Thursday, 25 September 2014

The highlights of my week... what I've been up to...

Hey Blog Readers

So I was trying to think of what to blog about and then I thought.. well I've done a lot of cool stuff this week so maybe I'll just write a diary piece on what I've been up to. Let me know - Do you like updates/diary entries? if so I might make them a habit or at least keep you up to date every now and then!
Anyway, here we go! Today (Thursday as I write this) I woke up with a really sore throat (I felt it coming on last night) and I'm really feeling stuffy and horrible like I'm getting a cold :'( everything aches! I'm not really surprised as my body is probably adjusting and trying to catch up to my new environment - this move has been both mentally and physically exhausting! I have been SO busy that I am absolutely wrecked! Life here is x100 the speed of my life back home in Galway/Ireland... When I think back to Ireland now I think of a really calm, easy going, relaxing, place.. whereas LA is full speed ahead and for me it's been so hectic! but kind of hectic in a good way because I am glad I've been kept busy! it's a weight off my mind! Anyway, I'm definitely not surprised I'm sick! I've been working nearly every single day and it's been absolutely roasting (September seems hotter than August!) most days I am on set/in studios and I go from the extreme heat outside to absolutely freezing studio conditions. The temperature change is massive and I could tell early on that it was an environment for a cold/flu.. and here we are! lol!

ANYWAY, I pulled myself together on time to audition in the afternoon! It was a callback audition - So I realllyyy wanted to nail it! I managed to make myself feel better (cough=painkillers) and my audition actually went really well!! (fingers and toes crossed). It was an audition for a commercial/TV advert that will air in the UK and Ireland! ... YUP come all the way to the USA and have a UK/Irish commercial interested in you, LOL! I hope I didn't sound too stuffy because by the time I got home I was feeling worse than before...I genuinely think it took all my energy to pull myself to the audition! Lets hope it pays off!

I've worked all week on smaller jobs but I guess the two biggest ones I had this week was on Saturday I shot a series of commercials/TV Adverts for the EMA's (European Music Awards). I'm not sure when the EMA's are on but you'll probably spot my mug on MTV in the run up to them! I was playing a CRAZY Nicki Minaj fan..... Like literally I was chasing her car and everything!... It was very comedic but I just hope people who know me realise it's acting and not that I've come to LA to stalk Nicki Minaj, haha, I mean don't get me wrong - I do like Nicki+her music but not that much! = I don't like anyone that much! haha! Anyway we shot in and around a studios in DownTown Los Angeles (It was the same studios where I worked on a Maroon 5/Adam Levine video the other week). It was a long but fun day and I made some really lovely new friends! I'm making friends on almost every set I'm on: it's a really great way to meet like minded people!

On Tuesday I was on set of a MOVIE (eeek my second movie in two weeks! lets keep'em coming!). It's a Universal movie called 'Straight Outta Compton' it's produced by Dr.Dre and Ice Cube (Ice Cube's son  play's him=he's super cute and really nice btw!) . It due to hit cinemas in 2015 and tells the story of the group NWA emerging from Compton in the 1980's/90's revolutionizing pop culture with their music and stories about life in the hood. I was booked a dancer! it was a 12hour day so of course it wasn't that glamorous: my feet were in bits by the end!! and I was SO tired zZz! BUT it was still one of the most interesting days of my life! Everyone who know's me know's I love hip-hop and my mum brought me up on rap music as well as Soul/Motown and reggae (super cool mum) so I was actually really interested in the story behind the movie and I am SO excited to watch it! all the characters looked like the real deal and I just kept staring at them imagining what it would have been like to really be in that situation back in the day and to be a part of something so massive! one of the main scenes of the day was EasyE meeting with Ice Cube in attempt of getting the group back together and this meeting went down in a New York city night club in the early 90's. Sadly we all know EasyE is no longer with us & I was quite young when he died so it was amazing to see his character being played out right in front of my eyes. Not to mention Dr.Dre was in the MOFO'Building! while I got the sense it would have been unprofessional to approach him for a picture while I was there to work and it was really busy it was SUPER COOL just seeing him stroll around bts making sure everything was running smoothly! To me he is one of the coolest!-seriously... he is a self made billionaire and the first of his kind to emerge from rap music! If that's not inspirational I don't know what is! it was a pleasure to be in his presence and as my sister said to me today on the phone.. "some people would literally pay to be there.. and you're there getting paid and doing what you love" yup that felt good!! needless to say my sister is a Dr.Dre fan (who isn't?) and a kid of the 80's/90's=the revolutionary period of hip hop music!

I also got to visit the Noh8 HQ for a photoshoot (eek) which was so fun & a great experience! but I think that was last week (my days are confused) anyway soon! :)

Anyhow, I'm going to hit the hay because I have another early call time (working at Warner Brothers again tomorrow) and I need to feel better from this cold or I won't be able to go = I need an early night! zZz! hopefully I feel better tomorrow and keep your fingers crossed for me and the audition I had today! eeek! :)
In other news I'm moving into my permanent LA home on Wednesday (YAY-Finally the renovations are complete) so when I have it set up I may give you a video tour (if you'd like that??) or take pictures for a blog :)

Thanks for stopping by!!

Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo
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