Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Lipstick review - Gerard Cosmetics

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So if you follow me @ShahiraBarry on Instagram/facebook/twitter or you read my blog regularly then you already know that a couple of months ago I teamed up with one of my favorite brands www.whiteninglightning.com to promote their teeth whitening products because I am SUCH a big fan! Lately I have been so busy that I haven't even had the 20 minutes to use the dial a smile kit (which I'm obsessed with) so instead whenever I have an audition, I'm on set or just heading out for a special occasion I quickly use the whitening pen and I really see the difference in the "whiteness" of my teeth especially in my pictures! It's smile-tastic! Anyway what you may not realize is that the code 'Barry' not only gets you 25% off the whitening products but also off the entire whitening lightning website and off their sister website for beauty products www.gerardcosmetics.com! And baring that in mind I always like to try out the new products that they have on their site because they sell many beauty products such as make-up etc...

As you may already know-I love the colour your smile lipglosses and also the brow-bar to go! watch my video on them below...

SO I was delighted to get my hands on the 5 new colours released by Gerard Cosmetics. One of my favourite YouTubers is Carli Bybel and she had raved about 'Fire Engine' by the line being her new favourite red lipstick and this intrigued me because I have attempted many red lipsticks (from low end to high end) and until now I just couldn't find one that I really liked on me! I've done the Ruby-Woo by mac numerous times after everyone told me it was great and nope every time I just didn't like it-I find it very drying and with red-lipstick in particular that gives a cracked flaky look which is not attractive! lol.

Currently there are 5 shades in the new Gerard cosmetics lipstick collection and I hope that they add more!

Lets talk about the packaging... can you say luxurious! It is gold, sleek and smooth with a reflective look and a simple gerard cosmetics logo (btw gerard cosmetics is the sister company to whitening lighting).

Each lipstick retails for $19 (which remember is significantly less in euro so they are cheaper than mac)and with the code BARRY you'll get 15% off that retail price which is SHA-MAZING!
Is it worth the purchase? ABSOLUTELY! these are my new fav lipsticks and I'm really hoping they release more colours! each one is extremely well pigmented and glides on effortlessly! they are matt but they don't dry out your lips at all = WINNING :)

Fire Engine

All Dolled Up

Tequila Sunrise



I finally found a red that I love - I really put it to the test and wore it all day when I visited the Pumpkin patch in Beverly Hills/West Hollywood - I didn't top up once, I was running around and eating and when I got home it was still perfect (no smudges here)!


1995 is probably my favourite! while I used to look to Kim.K for makeup inspo I find myself looking towards the youngest kardashian/jenner lately - Kylie! and this shade immediately made me think of her beautiful instagram snaps! I also think it's perfectly named as it perfectly represents the 90's and HEY THE 90'S ARE BACK! I've worn this shade loads since I got it!


The Nude shade is an ideal nude for someone who doesn't like a totally blanked out lip (I don't like that) because while it is nude it also has a hint of brown so it keeps your lips alive - it's great as an every day make-up must have!

'All Dolled Up' and 'Tequila Sunrise' are the bright colours from the collection! Coral has been in for awhile now and doesn't seem to be going anywhere with stars such as Cheryl F.V (can't pronounce let alone spell her new name but former Cole/Tweedy lol) rocking it regularly!  So that's where Tequila Sunrise comes in! I do think it's more of a spring/summer colour but paired with a brown smokey eye or a khaki green outfit it can also make the perfect autumn/fall look :) All dolled up is an uber-glam pinky-purple and with a lipstick like that it does all the talking and you can keep the eyes neutral!

Hope you enjoyed this post and hope you found a new lipstick love just like I did :)
Click here to shop and remember code 'Barry' gives you 25% off the entire site! 

Lots of Love
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