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DIY Cheap Makeup Storage

Hey everyone! 
Hope you're all SUPER :) 
This week I thought I'd share with you my own DIY CHEAP make-up storage solution...
I'm not a make-up artist but I am a total girly girl with lots of make-up... recently I came to the realization that it was taking over my room, it made the room look messy and cluttered, I didn't know where anything was and kept buying more of what I already had (not realising I had it due to being unorganised!) and something needed to be done about it!
Now there are all sorts of fancy-smancy make-up boxes that you can get out there.. however they can be fairly expensive if you're looking for a large one... and sure what's the point in having one at all if it's not big enough to fit everything in.. ONE FOR ALL! :)
I love horses and I used to be really involved in pony club when I was younger. In pony club everyone used Tool Boxes as a tack box for their grooming brushes... it was the done thing!
I was in Aldi the other day food shopping and for me the best thing about Aldi or indeed Lidl is looking at all the random bargains that they have -you never know what you'll find there from outdoor running gear to gardening equipment etc.. it's completely random!
Aldi Sign on Pole
I spotted a large tool box which retailed for just €14.99... the cheapest makeup box I had seen elsewhere was €50 and it was tiny! I suddenly remembered how I used to keep all the horses brushes in a tool box and I decided it would make the perfect make-up storage box so I picked it up! I'm not going to be in Ireland for very long as I plan on getting back to the states soon and I won't be bringing any make-up box with me so especially for the time being this suited me perfectly! however with a little home-deco of your own I reckon you could have a fab make-up box made from this cheap purse friendly tool box! after all for a "girly girl" make-up and make-up brushes are our tools! LOL :P
At first glance it's not the most attractive storage for make-up... I mean the standard black and yellow "handy-man" colours! but if you were creative you could definitely PIMP it out and even paint it! or cover it in decorative book covers, wallpaper, magazine cutouts or pictures! or indeed you don't have to get the Aldi one-you could always look around and see if you could find a colour that suited you: if you didn't feel like doing your own home-deco job on it :P
What I like the most about this storage box is that it's not just deep and empty with no organisation-you have 4 compartments/containers on the top, a shelf inside which is divided into different sections and then a deep bottom to fit any extra and larger things... if you didn't have as much make-up as me you could put your hair stuff in the bottom-curling iron, straightener etc.. and use the top for your make-up!
As you can see from the above picture the top of the box has 4 different compartments! the two side ones are divided into 9 sections and then the two middle are smaller long compartments.
side compartment sectioned into 9!
side compartment sectioned into 9!

middle compartment

Another plus is that each of these plastic containers are completely removable!! HOW HANDY!!
Inside the tollbox there is a tray at the top which is also removable!

It's great that the tray is also sectioned because it means you can organise your brushes etc.. and keep a track of where everything is kept!
Inside is just a large deep empty space-you can use this as you like. I have lots of make-up so I put my make-up in here in bowls... but you could also put hair stuff or something else in the bottom section.
If you are keeping make-up in the bottom section I would suggest sectioning it better than I did and perhaps keeping everything in lunch boxes or something similar! bowls aren't ideal if you're going to be moving the box around however I'm probably going to be keeping mine in my room so it suites me fine!
Oh by the way you can also get toolboxes with wheels if you are a MUA who travels with their make-up!

Here are some images of my new make-up box complete with my make-up :)
In the top side compartments I keep all my eye shadows, as well as some smaller things like concealer, a sharpener etc...
In one of the middle side compartments I keep all my eyeliners and in the other I keep all of my lip liners and lipglosses.
Inside the make-up box...
(lol-the state of my NAKED palette-you can tell I get a lot of use out of it!haha)
In the tray at the top I keep all of my brushes (they're under the two palettes), eyelashes and makeup I use most often and a little see-through travel make-up bag containing the essentials-I keep it packed so it's ready to go and I'll just throw in my bag if I'm going somewhere!
The bottom section of the box has all my extra bits and pieces-lip sticks, eye shadows, foundations, powders etc... and anything that I don't use on a day to day basis.
So that's it! My DIY cheap makeup storage solution!
I stuck two butterflies on the handles of mine but I'd encourage you to be as creative as your heart desires and go mad! It's a little bit of laziness plus the fact that I won't be in the country for very long and I can't bring it with me that has stopped me from putting my own decorative stamp on mine :)
Get yours in Aldi now while stocks last!! or raid your local hardware store!
In other news:
I am thrilled to say that I came 2nd in the Hot100 Sexiest Irish Women! and I just want to say Thank you SO much to everyone who supported me-I'm pretty shocked considering I genuinely never expected to even be included in the TOP100 to begin with, I was over the moon when I was and then it kept getting better and better with Top75, Top50, Top25, Top10, Top5 and then ultimately to place 2nd! Obviously getting so close yet so far does make me a little bit gutted because I would have whole heartedly loved to have had the opportunity to donate that kind of money (€2,000) to ACT for Meningitis which was my chosen charity..but never the less if you told me at the beginning I'd come 2nd and ahead of some of the country's most familiar and beautiful women I never would have believed you! and as a reader of @sosueme.ie I'm really happy for suzanne the over all winner and I'm sure any charity she chooses will of course be extremely deserving!x
Here's a picture from a shoot I did in Los Anegels to celebrate!x! It was taken on the roof top of a building in Burbank, California! look at that SHAMAZING sunset!x!

Also my episode of the Bicycle Diaries is over 10,000 views now which aint so shabby ;) Give it a watch below!

Oh and my facebook page reached another mile stone of 8,000 LIKES! thanks so much to everyone who follows and likes the page and if you don't please click here and give a like because I'm going to be holding a huge competition for 10k!!
Thanks for stopping by! 
Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo
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Some News :)

Hey Blog Readers!! 
Happy Friday!! :) 

I want to share some news with you... 
I know last week in my Friday Blog Post I mentioned that I was joining a Talent Agency however I didn't go into it in detail because I hadn't signed the contract etc...
WELL now I've signed on the dotted line so I thought I'd share my news with you my lovely readers...
I am now represented by TalentBase.ie
1385349_658253424198296_645966716_n (1)neww

"TalentBase represents a wide range of celebrity clients from television, politics, media, business and sport"

My aim is always to stay as busy as possible doing what I love and for me that is anything connected with modelling and the entertainment industry as a whole from TV-Stage.
I am still also represented by Assets Modelling agency but I am delighted to now have a Talent Agency so I can build and expand my career further than just modelling-as I really have an interest in showbiz and the ENT.Industry as a whole!
I am looking forward to seeing how the coming months will pan-out and what they have in store! :)
To visit my biog on the talent base website just click here!
To Book me for an event/project etc..
You can contact the agency by PHONE +353 1 6343100 or EMAIL: info@talentbase.ie

My Personal Goals for the next 30 days:
  • When at home-Get to bed before 12!
  • Drink a lot more water!
  • Get back into an exercise routine!
... writing them here might make me actually stick to them! lol.

BTS (Behind The Scenes) 
A big Thanks to Laura Jane in Galway for giving me a ton of costumes for a shoot recently! - It was the first shoot I've done with my buddy Sean McCormack since I got home from Los Angeles and as always it was a lot of fun!
Sean has moved studios since I was away so it was also a new location (although just a stone's throw away from the old one :) )
Make-up was by the lovely Noreen Kelly!
As part of the shoot, there was a cheeky shot of Sean playing a dwarf and me as Snow White (taken by Noreen Kelly (MUA)...
I think you can tell are shoots are always a laugh and good fun just from the picture! :p lol

Here are some behind the scenes shots taken on my phone:
Makeup with funky lashes..
Looking forward to showing you the finished resulting shots! :)
Thank you to all involved! 
In local news ;)
If you're in the Galway area pick-up the current issue of 'The Craic in Galway' as I am on the front cover along with Sian Murphy and Sunny Juddy for a shoot we did to promote Monroe's up-coming Halloween event! You can also see the pictures on posters promoting the event around Galway.
Here are the pictures from the shoot which was upstairs in Monroes attic - the location fitted in with the witches theme perfectly!
1381688_605663199473117_1365799706_n (1)new

The shoot itself was a lot of fun because I got to do it with my friend Sian and it was in Galway which made it very handy compared to travelling all the time! :)
Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 
Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo
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what I wore-Stellar Bday bash

Thanks for stopping by!
I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday because I had a really busy day up in Dublin and I got back home late so I was wayyy too tired!zZz!
Anyhow! On Thursday I headed up to Stellar Magazine's Birthday/Bachelor bash in Krystle and because I don't go out very often anymore I thought I'd do a "what I wore" blog post!

The invite was really cool and had a cut-out man that you could dress ;) lol I dressed my guy casual in jeans and a Tshirt. I asked for a plus 1 and my plus 1 became plus 2 when I asked my freinds Ismay and Laura if they wanted to come a long.
Myself and Laura went up first on Thursday morning, Ismay was working until 12 and I had a hair appointment in Dublin so I had to get up early.

I got my hair done in Dejavu Hairdesign  which is situated in GoatsTown but easily accessible on the Luas.
I hadn't had a cut and colour since before I left for America so I felt like I really needed to get it done!
I was really impressed with the Salon-It's very girl and cute and it has a welcoming atmosphere. The staff were super friendly and one of the girls even dropped me to the luas afterwards so my hair wouldn't get messed-up in the wind.
What I had done:
I got a couple of inches taken off the ends and long layers put in all the way around the back and at the front. I also topped up my colour (Black). Then they set my hair in curlers.
I am growing out my bangs at the minute and opted for layers instead.
I had washed my hair only the day before and getting it washed and dyed again meant my hair was extremely soft-which is great but the curls did fall a little on my travels back to the hotel however it remained wavy and shiny :)
1376764_10201229776645513_63049559_n (1)

If you're looking for a good hairdresser in Dublin I would HIGHLY recommend DeJavu!! I am protective of my hair because it's naturally long with no hair extensions to compensate if I don't like a haircut or too much is cut-off but I was confident and happy in the care of Hatim and the staff at DeJavu and I am really happy with the results! Keep an eye on my facebook (click here to visit) for more pictures of my haircut over the coming days.



I saw on the Dejavu facebook page that they also did AR model Nicola Hughes's hair for an event-I wanted to include the picture to show Dejavu don't just make dark hair look shiny and great but also blondes-As can be seen in this picture of Nicola.
Dejavu are a one-stop-salon and have different package offers available! To visit their facebook page click here!
What I wore:
I wore a gorgeous coral dress from a new dress rental on South William Street!
The wonderful STARLA popped up over the summer when I was away in the US and I was delighted to hear about it when I got back (You can never have enough boutiques :) )
I wore a Hand Painted HOLT dress in coral
It is backless and beautifully designed with a V-shaped cut-out back which is very flattering on the 'bootay'
It is also available in white and baby blue!
1011411_543460449061294_184149165_n 1001393_543476795726326_984613810_n
I love the coral hand painted dress because I feel it's different than anything I've worn before and it is beautifully structured!
Another option I had  from Starla was this gorgeous tropical dress seen on Jessica Wright!
Although they are different I love both dresses equally, however ultimately I went from the Coral because the Tropical dress was too big on me. I was happy with my choice and I had a great night!
If you have a wedding, cocktail party or even if your simply looking for a Saturday night dress, drop into Starla and select from a wide variety of beautiful dresses by Rachel Gilbert, Badgley Mischka, BCBG and many more!! Delivery is also available! Visit their website http://starla.ie/ or give them a ring on (01) 677 0799
You can also keep up to date on the pieces they have available by following the Starla facebook page-Just click here!
I love BLING :) so I was delighted to come across a new Jewellery boutique in Ireland 'Rock's Boutique'! Their pieces  are sparkly, beautiful and "right-up my street"!
On Thursday night I paired my Starla dress with earrings and a headpiece from Rock's Boutique and I think it was the perfect match!



I love Indian style jewellery and I often wear headpieces! I think they are glamerous and the ultimate accessory. I also love big sparkly earrings ever since I saw the beautiful Shilpa Shetty on Big Brother a couple of years ago who always wore this style!
Shilpa and Daniel lloyd

Here is a close up of the Earrings I wore-which are available in Gold and Silver!
and the headpiece:
Other pieces that I got from Rocks Boutique that I will be sure to wear very soon are...
a Hair chain!  
Kim Kardashian is definitely one of my style icons and she was the first person I saw rocking a hair chain-I knew straight away I had to have one! With a hair chain you can wear your hair in a simple pony tail and still look glamorous and fashionable! :)
I also got a TURBAN from Rocks Boutique! Yup a fashion Turban! I've wanted one of these for ages and now I have one in hot pink! ;) This fashion statement is bound to divide opinion but personally I LOVE it <3 and I think it's trendy, edgy and cool :)
Turbans have been spotted on style goddesses Cara Delevingne, Nicole Scherzinger and Kourtney Kardashian!
asos-black-knit-turban images 6a01287653e94a970c014e8918df7e970d-800wi Celebrities-Wearing-Turbans
I love this trend!! what do you think about it? -Let me know :) 
Follow Rocks Boutique on facebook  (Click here) to keep up with their fab jewellery and accessories!
So that's what I wore to the Stellar Magazine Party! Hair by DeJavu Hair Design, Jewellery from Rocks boutique and dress from Starla boutique! -a big Thank You to all!! :)
Also Thank You to Micheal O'Doherty and Stellar Magazine for the invite and Laura and Ismay for coming along and making it a fun night :)
1374833_655340874489551_1697210021_n (1)
It was my first time meeting Michael in person although he had written about me in papers previously-His writing technique and journalistic manner can come across quite "sarky" and don't get me wrong I'd rather be written about than not written about (especially in this industry) but it made me unsure as to what he would be like in person-However I discovered that he's a really nice man and I was pleased to meet him at last! He has a good sense of humour and it wan't so scary..I didn't need my pepper spray or anything ;) lol (Just kidding because he once joked in a headline that I'd be needing it at the Playboy mansion).
On Friday I was tired from the night before but I had a couple of things to do! I met with DK Fashion who I'm going to be working with as they are designing me my own dress/outfits.

Myself and the lovely Dominika
Then I had to pop into Starla to drop back the dresses they sent me! I met Johanna who owns Starla and it was lovely to meet someone so lovely! :) I love friendly, smiley people! It makes such a huge difference!

Then I met my long time friend, Sinead, for lunch on Grafton street!- I have known Sinead forever and she's one of these friends where time can pass without seeing one another (due to living in different places, busy lives etc.. )but we can always pickup where we left off and I love that!

A new venture:
After lunch I had to rush to my next meeting where I met with a Talent agency who contacted me about joining them! It was a very successful meeting and I am delighted to announce that I am now joining their agency for representation with regards to TV and commercial work etc... etc... while I am still also with Assets modelling agency. I am signing the contract with the talent agency this weekend and I'm very excited to see what work comes my way as a result :) My aim is always to stay as busy as possible! and I feel that the company will work extremely well for me :) I am positive, happy and delighted to now have an agency for talent as well as modelling.
After my meeting I ran around Dublin some more and then headed back to Galway for the weekend!  I did a lot of running around with a suitcase (which aint easy) so I was happy to get home and chill for the weekend!
In other news I'm getting a wisdom tooth pulled on Monday - EEEKKKK -wish me luck!! :P
tooth extraction

Thanks for reading! 
Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo
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