Sunday, 22 February 2015

Pre Oscar Party pics

Hey Blog Readers!x!


So I went to a  pre oscar party last night with two friends (Daniela and her friend Sal) and basically I have a ton of snaps on my phone! (looking forward to seeing the professional red carpet pics! btw: that was a scary experience a lot of flashing lights)

Anyhow - There's too many photos that are to similar for facebook so I thought I'd post them here!












It was a gold party which is why I pulled out my gold herve leger bodycon style dress that I've actually had for a really long time but I've never properly worn it! It's tiny! so I always think I'll be too uncomfortable in it! but I've lost a bit of Christmas weight so it fitted perfectly last night! My heels are red soles and gold glitter so they fitted the theme as did my earrings which I got from an Indian jeweler on soho road in Birmingham (I LOVE indian style jewelry!). I did my own hair and makeup! I planned on trying to do my hair really big and backcombed but I'm not able to do it on myself :( so it didn't turn out as planned! I wore much bigger lashes than usual! I had Eylure #140 'Exaggerate' sitting in my makeup drawer waiting for a good excuse to come out so I popped those bad boys on with a gold smokey eye! 

Can you believe my friend Daniela made her own dress??!... wowzers!x!  

I did my contouring and highlighting routine last night! if you missed it catch it below!! 

Lots of Love,
Shahira Xo
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