Thursday, 14 May 2015

sorry I was away for awhile... + 5 tips on staying positive in a negative situation

HEY Blog Readers! 

It's been a long time since I've posted on here so if you keep up with my blog regularly - apologies :)
April flew by for me! My mum visited me over the Easter holidays (yay) and then I moved apartment!! FINALLY!!! :)

I know some of you may have caught on to the fact that I was very unhappy in my old living situation = absolute nightmare! I had great hopes for it at the beginning... it was right by Runyon and I love to hike and do yoga so that was a huge plus! but lets just put it this way: what is having a beautiful home if you live in an absolute nightmare and ultimately a prison like situation of eating in your room to avoid negativity..but the energy would seep through anyway it could and it was ridiculously draining and horrible to live in! I would go to set happy and find myself crying on the return home and shaking with anxiety. I can honestly say I have never felt evilness towards me like I did over the past few months of being in that living space. For now I don't want to reflect on it too much because it was one of the worst experiences of my life and I'm still not fully over it.
I'm not really a believer in "everything happens for a reason"... I used to be but with time and loosing loved ones too soon etc.. it can be difficult to believe in that saying! However, what I will say, is that perhaps "some people come into your life as blessings while others come in as lessons" and for that maybe everyone who enters your life does come into it for a reason - be it good or bad! I am out of pocket thousands of dollars due to maliciousness + the move itself however I do believe that sometimes it is better to cut your losses and walk away...which is what I've done. I believe in Karma and also that the money I lost will come back to me in abundance. What I can say is that I am finally back to myself! It was only after the move that I realized I hadn't been myself in a long time as I was being drained daily with the stress of returning home. It's a difficult one to explain in writing especially when I don't want to go into it too much right now: I'm sure my posts over the past few months have been very confusing because on one hand I absolutely love LA and professionally things have been flying for me!! Actually, personally as well! Life could not be better in so many ways but I had this one negative thing in my life that was impossible to ignore because I was living in the situation! So it really was a time of Black and White!

ANYWAY!! I am glad to report that I am now in such a better headspace and I am back on my A-game! I moved from the Hollywood area to the Beverly Hills area and no offence at all to anyone who lives in Hollywood but I am seriously loving BHills and the West LA area so much more! My reason for this is as a young female from another country my new area feels so much safer and also a lot more community orientated which is what I am used to from home! I grew up in a small town and while I love the big city life I felt Hollywood lacked community and everything was very spread out.
I think it's easy to get stuck in one area and even one building! I had been coming to LA since 2012 and I always stayed in Hollywood - so it was what I knew! The building I moved into in October had a roof top pool with a great view and a gym so they were huge selling points for me and I thought I wouldn't find anywhere else to match but it just so happens my new place also has a rooftop with a great view + a much bigger pool, Jacuzzi and gym! not to mention my apartment is about x5 the size (as is my walk-in!) I am beyond HAPPY :) I also feel a lot stronger and wiser! perhaps I've learnt a harsh lesson about life and people that I needed to learn in order to make myself more capable at handling the big bad world that we live in! Life is good again and I'm excited for the future!x!

In other news.. 

 I'm trying to start daily meditation. A friend recently told me about an app called 'headspace' which is basically guided meditation and the idea is to start with 10 minutes a day for 10 days! I've always liked the idea of meditation but I truly had no idea how to do it as my mind is on constant over drive at all times! so I believe guided meditation is definitely the way forward for me! I will let you know how I get on with it! I told my mum about it and she's been giving it a go and seems to really like it!

I went to Vegas for my birthday at the end of April! I was invited on a comped-weekend at the SLS hotel & casino: It was AMAZING! we had a group of 35 girls and we had an absolute ball!! it was the best way to spend my birthday!x! We ate dinner at Katsuya (OMG I'm a sushi convert!mmm), partied at Life and Hyde nightclubs(at Hyde we had THE best table in the house with a backdrop of the famous Bellagio fountains(amazing) and attended the Foxtail pool party. I love going away and celebrating somewhere new for my bday! It started with London for my 21st and now I think I'll make it a yearly thing! As they say "possessions have a price but travel and experiences don't".

Last week I worked on a video for rapper Hopsin - I'm ashamed to say I didn't know his music beforehand but mannn I've had him on repeat ever since: serious talent! so If you're like me and have been living under a rock look him up ;)

Pics from life recently... (Pstttt follow meee @ShahiraBarry on instagram, facebook and twitter)

Finally to end this blog I'm going to give you guys 5 tips on staying positive in a negative situation (these really helped me when I was in negativity)
  1. Have a positive support group! 
It is so important to find a positive support group to help each other through difficult times! It doesn't matter if this is 100 people, 5 people or one person! Surrounding yourself with positive people will help you to stay positive when in a negative situation! I have made some lovely friends here in LA who I feel very fortunate to have met but three people worth an extra mention are Kelsey, Shane and Yasmin (all of whom just so happen to be Irish, lol) but when I felt I couldn't bare my old living environment anymore they took me in while my new place wasn't ready and kept a smile on my face the entire time! I was really lucky to have them and don't know what I would have done without them! of course there was(as always)also the support of my mum and sister! My mum actually flew to LA to help me get out of my old apartment! now that's love! even though this visit did slightly stir the pot and put a fire under the situation - it was ultimately a good one because it led to me getting out of there permanently!


    2. Express what you are grateful for! 
Even in the worst of times there are always things in our lives to be grateful for! Voice those blessings! Actively acknowledging what you are grateful for will help you to always have a grateful mind and heart even when bad things happen. I say at least three things I am grateful for from that day to myself every night before I go to sleep! some days it's harder to think of things but there is ALWAYS something so don't overlook it!x!

     3. Retrain your mind! 
It can be easy to let negativity consume you but the more you let that happen the more it will become a part of you! Instead practice the power of positive thinking! If a negative thought enters your mind replace it with a positive one!

      4. Exercise your body and mind! 
We all know that exercise is good for our bodies but it is also great for the mind! It's no joke that it releases the "happy hormone". It helps our body to release endorphins that make us feel better! Exercise truly has physical, emotional and mental benefits! It can be hard to find the will power to get up and do it but once you do you'll be so glad you did! I also like to add yoga to my weekly routine to help me focus and relax.

       5. Accept and find solutions
Many of us are resistant to change but we must learn to accept that change will happen. Remember "the only constant in life is change". If you are unhappy with something see it as an opportunity to make a change.

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo 
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