty!

Thanks for stopping by! lets get summer ready!x

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Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo 
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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

FOOD VIDEO - A protein packed sweet treat :)

Hey Everyone

This is possibly my first purely food related blog post??.. anyhow I don't intend on going down that path (the food blogger path) because I'm not much of a cook! lol! but none the less I thought I would share this recipe with you because in general I am a huge fitness fanatic and a health nut! HOWEVER, I do have a sweet tooth so I am always looking for round about ways to satisfy that sweet tooth without being toooo bold!

I have been snacking on my own version of sweet protein balls recently and they are amazing so I thought I would share them with you! (NB!they taste way better than they look!)

Why I love them..
  1. They're packed full of fruit and nuts! 
  2. Eating a spoon full of coconut oil a day is said to have numerous health benefits! Read about them here! 
  3. They taste sweet but they're not bad for you! 
  4. They truly do fill you up! and are great on the go! 
  5. They require no cooking/baking!! 
What you will need! 
  1. Pitted Dates 
  2. Fruit and Nut trail mix
  3. Coconut oil 
  4. peanut butter 
  5. coconut flakes 
  6. honey (optional) 

Step by Step... 

Apologies for the poor video quality - it was a last minute decision to film the process of making them but it doesn't make them any less delicious so give them a try!! 


Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo 
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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

6 months out on my own - living in LA!

Hey Blog Readers!

So March 4th marks 6 months that I have lived on my own (I do have a house mate and I did go to college for three years in Limerick) but what I mean is away from Ireland, Galway, my friends at home, my family and my pets! all the way on the other side of the world! I moved on August 4th so it is actually 7 months since I was last in Ireland but my beautiful mum came with me for the month of August to help me settle in (she left on September 4th) SO really it's 6 months that I've been out in the big bad world on my own! & I thought I'd reflect on that here...

Where to start.. 
I think a lot of people didn't believe me when I said I was going to move to LA on my own and I understand that there were plenty of reasons to doubt! for one it took me awhile to get everything organised so it seemed as if I was talking about it forever! and secondly I am not really an "on my own" type of girl! In Galway I would barely walk down a street on my own (I always had someone with me!) It began with a slight fear and anxiety: When I was a child one of the strongest memories is my sister (who was 9 years older than me) being attacked as she walked in what would have been a relatively nice area! It really effected me and I bought it with me into my teenage years! I would always ask a friend to walk me home or have someone come to collect me! Anyway, my point is moving across the world all alone, without a friend or someone else in tow, is actually fairly out of character for me and I can definitely see that! However, I am also extremely stubborn and if I set my mind on something I am going to do it! I always had a dream of living in Hollywood and after my first visit in 2012 I fell in love with it just like I always knew I would! I found somewhere where I felt I belonged.. a place where I fitted in! Sure..I could have tried to convince someone to move with me so that it wouldn't be as scary but I am a strong believer that everyone has their own path in life therefore convincing someone to give living in LA a go may have been the easier option but in the long run I would have perhaps thought I wasn't capable of doing it on my own and become reliant on that other person - whereas now I have learnt that I am an incredibly strong person and I feel I have grown a million times more than I would have if I convinced a friend to move with me for the wrong reasons!
How has the move been so far...
It's had it's ups and it's downs! I've taken off my rose-tinted glasses! I've learnt a few harsh lessons: such as people are people & there are some good and some bad wherever you go! That seems so simple and obvious but before officially moving here my experience had always been that people in LA are happy, positive, amazing people who want the best for everyone and live a life of chasing their dreams.. (and there are plenty of people like that here who I've had the absolute pleasure to meet!) but the flip side also exists: people who are extremely competitive and bithchy! I guess you could say it's a part of the entertainment industry but it's actually just a part of life in general! and it's difficult when I truly do not see myself as a competitive or cut-throat person at all! sometimes you are given the image that you need to be in order to succeed! I hope that this is not the case as that is simply not me! I hope that being hard working and genuine will stand for me in the end!
I have had a couple of down days since my move (such as feeling home sick etc..) but in general I would say that moving to LA has been the best thing I have ever done and the best thing that has ever happened to me! I feel like I have grown so much and done so much in quite a short amount of time and I am proud of myself for the things I've learnt and experiences I've had so far!!

Believe it or not it's helped with my anxiety... 
You would think that moving to a MASSIVE new city and a MASSIVE new country at that would make me more anxious but in fact I feel it has had the opposite effect! I feel perhaps I was suffering from "small town syndrome" when I lived at home because what you may or may not know about me (I've mentioned it on my blog before) is over the past 5 years or so I became a nervous, anxious wreck about many things! I went from being a relatively laid back person to an A1-Stresser! so much so that I truly believe it effected my personality! I suffered from full on Panic attacks among other issues! It got to a stage where I could barely walk down shop street in Galway without feeling anxious and like I just wanted to run and not see anybody! whereas before I may have been able to hide I feel that moving to LA has made me face many fears head-on and either over come them or deal with them! and although it hasn't been without it's stresses I feel that I am less anxious and a lot more capable since the move! Obviously it's individual but I genuinely feel throwing yourself into a new environment and leaving behind old baggage is a great way to find yourself again if you're feeling a little lost! It has been tough but so far it's been SO worth it and I wouldn't change a thing!x!

Some questions answered... 

Why did I move from Ireland? 
I love Ireland, it will always be my home! I love Irish people and I appreciate them a lot more since my move - Meeting Irish people over here is the best thing ever! I feel like they instantly become my friend. Irish people, abroad especially, are so united.. I feel we just instantly understand eachother and the humor is the same! I left because I believe there are far more opportunities over here in the areas I am interested in: the Entertainment industry and Modelling! I could have chosen London but my gut told me London wasn't for me right now..something was pulling me toward LA (maybe it was the idea of the weather and lifestyle, lol).

What's LA like... 
LA is amazing! The sun is shining every day which I feel makes a huge difference to your mood! It's probably only rained maybe 3/4 times since I've lived here and because it's so uncommon it almost makes you appreciate when it does's Cosy! the weather is definitely a huge plus but I also love the positivity and I feel the healthy lifestyle in terms of everyone hiking etc.. really suites me! (I used to hike all the time in Ireland to!Try Diamond Hill if you're in the West Coast of Ireland-it's great!). My apartment building has a roof top pool, Jacuzzi, bbq, sauna, gym and it's right by runyon canyon for hiking and free yoga which is held x3 a day! Life is unpredictable here - you never know what the day will bring, who you'll meet or what opportunity will present itself and I love that about it! one phone call can change the ball game so it's full of excitement! there's also some great parties here and I love hiphop which is blasting everywhere! Life is good! I am very happy here!x!

What have I been up to since the move... 
I feel like the question really is what haven't I been doing! because it's been an absolutely whirlwind! I've been on sets of Movies/TV Shows/Music Videos and Commercials! The only thing I haven't been doing as much as I would like is modelling with regards to photoshoots etc.. as I have been pulled a lot more towards acting, Tv, videos and film! I am constantly working! sometimes 6-7 days of the week! The cost of living is a lot higher here so I have to keep working anyway but I feel I'm incredibly blessed to have the opportunities I've had and to be as busy as I am as it's doing what I love! I believe busy is a great thing!! and I genuinely feel I am doing a good job at chasing my dreams and being on the right path, going in the right direction!

The Hardest Part...
The Hardest part is missing my family and pets! After-all I've lived with them (or at least seen them every weekend when I was in college) my whole life! I would happily live in LA for the rest of my life if I could bring my family and my animals! With animals it's particularly hard because I can't explain why I've left them or where I've gone! My cat, Kushka, died since my move and this absolutely broke my heart!! I've had her since I was 4 years old (my first day of school) and I love her like family!

11 Random Facts About LA:

  • Everyone tells you to try 'In N Out'... It is nice but it's not as good as they say! although it would be hard to be AS good as they say because "they" really hype it up! with that said it is good so try it and make your own mind up ;)
  • LA is SO big each different area is referred to as a "city" of it's own.. e.g. "The City of Santa Monica"
  • Its sprawling and there are millions of people yet you still run into the same ones all the time if you're living the #SetLife :p
  • I've never seen a city with so many trees! parts of the city are totally immaculate (cough Beverly Hills and the likes) while other parts are pretty dirty (I thank the not having lids on bins so rubbish can fly out..I don't get it!) but regardless of where you are every street is lined with trees, bushes and flowers giving a lovely spring time smell all year round!
  • LA is in a drought... The LA river is a sight for sore eyes! it's literally an empty dry basin... so everyone is delighted when it rains! As I mentioned it's only rained less than a handful of times in the 7 months I've been here but when it has I've secretly liked it! lol! Feels like home! :)
  • DownTown is a bit scary... some people rave about downtown and how it's the new happening place for good night life and restaurants! the sky scrappers do give an energetic city vibe but personally I find it a bit dodgy.. I'm never too thrilled when I have to street park and walk to wherever I'm going downtown! I carry a pepper spray that was given to me by a friend on set who insisted I need to take it with me wherever I go alone!
  • The public transport is really not great! some people swear by it but if you compare it to London it's pretty non-existent or at least a lot unsafer! So get used to being in your car and getting stuck in traffic because everyone drives! Luckily playing loud music and driving around Cali makes me happy :)
  • What you definitely should try is frozen yogurt! it's the best thing since sliced bread! and a healthier option than ice cream... although not so healthy when you included all the delicious toppings you can add to it!
  • LA has some of the best hikes I've ever been on! on a clear day you can see the whole city plus snow peaked mountains to the east and the Pacific ocean to the west!
  • If you wanted to you could go skiing and to the beach in the same day! There are an endless amount of things to do and stuff to see!
  • Although a big city that is certainly hustling and bustling with millions of people LA has a beachy, relaxed, and true "cali" vibe that I believe is unique and unlike other cities of the same size- even though city life is fast paced wherever you go in LA it's almost like fast pace in slow motion if that makes any sense! I find it surprising how quiet and calm it can be.. plus there's always birds singing :)
A special mention
The 4th is also my dear friend's birthday. She would have been 24 today. 5 years have passed and it doesn't matter where in the world I am or what I'm doing my heart was shattered and my world as I knew it was destroyed when she left us and every day since I have felt the pain! Grief is a strange thing - everyone deals with it differently: it brings people together and it separates people, it causes arguments and it causes unions, it makes you appreciate life and it ruins your life; it's a never ending journey and one thing's for certain it changes your life forever! She is with me in my heart every day but today I wish my beautiful special friend a happy birthday



Apologies for the sudden turn in tone during this blog I simply didn't feel that I could write a blog on this date and not give my beautiful kind and special friend's birthday a mention!x!

Do yourself a favour =seize the day! life is short! tell your loved ones you love them! let go of anger or anything weighing you down, don't sweat the small stuff! take advantage of the life you're given! Live it to the full!, chase your dreams and do what makes you happy!x!
I'll end this blog with this happier toned video of some of my personal highlights during my time in LA so far!x!

Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo 

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