Saturday, 31 March 2012

Todays Buys ;)

Another quick blog on today's buys... again from Penneys/Primark :)

If you have been shopping at all lately you will notice that the "chain-print" is EVERYWHERE!! 

The problem is with such a statement print it will come in and out of fashion very quickly! It's just not the type of thing that will be able to stay around for a long why splash out the cash in the high-street stores when you can get the same look in Penneys or some of the cheaper stores for half the price!

Below is a body-con skirt I picked-up today in Penneys and I LOVE it :) 

At 7Euro...You can't go wrong! 

You can wear this skirt as a cute "going out" skirt or pair with tights and wear during the day. It's made of cotton so as well as being stylish it's also really comfortable and would suite sandals and a hot day...Perfect holiday Skirt!

AAAND I brought a really cute bag for 9Euro :)

What I love about this bag is that it's practically two bags in one... It's a regular handbag suitable for day and night or you can pop the handle and tassel into the bag and you've got a clutch bag for more formal occasions :)

On my way to the counter I grabbed some Batiste Dry Shampoo for 2.75euro... I'm sure everyone knows about dry shampoo but if not it's basically a powder in a compressed can: you spray it onto the scalp if you're hair needs a pick-me up and you haven't had time to wash it: Once the powder is on the roots you shake it out using your fingers. As well as refreshing the hair It also adds Volume and is great to use before styling :) 

What do you think of my shopping? Would you buy any of the items I've shown above?

Happy Shopping!!! :)

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo


Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ireland's Leading Fashion Website

hey :)

Just a quick blog post to say Ireland's Leading Fashion Website,, have done a second article on me :) To read the first one where I chat about Modelling, How I got into the industry etc... click here :)

The new article is about an opportunity I've been given to be the model on a US rappers Mixtape cover and Logo-which is out in the US on the 20th of April :) Click here to read the new article :)

Make sure to like the Facebook and to follow them on Twitter!!

This is the image that London Based Graphic design artist Rahul Patel Used for his design :)

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Requested-Full skin care routine :)

Hellooooo :)

Today's blog is a requested blog based upon my full skin care routine. I try my best to look after my skin as I'm in photos all the time but at the same time having heavy make-up on for shoots etc.. can really take it's toll on your skin. That's why I love to let my skin rest on my free days and not wear any make-up :)

Where to start...

I really don't mess with my skin too much I just do the essentials to make-sure it gets a deep pore clean every day and is kept clear of oil and residue.

My Daily skincare Routine:
As I mentioned in my blog on fighting spots (which you can get by clicking here) I use 'Vichy Normaderm Deep cleansing Gel' as my face wash for every day use!!

  • In the morning I wash my face with Vichy: When washing your face start by splashing warm water all over it because this opens the pores and allows for a deep pore clean-letting the face wash soak in and do it's job ;) use clean hands to massage and foam the face wash in circular motions. To finish splash with cold water to close the pores again-if the pores were left open you would risk letting dirt enter and clog the pores causing blemishes. 

  • I then apply moisturizer: I use 'Simple, Kind to Skin, Replenishing Moisturizer'. As with the Vichy face wash, Simple Moisturizer is kind to skin and doesn't contain any additives which could cause problems.

  • I mix a little of Soap and Glory's 'Glow Job' in with my foundation and apply as normal: It highlights the face giving a bright  dewy youthful glow to the skin.
  • When taking off my make-up I use Anne French Deep Cleansing Milk and cotton pads. Cleansing milk is kind to skin, moisturizing, gives a deep pore clean and removes even the most stubborn of make-up, including eye-make-up.
  •  After removing my make-up I wash my face again-with Vichy and moisturize with Simple again: this time I wait 10mins and then wipe my face with a clean cotton pad-This will give the moisturizer time to sink in but wipe away any excess before going to bed. 
For days when dealing with a nasty surprise of a pimple:
Click HERE.


  1. Once a week I steam my face. Steaming opens up all the pores and unclogs the skin. 
All you need is a large bowl/basin, two towels and some cotton pads. If you wish you can add Vix to the water-especially if dealing with sinuses or a blocked nose. I like to add cinnamon just for a nice aroma :)
What to do:

  • Cleanse the skin before beginning to steam.
  • Fill the basin with boiling water from the kettle (obviously be extremely careful when dealing with boiling water-don't fill the basin too much etc...). 
  • Place the basin on a low table and lean over hovering your head above the bowl. 
  • Place the towel over your head and bowl to keep in all the steam. 
  • Steam for 5-10mins. 
  • Cleanse the skin with clean cotton pads and splash with cold water to close the pores once again. 

     2. Once a week I use Soap and Glory 'No Clogs Allowed'. This is a great product as it doubles as a face wash and face mask. It heats up and truly leaves your skin squeaky clean and soft :) I use this product as a wash maybe once a week while as a mask maybe once every two weeks. 
-To use this product as a wash it is the same guidelines as any other wash. 
-When using as a mask you wet the face with warm water and then cover the face with the product (only a small amount needed) avoiding the eyes and mouth. Leave it to set for 5 minutes and then wipe away with the sponge applicator and rinse once again with cold water. Remember to wash your sponge applicator and keep it clean :)

A Home Made Face Mask :)
Again I would only use a face mask on my face maybe every two weeks. If you didn't have the soap and glory product or you just wanted to try a home-made product here is one I often make :)
Oatmeal Face Mask:
What you need:
- Half a cup of cooked oat meal
-1 Egg white
-teaspoon of olive oil
-Fresh lemon juice

What to do :)
Mix all the ingredients together until a paste is formed. Apply to your face and relax for 15mins :) When finished rinse thoroughly-Simples :) 

Once a month:
Click HERE to read about my Lemon Scrub for fighting blackheads :)

Tired Eyes and Skin:
When I'm tired especially on the day of the shoot I need something to pull my skin and under eye circles together and look presentable, ha :) 
I use Gardnier Eye Roll for my under-eye circles.

To brighten my skin and make it look 'awake' I use Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. This is an amazing product! It retails for approx 30-35e:  Which is a reasonable price considering its a "Pick me up" product and not for every day use. If it was for every day use it would not be cost effective. As it says on "the tin" it instantly restores a "fresh, revived, beautiful appearance", it brightens and tightens your skin, erasing the signs of fatigue and stress. 

Will you try any of the steps I've described? Do you have any good skin care tips I haven't included?

Hope this gives you beautiful healthy skin :) 

Happy Beautifying :) 

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo


Monday, 26 March 2012

Teenage/Spot prone skin

Heyyy Blog Readers :)

This Blog Post can be beneficial to Men and Woman, Girls and Boys ;) So don't turn away because you're male... there aren't any butterflies or rainbows here ;)haha

When I was a teenager I suffered from Oily skin which resulted in pimples on my forehead. This was before any of my friends had started getting spots and it made me really self conscious. Now a days my skin is generally very clear (I say generally because I am human ha and some days/weeks are better than others). At a young age I picked up a few treatments/products/solutions that really helped my skin and I keep them with me to this day :)

I thought I'd let you in on them... :)

Trick number one ;)
Read my blog on "Healthy Food=Healthy Skin" by clicking here :)

Trick Number 2:
A good Face wash is KEY!!
The single most important thing if you suffer from pimples or spots is a GOOD FACE WASH!! There are many face washes around and they claim to do miracle things-Believe me I did try nearly all of them!! But mainly you want something that won't be harsh on your skin. Don't worry about what it "smells like" or if it "tastes yummy"-That sounds silly but many face washes are marketed on their fragrance and other non-important things-in fact a face wash with a perfume is likely to irritate or make the skin worse!...therefore you want to keep it as natural as possible!
After experimenting with many different face washes I found my savior!... VICHY!

'Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel' is, in my opinion, THE BEST face-wash on the market!
There is no big advertising campaign, designs or eye catching slogans with this one: simplicity works in it's favour and word of mouth, plus the fact that it really works, is what keeps it on the market and selling!


Vichy is an essential in my skin care routine still to this day! I've been using it since I was about 13years old and I never change. The only downfall is that Vichy retails for aprox 12.00euro which is on the expensive side for face wash. At times when I have been low on money I must admit I have picked up cheaper alternatives from Clearasil etc... But my skin has always worsened which brings me back to good old reliable Vichy :)

If you're a girl and you wear make-up, as with any face wash, I wouldn't recommend solely using a wash to take off the make-up: you will be left with panda eyes etc... instead use wipes (suitable for your skin type) or preferably make-up remover to physically take the make-up off the face and then wash with Vichy to clean and clear the pores.
If you're a guy you can simple wash with Vichy and it should be enough.. as long as you don't wear make-up or play in muck? ;) haha

I wash my face with Vichy twice a day: When I first wake up and again at night before I go to bed :)

Remember NEVER GO TO BED WITH YOUR MAKE-UP ON and leave your skin 'make-up free' as often as possible!

Trick 3:
Spot cream: Now spot cream can be harsh and REALLY dry out the skin-so when using ensure you only apply it directly onto the pimple/spot and not all over your skin (Yes, I learned the hard way as a teenager putting it all over my face, including my neck, and breaking out in a TERRIBLE Rash :p haha #DefintelyNotSmart). Never the less when used correctly spot cream can be a real miracle worker and in some cases the spot can be almost vanished the next day with this great (but remember strong) cream...
Panoxyl 10!!!

Again BELIEVE ME I have tried my weight in spot creams and this is the spot cream to beat all spot creams!!;) haha.
I have used products from the doctor-prescribed products and honestly nothing has beaten this amazing product in terms of fighting spots!!
I wouldn't use this cream every day so it's not a part of my every day skin care routine but I always pull it out when I have a nasty surprise of a spot that I want to get rid of ASAP.
There are two options with this product=Ponoxyl 5 and Ponoxyl 10... Ponoxyl ten being the strongest! So it really depends on the extent of your skin problem which one you opt for.

How to use:
After cleansing your skin (with Vichy ;) ) and ensuring there is no residue or dirt left on your skin put a pea size amount onto a cotton stick and apply to the affected area. I normally put it on before I go to bed and than leave it on over night: washing it off in the morning.

NEVER EVER pick spots! I know it can be tempting at times when they're sore an irritating but it really will just spread the infection and make it WORSE! Instead put some spot cream on!! and avoid touching it :)

There you have it... 3 simple tricks and a tip to fighting acne prone skin ;) I speak from experience and all of the above really work! So get on it ;)

If you have a 'spot trick' of your own that you'd like to share just comment below!
Did you find this Blog Post helpful???...
Would you be interested in knowing my full skin care routine???

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Penneys Bargains!! Today's Buys!!

Hello :)

Just a quick blog post on what I brought today in trusty old Penneys/Primark :)

I am a girl who loves a bargain so I always pop into Penneys when I'm shopping to see what they have in... I rarely leave without picking something up. Now-a-days styles come in and out of fashion very quickly and as we live in recessionary times why splurge out on something expensive which will most likely be out of fashion in a month or two. Don't get me wrong I love my River Island and Topshop etc... but often Penneys have very similar copies for half the price... BARGAIN CENTRAL :) 

Coming into Spring you will notice pastel colours EVERYWHERE as they are the must have right now! Notably in jeans-the colourful jeans have been in for awhile from royal blue to shocking red but now lighter pastel coloured jeans are in :) 

My sister and I were chatting the other day about wanting light pink jeans! They're Awesome ;) haha, I've been looking everywhere for them and  I was delighted to find a gorgeous pair that fit lovely in good'ol Penneys :) 

Light pink jeans are a Celeb favourite at the moment and have been seen on everyone from cutie Eva Longoria to style queen Victoria Beckham and bootilicious JLo. 

I was delighted with my find!! for 15euro you really can't go wrong :)


The next bargain came in the form of SHOES! I found these fab leopard print ankle boots for 21euro

There are a very similar pair of leopard print ankle boots in TopShop so these for 21euro from Penneys are definitely a bargain worth investing in :) Leopard print is timeless and is always in fashion so you can't go wrong. 
Leopard print ankles boots seen above on JLo and Kim Kardashian. JLo glams up the boots while Kim shows how to rock the boots in 3 different ways-a statement shoe with a simple black outfit a rock look with a dress and a casual look with ripped jeans and a blouse. 

Another Leopard Shoe!
Leopard print is hot for summer and this time it comes in the form of a sandal! 
These Gorgeous TBar sandals are just 7Euro!! and so cute with skinnies, shorts, skirts, 3/4 lengths... anything :)

I also picked up a little brown shoe for 11EURO
These shoes are bound to divide opinion... I can see some of my friends liking them while I can see others absolutely hating them-so they're not for everyone but I love these! I think they are an easy, casual, yet stylish shoe for pairing with skinnies if it's too cold for sandals but too hot for boots. 

After leaving the fashion side of things I searched for a new nail varnish. I knew I wanted a mint green colour so I thought I'd have a look to see if they had one in and THEY DID :) 

I'm LOVING this colour at the moment: As seen on Lauren Conrad from MTV's 'The Hills'.

I got Angelica's 'Be Mine 84' for only 2.75euro!!
As with the pastel colour jeans pastel coloured nail varnishes are also really in so get on it ;)

The Last item on my shopping list from Penneys was hairspray: I ran out recently and I find pennys a great place to get good hair spray for cheap ;) I switch between hair sprays..using a variety of brands but one of my favourites is Garnier Fructis in extreme hold. It's only 2.50euro in Pennys.

Penneys is a bargain Bucket ;)

Have you found any good bargains there recently? 
Will you invest in any of the above??

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo


Friday, 23 March 2012

Kim Kardashian gets flour bombed!

Ok so my Blog is not a gossip blog what so ever and I never thought I'd write up about something that happened to a celebrity or gossip connected with a celeb. However the headline 'Kim Flour-Bombed' on the showbiz section of caught my eye and disgusted me so I thought I'd do a write-up on it.

Kim Kardashian was doing interviews for her perfume launch at a hotel in Hollywood and was walking the red carpet when a woman threw a whole bag of white powder on the reality tv star.

Police said that paramedics were called to the scene but Kim refused medical attention. The woman who threw the flour was detained by hotel security. Kim decided not to press charges but did file a criminal battery report.

Kim looked gorgeous arriving at the event but soon got covered in the powder that ruined her clothes and her lovely hair. 

I don't care how rich or successful someone is I really don't think that gives anyone the right to attack someone physically or verbally. What happened to her is disgraceful and I think people should rediscover the saying and moral 'Treat others how you would like to be treated' as this type of thing is repeatedly happening, and I hate to say it, but a lot of the time by woman to woman-what happened to Girl Power? Should we not respect a woman who is doing well for herself rather than begrudge or hate on her? 

Nobody was hurt and Kim had a good reaction trying her best to laugh it off and saying to E
"That probably is the craziest, unexpected, thing that's ever happened to me"
"Like I said to my make-up artist, I wanted more powder and that's a whole lot of translucent powder right there!"

A similar incident happened between Ryan Seacrest and Sasha Baron Cohen at this years Oscars and I must say I took a different view on it-and that was simply because I thought it looked a little staged: it was from one celebrity to another and you could see it happening a mile off. Whereas in this case with Kim Kardashian the woman was a randomer and  didn't mean it as a joke-there was more nastiness behind it. 

What are your views on this Kim.K incident??
Personally, I just wish people would stop hating on others, Live their lives for themselves-concentrate on yourself... you're goals, achievements and accomplishments and whether someone is a celebrity or not just be nice to each other: there is one race-The Human Race, You don't have to like everyone in the world but if you "don't have anything nice to say.. don't say anything at all" and don't be out to hurt another physically, verbally or emotionally. Be content and happy in yourself and you won't have a need to bring another down. 

Lots of Love 
Shahira Xo


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Diary Entry: My day today :)

Hello :)

Just a quick diary entry for today. Today I spent the day in GTI helping the brilliant make-up artist and my friend, Samantha Craughwell (Cough: Follow the link and add her make-up page ;) ). 

Sam needed a model for her course (make-up artistry) and she has helped me out on numerous occasions I popped in to help and be her model :) 

Her class were doing a make-up shoot in the theme of 'Goddesses'. Sam was assigned the task of creating her own impression of the 'Goddess of Rainbows' make-up look. I brought in my big beautiful fluffy white wings that I've worn on a couple of occasions...
Remember these bad boys ;)
And Sam got to work :)

I was wrecked tired and found it difficult to keep my eyes open as the make-up process did take a long time due to the nature of the task and the detail and imagination that went into the look she created :) never the less I got through it with a few trips to the canteen for tea and chats :) 
This has to be the Song of the Day :)

Here are some snaps I took of the make-up look: It was SO funky I had to keep it on until my mum arrived home so I could show her and give her a fright :) 
I must say the men in the garage did look at me as if I was crazy when stopping for petrol though :) 


It was fun and I really haven't done any crazy make-up shoots since I first started modelling so it made for a change and something different :) The photographer showed me the pictures and they really looked great-The make-up translated beautifully on camera and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished images when Sam gets them for her portfolio :)

Should this be my New Look??? lol 

Also today I got an email about a VERY VERY VERYYY exciting modelling opportunity for me in the UK in June, I'm not letting the "Cat Out of the Bag" yet so #WatchThisSpace :)

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo

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