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Oily/Combination Skin? Strike the prefect balance with these products!

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Today's post is all about some new products I've been testing out in my skin care routine... 

Finding a good range of skincare products to suite oily/combination skin can prove difficult! Especially when factoring in affordability and versatility (perhaps something that would be suitable for a number of people in your household). The new Manuka Tree Purifying face care products by Ziaja provide an effective everyday regime for treating oily skin problems but also combination skin which can be difficult to master!
Finding the right balance can certainly be tricky when dealing with the numerous challenges of oily/combination skin - whether it is battling an oily TZone, dilated pores, blackheads, spots, acne breakouts or shine control!
The Manuka Tree Purifying range strikes this balance on it's head! :) It both purifies and normalises the skin and can be used by teenagers, women and men and all of the products are alcohol free, have a lightweight feeling and are formulated with the star ingredient Manuka Leaf Extract which has powerful antibacterial properties to reduces excessive sebum secretion that causes blackheads, acne, blocked pores etc...
Manuka Leaf Extract from the leptospermum scoparium leaf (a flowering plant found in New Zealand and Southeast Australia) is a proven, highly effective, natural ingredient for treating these common skin problems. It reduces infections and soothes while also deeply cleansing and eliminating bacteria.
Other effective ingredients within the range include zinc gluconate, oleanolic acid, hyaluronic acid salt, brown algae laminaria ochloreuca and photostable UVA/UVB filters. All very hard to pronounce words I know ;)

The Manuka Tree Purifying products - My experience 

After discovering the manuka tree purifying range I decided to put some of their products to the test and give them a go on my own skin. I've been using them for about a week and so far SO good!
I actually plan on doing a YouTube video about my full skin care routine, the products I swear by, the products I turn to when facing a breakout etc... because along with my haircare it's probably one of the most requested. I am fortunate to have good skin but it hasn't and isn't always this way... a good skin care routine became an essential for me since I was about 13years old back then I had spots at a time when none of my friends did and it really brought down my self-esteem and confidence. Then once again in the first couple of months of this year, 2014, (you can look at my Kim Kardashian Vogue Makeup tutorial on my YouTube for an example)  I started to have strange looking breakouts on my forehead just above my eyebrow which gathered in a little cluster.. they were painful and odd looking, they didn't look like normal blemishes... I actually think it was highly possible that they were stressed related.. I was under a tremendous amount of stress.. Anyway, I decided I had to go back to the basics and back to a skincare routine that I mastered as a teenager for getting rid of acne and thankfully after a couple of weeks, yup lets be realistic with the time frame, the problem was solved and thankfully my skin is now back to being glowy and problem free :)

While there are a number of very strong and harsh products on the market to blast spots/acne in it's tracks these are not recommend for every day use as they are too harsh and it will lead to other problems. such as dryness and wrinkles. Therefore it is essential that the products you use for your daily routine are not harsh on the skin but instead work in conjunction with your skin to keep it fresh and healthy - the manuka range is perfect for this!

The Manuka Products that I've been using... 

I have been using three of the products from the range

1) The Normalising Cleansing Gel - This is a fantastic face wash. All you need is one pump for your entire face and it leaves your skin feeling fresh and thoroughly clean! It washes away daily build-up, make-up and pollutants but without drying the skin. It's gentle formula moisturises while it cleans and soothes irritation ensuring the balance is restored in your skin. It's a lovely face wash- I am impressed by how well it cleans and how clear and fresh my skin looks and feels after using it.. Also at €4.99 it won't break the bank :) 

2) The Deep Cleansing Peeling Paste - I hadn't used a product quite like this one before: It's a face mask but in a paste formula. It is recommended that you use this product about once a week so I have only used it once so far. It applied evenly and easily without any hassle and while it dried nicely, while I left it to settle into my skin, it didn't get as "crackey", flakey and dry as other face masks that I've used in the past i.e. my face was still movable so I liked this :) The product feels very "pamper perfect" in my eyes! It unblocks your pores and works to keep oil and shine at bay. It is infused with astringent and exfoliating properties that mop up excess oil and unblock even deep pores. I plan on using this on a weekly basis and again at €4.99 it won't be difficult to keep re-purchasing :) A face mask in a tube = can you say handy! 

3) The third product I've been using from the Manuka range is the Gentle Exfoliating Night Cream which is a little pricier than the above two at €6.99. However, this is a dream cream with almond acid that gently exfoliates and regenerates the skin WHILE YOU SLEEP zZz! but don't be alarmed it won't cause irritation! The manuka extract works to reduce acne lesions and enlarged pores, brighten dark spots and inflammation and as an added bonus it has anti aging ingredients and improves skin firmness - leaving your skin feeling smooth, soft, clean, hydrated and ready for a no make-up day ;) Out of the three products I have used this is probably my favourite - I love how my skin looks when waking up after using this miracle product!x! 
I would love to try the toner and day cream which may be on my next "to get" list! But for now if you're looking to purchase the products I mentioned or to check out the rest of their range you can shop online @ / or the products are also available from select pharmacies nationwide so you may find them in a pharmacy near you! 

What are your favourite skin care products? will you be trying any of the above mentioned? :)

Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo 

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