Saturday, 19 April 2014

My hair :) I got my hair'did and I got nominated for an award ;)

Hey Blog Readers!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter weekend! :)

So last week I was nominated/short-listed for the 'RTE Two New Voices Award' at the SMEDIA awards which were held in the Ballsbridge hotel in Dublin!

It came as a total surprise to me! I had no idea about the Awards until two days before hand (Monday) when I was contacted and told that I had been nominated and that the event was that Wednesday! It was a pleasant surprise and I was delighted to be nominated but it didn't leave me much time to get organised... I just grabbed a dress that I had in my wardrobe (normally I like to get a new dress for an event like that but I didn't have time to arrange anything) and I also did my own tan/nails.

For tan I used 'Tantastic'. I find this tan very handy as a colour is visible immediately and it then develops into a darker, richer, colour with time - There is no need for a second coat and it dries quite quickly! The only thing I would say about this tan is don't over do it if you don't want to look tangoed! Seriously! One layer is plenty!!.. let it develop into a nice rich brown and not into an over done orange! I have seen that happen with this tan before (as a direct result of too many layers) and also be very careful with your hands!... wash them immediately, even after using with a glove, and then apply an extremely light layer over your hands!

For my nails I simply painted them white! I like an overall white, I think it is clean, fashionable, and not too "in your face"!

My dress was from Miss Selfridge!

My necklace was from

My earrings were a lovely present :)

as was my bracelet :)

For my hair:
Luckily I know a fantastic hairdresser who was nice enough to book me in early (8.30) Wednesday morning for a cut, colour, treatment and curls! My hair was in bad need of some TLC as I had been letting it go for awhile! :)

Lisa from 'Lisa's Hair Emporium'

Lisa had styled my hair in the past for a shoot with Boudoir Girls so I knew I was in safe hands. I have very long natural hair, and I want to keep it that way, so I am careful about who I let cut my hair as some hairdressers can be a bit chop-happy and cut-off wayyy more than you wanted. Lisa however listened to exactly what I wanted and simply took off the ends and gave me some long layers and a root touch-up.

Lisa Previously Styled my Hair for the Boudoir Girls Shoot

Last weeks cut/colour

I am delighted with the cut/colour itself - my hair is back feeling, and looking, healthy and has a bit more style to it as beforehand I had allowed it to get VERY long :P

Lisa also put some treatment in my hair to give it extra shine.

A week and a half on and it's still looking like a fresh shiny cut :)

I would definitely suggest Lisa's Hair Emporium to a Friend :) 

I always like my hair big and curly but I was skeptical on whether or not to curl it for the SMEDIA's because I was getting my hair done so early (8.30 in the morning) and the event wasn't until that night and involved some travelling. However Lisa suggested that she ghd curl it and then pin it and secure with a hair net... I was so happy she did because when I took the pins out my hair was super curly and it lasted all night and through the next day! She has introduced pined curls to my life :)


The SMEDIA awards themselves were ok.. I didn't realise it was going to be such a student event. I didn't win the award but I was still glad I got nominated and attended as it was something different to do! Unfortunately there was no sign of photographers, as I was told there would be, so all I have to show for it are some not great quality Iphone snaps :( Oh well there's always next time!

About Lisa's Hair Emporium

Lisa's Hair Emporium is located in the Lisbaun industrial estate and is a part of the Queen Bee Salon! The salon itself is very nice and Lisa is so friendly and easy to chat to it's relaxing to spend some time their getting your hair pampered and chatting away in a friendly environment (nothing worse than when there's an awkward "strangerness" vibe between you and a hairdresser).
Lisa has an advanced diploma in women's hairdressing and is available for freelance work as well as in salon appointments!

Contact Lisa

Call/Text 087-4184622 to make an appointment or drop her a message on her facebook page by clicking here! 

Lisa has excellent prices and deals available For a full Price list just click here!

Lisa's Website is 

Check-out lots of pics of Lisa's creations from cuts and colours to upstyles and many more on her facebook page Lisa's Hair Emporium!

HAPPY Easter and Happy Hair Care :) 

Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo
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