Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Meeting Snoop Dogg :)

I feel like every time I come on here to write I say I'm sorry it's been awhile and I'm going to start writing/blogging more regularly and then it ends up being ages again before I post something new so this time I won't say that and make promises I'm unable to keep - but I really do hope to figure out how to keep my blog updated with regular posts. My schedule lately has been SO hectic and all over the place! I have been working non-stop with many days being 8-12hours! what can I say my body/brain just isn't used to it! lol!

ANYWAY - if you follow me @ShahiraBarry on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter then you already know that the other week I met the one and only Snoop Dogg! So I thought I'd write an entry about what that was like!

It can be simply summed up as this- it was AWESOME (yup I'm in America & I use that word now, hahaha) no but really it was unreal! definitely up there with one of the best days ever!

How it came about...
I was put forward for a casting a couple of weeks before hand and totally forgot about it... then out of the blew I got a call from the producer of Snoop Dogg's show saying they loved my look and would love to book me on the show for that Tuesday. I was over the moon! and felt like shouting from the roof tops but after writing on my status on facebook that I was filming with Cheryl Cole and it ending up being a different 'US' Cheryl only a week or so before hand I wasn't about to tell people my news again until I was on set and I knew 100% it was going ahead!
Everyone who know's me know's that I love Snoop Dogg - I genuinely think he's the coolest! my little Jack Russel is even called Snoop Dogg (with the double G G spelling)! I have been a fan since the early 90's when he first came on the scene! (and I was only born in 1991 - so literally I was a toddler and I became a fan). My mum grew up in Handsworth Birmingham so she didn't have your average "Irish woman of her generation" taste in music... in my opinion: she has the best taste in music!! and she brought me up on Soul, Motown,  Reggae, Rap/Hip Hop. Which also rubbed off on my sister! in the car, in particular, she would blast her music and I guess it just caught on! We all loved his first album 'Doggystyle' in my house and I still listen to it regularly! =One of my favs!

In my teens I got to go to see him live in the 02 in Dublin for his 'One Love' tour with PDiddy! By far it was the best concert I have ever been to. I was right up the front with my friend Abigeal and the show was amazing. Both artists - PDiddy and Snoop were the perfect balance for eachother because Snoop's performance was laid back while PDiddy was jumping all over the place and going 90! I remember looking up at the stage and wishing to be apart of something so big one day! I didn't want to be in the audience I wanted to be on the stage and involved! It was definitely a mile-stone in my life and encouraged me to pursue my true dreams!

One of my statuses about being on set with Snoop last week was blown out of proportion and spread through the Irish media so I thought I should briefly address it. The status was that I didn't smoke weed with Snoop Dogg. Firstly lets clear up that it is not illegal in California and also come on people Snoop Dogg is absolutely known for his love of smoking - it is mentioned in every song he sings and every interview he gives: it's fact! However what I only meant by my status (which was not intended to cause controversy) was simply that I felt fairly uncool that I didn't smoke with him because most people I know would 100%.. given half the chance, even if they didn't smoke.. simply because it's Snoop Dogg! I have no problem with what anyone chooses to do with regards to smoking/not smoking or anything else at all for that matter-I am not a judgmental person and actually a lot of my friends smoke - both in Ireland and in Cali! However, I don't even smoke cigarettes-I just never have and in that case let's face it I'm sure a single drag of Snoop's joint would leave me goosed for a week!lol! Anyway there was no harm done it was just exaggerated a bit and made out by the media to be something it wasn't so I thought that should be addressed.
Also some people have asked me what I think with regards to the Snoop-Iggy Azalea row that was happening on social media during the week.. all I can say is it's none of my business-I like both of their music, I don't know what was going on between the two and I don't care :)

On Set 
Anyhow I arrived to set that Tuesday morning really excited.. not even about filming but about meeting Snoop! Although I was also a little bit nervous about meeting him because I hoped he would be nice...after--all if he wasn't it would ruin my dogs name ha and my love for Snoop's music all through the years of growing up!..no pressure!lol!
I did two sketches for the show and he wasn't there for the filming... I was glad because I had no idea what I was doing, lol! anyway I was sitting back in the green room talking to the other 3 girls who were booked on set with me and I heard Snoop's voice come through the corridor! He came straight into the room and his presence was just as I expected - super cool and down to earth! He gave me a hug to greet me and I immediately felt like I knew him already. He was so nice and we all started chatting! when he started filming I got to stay and watch which was great! I couldn't stay around for very long because I had to rush home before I headed to my next booking that day which was a music video for SchoolBoy Q. I chatted to Snoop loads and we took loads of selfies! lol! he was the person who suggested we take a picture so it didn't feel unprofessional at all as it can feel on some other sets with different artists. This was different - we were all friends and just chilling and it was amazing because he was above and beyond my expectations as a person! I can't say enough how cool he is! he even said I'm welcome on his set any time and that we should all hang out again! I told him how I always had a feeling I would meet him and my friends used to laugh at me when I'd say it... which is totally true by the way! I literally have always said "some day I'm going to meet Snoop Dogg" and people have thought I was crazy/big headed etc... but I didn't mean it in a "super-fan" way or even that I fancy him-I don't. It's simply just that I think he is really cool, I love his music, and I just genuinely always had a gut-feeling that I would meet him one day! Believing is Achieving!
Now the ultimate dream is to record a track with him.. lets see if that comes true some day :) fingers crossed, lol.

Happy Halloween Month Everyone! 

I dressed up for the first time this year on Saturday - I was Pocahontas! It was one of the girls birthdays and it was fancy dress theme. The party was in an absolutely amazing mansion in Beverly Hills - which was equipped with a moat, shark tank, fire pit, waterfall and so much more! then we took hummer limos to the Argyle which is a nightclub in Hollywood. I couldn't stay out too long as I was booked on a calendar photoshoot on Sunday for MegaFone but I had an absolute blast Saturday night-I love fancy dress!

Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo 
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