Monday, 15 September 2014


Hey Blog Readers!!! 

So in the mix of all the moving and CRAZINESS!! :P lol I totally forgot to tell you that before I left Galway I teamed up with Irene Trowell at the fab Galway Laser & Skincare Clinic to offer a special discount to anyone who follows me on my blog or social media!! ;)

SOOO if You're looking to be HAIR FREE AND CAREFREE! then just mention my name (Cough: It's SHAHIRA ;) lol!) when booking and get 20% off any course of Laser Hair Removal at the clinic!! 20% off a course would make a MAHOOSIVE difference so now is your chance to save and let that skin breath ;) haha!

In general it takes about 6 laser hair removal sessions to be hairless! and this has to be spread out over a number of weeks/months (according to the hair growth cycle! & to allow accurate/permanent results!) so it really is a great time to start your laser journey and by the new year you could be a new hairfree you!! a hairfree you is always a better you ;) lol!

OR wouldn't it make the perfect Christmas present ;) and no need to tell anyone that you didn't wop-out the full expense but secretly saved 20% ;)

Check out my blog posts about my vists to the clinic and what areas I chose to have treated!

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You can also check out the Galway Laser and Skincare Clinic's website by clicking here of facebook by clicking here!  

Phone 091762484 / email: to book YOUR consultation!

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Lots of Love! 
Shahira Xo 

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