Monday, 11 February 2013

Two Outfits in One!!-Fashion Fix!

Hey Blog Readers!x

How is everyone? 

In this blog post I thought I'd let you in on a new fashion fav of mine... By now the secret is out that Peplums are back and here to stay!
Peplums originated right back in the C19th but became popular in the 1940's!

This past year they have come back with a bang and with many Celebs from Kim Kardashian to Beyonce all sporting the pretty peplum it is clear that they are bang on trend for 2013!

What is so great about Peplums?
  • It's the return of the waist!
  • Peplums clinch in at the waist-making the waist appear smaller. 
  • They're upside down V-shape gives every woman an hour-glass figure. 
  • They camouflage the tummy area-which if you're self-concious is a great thing as you feel comfortable and yet you're in flattering clothes! 
  • They highlight curves: hence why all of the Kardashians (who are known for their beautiful curvaceous figures) are huge fans of the peplum look! 
  • Peplums suite all shapes and sizes! 
  • Peplums give a feminine, sexy, shape regardless of your own body shape! 
  • Curves are in so if you're not born with it fake it!x! 
The funkier the better!!
Personally I love funking up an outfit and Leather peplums give just the right amount of edge while also being glam! 

Again leather peplums are massive in celeb land!

So all this is great but what would make this trend even better??..... 

..... It only makes sense.....

A DETACHABLE Leather-look PEPLUM!!-For all your peplum needs!! :) 

What makes it even better?? Well The GOLD STUDS of course!!-Can you say "FUNKING-IT-OUT"!! :) 

The studded edition of the belt was shown off by Rosanna Davidson on twitter and is design by Rosaleen Prendiville of Cocktail Strass!  

I was delighted when I got mine! :)
What I love about a detachable peplum is it's almost like making a new outfit from an old one-Add a peplum and it instantly becomes a new outfit!! Perfect for bringing on holiday and easily changing up any outfit to create a new one! It can be worn over dresses, skirts, jeans, leggings, tops etc... The Peplum transforms any outfit and gives it an edge!x

Where can I buy this funky peplum belt? 
This peplum belt is only €35 including delivery which I think is very good value considering the amount of different ways you can wear it and the many,many, looks you can get from mixing it up with different outfits! 
If you want a more laid back look the peplum is also available without the studs for just €28! 

You can buy it by clicking here and visiting the cocktail strass store! 

Rosaleen is a very talented, creative, person and not only designs and makes these belts but also blings up everything from converse runners to phone cases and jewellery! 

Perfect Peplums! 

Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo


Saturday, 2 February 2013

BTS-Valentines photoshoot

Hey Blog Readers :) 

My new website  is currently in the process of being set-up which may explain my lack of blog posts lately.. but once it's up and running I plan on dishing out lots and lots of blogs-with a steadier and more predictable time table :) lol

Today I met up with my lovely friend, Sean, of Sean McCormack Photography and we went through shots from last Tuesday's shoot: I am so excited to show everyone :) For now I thought I'd do a BTS (Behind the scenes) blog post and tell you a little bit about the shoot.

Some of you may know I have a new manager in the UK and I have big plans for 2013 so I needed some new shots. I got on to team Sami (Samantha Craughwell Makeup) and Sean and we arranged a shoot for last Tuesday.

We started off in the studio and then moved down to a room in the trendy & chic House Hotel!

The makeup was a smokey purple eye with a pink lip, some contouring and blush.

Change Lingerie supplied the lingerie for the shoot! They have some gorgeous pieces and it is definitely worth a visit-especially with Valentines day coming up! ;)

The turquoise curtains in the house hotel matched the above bra perfectly!

I was given a giant packet of Love Hearts-HOW COOL :)
from a sweet shop in Galway!x!

Must say it was one of my favourite props ever!

The tan I was wearing was DIY and I did it myself the night before... Tan Organic in the colour Caramel. 

Happy with my balloon, lol 

The shoot was a long one!!-We met at 10 in the morning for hair and make-up and between all the chit-chat and laughs we were there all day!

It was a great day! I hadn't worked with Sami and Sean together in a number of months and it was fun to catch-up! 

It was a busy day and I was off to London the following day-for an exciting UK shoot! So I had a lot to do when I got home but I love being busy :) and working with lovely people :)

Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo

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