Wednesday, 25 March 2015

FOOD VIDEO - A protein packed sweet treat :)

Hey Everyone

This is possibly my first purely food related blog post??.. anyhow I don't intend on going down that path (the food blogger path) because I'm not much of a cook! lol! but none the less I thought I would share this recipe with you because in general I am a huge fitness fanatic and a health nut! HOWEVER, I do have a sweet tooth so I am always looking for round about ways to satisfy that sweet tooth without being toooo bold!

I have been snacking on my own version of sweet protein balls recently and they are amazing so I thought I would share them with you! (NB!they taste way better than they look!)

Why I love them..
  1. They're packed full of fruit and nuts! 
  2. Eating a spoon full of coconut oil a day is said to have numerous health benefits! Read about them here! 
  3. They taste sweet but they're not bad for you! 
  4. They truly do fill you up! and are great on the go! 
  5. They require no cooking/baking!! 
What you will need! 
  1. Pitted Dates 
  2. Fruit and Nut trail mix
  3. Coconut oil 
  4. peanut butter 
  5. coconut flakes 
  6. honey (optional) 

Step by Step... 

Apologies for the poor video quality - it was a last minute decision to film the process of making them but it doesn't make them any less delicious so give them a try!! 


Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo 
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