Sunday, 21 June 2015

Showing some extra LOVE for my mum on Father's day!

Hey Blog Readers! 

So as I write this it's still Sunday June 21st here in LA which, as we all know, is 'Father's day'. SO all day I've been seeing some lovely posts from people for their fathers on social media and just now an advert for father's day came up on my YouTube which is what inspired me to write this blog post. It was a truly lovely advert which basically displayed the excitement different dads had when their girlfriend/wife broke the news that she was pregnant and they were going to have a baby - some were totally overwhelmed while others were literally moved to tears.. it was really cute! but it made me think of my mum and the total lack of support,help, happiness or encouragement that she was given when having me and it made me really sad... not for me but for my mum! I cannot stress what a wonderful human my mum is (yes I realise I'm biased) but genuinely her heart is so pure and she is simply a truly good person with a heart of gold! she is the most selfless person I know and to be fair I have always really appreciated her and we are, and have always been, ridiculously close but I guess moving so far away has given me more time to actually stop and think about everything she has gone through and what an amazing mother, father, every other relative and friend all in one she has been to me!

Yesterday when I was in the gym the 2002 movie 'Enough' starring Jennifer Lopez was playing and while I had seen it in passing (not paying much attention to it) before, this time it caught my eye, and while it is fictional and it does get a bit ott towards the end it really made me think of my mum and her life with my sister while she was pregnant with me. I won't get into the past too much but all I'll say is when you live through something and through struggle that's what you as the child you just think it is normal but now as an adult I realise how much my mum sacrificed for me and my sister and how much of herself she gave to us. Despite unfortunate situations (I do know there's worse btw) I really never went without anything. Here's one example of many: I remember being in town with my mum and she brought a top for herself (a very rare occasion btw-she never shopped for herself) however I then had a dentist check-up that ended up being more than a check-up so she returned the top she had just brought so that she could pay for me to go to the dentist. This was not an expensive top, my dentist bill wasn't expensive and wasn't urgent either but as a struggling single mother it was the top or the dentist and of course there was no doubt it was going to be the dentist. When I was a teenager she practically stalked me to make sure I wasn't getting myself in danger or into any trouble and while it was so annoying at the time now I think it just showed how much she cared! This woman had a radar which meant I never lied to her about anything because I knew I would get caught if I did so it kept open communication between us even through the stroppy-difficult-teenage years.

I've said before on social media how much it physically, emotionally and mentally pains me living so far away from the two closest people to me - my mum and my sister! but I constantly re-assure myself that I must live my life for me because that's the only life I have!
It actually amazes me to think of how far my small family has come when we literally came from a tough start. I'm not suggesting we have everything now - but we have our health, our happiness, I've a bachelor of education degree and I'm chasing my dreams living in the la-la-land of dreams. My sister is beyond intelligent and currently studying for her Doctorate which she was hand picked to do out of hundreds of people. I think it's safe to say my mum did a pretty good job all on her own and our family could not be any closer. I can't wait for the day when I am able to pay my mum back 10 fold!
me and my sister

me and my sister :)

So to you mum: I love you so much words could never describe! I look up to you in every way - I truly believe you are wonderful and beyond amazing! and in the words of Tupac 'You ARE Appreciated"!x!
I look forward to writing our book ;) haha.

To anyone who doesn't have a dad on father's day, who's dad isn't/wasn't great or who doesn't have parents or is in some other un-ordianry situation - I send you so much love and I hope father's day didn't make you feel down. Know that if you have one good person in your life then you are blessed!x! if you don't have that person yet then be that person for yourself-show yourself some TLC, be the best you and you will attract good people and become that person for your future family and friends.

HAPPY Father's day to all the amazing dad's that are out there! and Happy father's day to all the single mum's or granny/grandad's or anyone else who raised a child - we appreciate your greatness!

Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo

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