Saturday, 23 January 2016

My experience with Rose Gal (whole sale fashion site)

Hi Everyone! 

SO I know you have probably all seen the ads that regularly pop-up on the side of Facebook advertising 'Rose Gal' whole sale clothing site (I know I had seen them for a long time before I decided to bite the bullet and check the site out!) but being the fashion-bargain-hunter that I am.. my curiosity got the better of me and I started browsing! 

I must admit I had a look around the site a number of times before deciding to order anything and that was mainly for one reason... everything looked so great yet so affordable!! (some I'd even seen on other sites for x3 the amount) so I thought mmm "what's the catch?!" and I bet many of you probably think the same thing... 

I worried I would end up with an experience that went something like this... 

Lol! but never the less the prices were so low I thought it was definitely worth a go! I picked out a number of things: 4 items in total and it cost me under $30! 
Here's what I picked up...


I am VERY HAPPY to report that what I ordered is what I got! and the shipping time was regular too! HOORAYYY!! :) :) 

The dress has become a favorite of mine and I wore it a tone over the past couple of weeks! (as you can see from the mix of pictures below) the earrings have also become a favorite and I have been wearing them a LOT! HEY I just love turquoise! my eyes are a turquoise colour so I feel it helps to bring them out! The body chains I haven't worn so much as I am waiting for the weather to get a little warmer so I can wear them with bikinis! I'm sure I will get a lot of use out of them in spring and summer! 

Here are a bunch of photos showing the amazing quality of the items for such super low prices! 

The front of the dress:

The dress is a good fit and I love the attention to detail on the lace including the patterned edges. It is sheer on the arms and flesh colored under the lace of the torso!

The Side of the dress:


I am very happy with the fit of the dress! and would recommend you don't need to go up or down a size when ordering from the site as the sizes seem pretty regular going off of my experience with this dress purchase!

The Back of the dress: 

The back of this dress is what makes it special due to it's cut out back! I would suggest wearing your hair up or at least off your back if you have long hair like me to truly show off the scoop-back detail!

Close up and personal

The material used for this dress is particularly nice! I love the lace-flower details and the silver rhinestones that give the dress an extra bit of sparkle when the light hits it!


The earrings picture a slightly different color than they are to the eye - they picture more green when they are more turquoise/teal. I love this 'bollywood' style.. it is right up my street!x! It may also be worth mentioning that despite the low cost these earrings haven't irritated my ears at all and I have worn them for a long number of hours at any one time! 


silver body chain:


I had wanted to pick up some body-chains for the longest time now but I kept forgetting! I love simple, dainty ones like the two I got! I think they are perfect to add to a bikini or to spruce up a going out outfit! you can wear them over or under your clothes! 
I got two slightly different but also similar ones as I simply wanted one in silver and one in gold!

Gold Body Chain $4.32

Personally for under $30 (which remember is even less in euro) I can't rave about my order from rose-gal enough! the color does picture a little differently depending on the light but that's just bright colors for you!! I did notice on their website on some items they would show a picture of a certain clothing piece followed by a picture of their version of the item which may be a bit different to the original picture so my advice would be to simply read all the info provided and look at all the images :) However for such bargain prices you can't go too wrong! and for me the shipping time was regular (approx a week to LA).

The website is - check it out and see if you can bag a bargain too! 


Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo