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Dating Advice-the perfect man, lol

Hey Blog Readers :) 

This week I appeared in a men's mag in the US 'Mantality' 

Here's a screen shot:

As everyone knows I love America! I love the people, the 'shoot for the stars' attitude, the positivity, the weather (in Sunny California) and SO much more! 
So I was delighted that 'Mantality' wanted to feature my pictures :) 

They asked me lots of short questions-mostly concentration on what type of guy I like, my perfect date etc.... 
To read my answers (as the screen shot doesn't show them clearly & cuts them off) click here!!! 

I am really bad at the typical 'Men's Mag' question/answers.. For example one of the questions was Fill in the sentence: This one time... (something naughty).... My answer was ''At Band Camp'' haha... which is SO lame! but in it's self tells you a lot about my personality: I'm a very private person when it comes to my dating life... (which at the moment is non-existent because I'm so focused on carving a career for myself. I just don't have the time & because I feel I need a guy who supports what I'm doing and it's all well and good for someone to want to date 'a model' but when it comes down to it you'll find most guys really don't want their girlfriend modelling in lingerie, lol, and if they are happy with that then again they might be with you for the wrong reasons. So at the minute I'm genuinely happy being young and single-it's less drama) and despite modelling in lingerie and feeling very comfortable doing so I am actually a bit of a prude and quite shy: As I said I'm a private person so I'm not much good at the back and forth banter in those type of questions... I'll have to make-up a few answers next time ;) (lol just kidding)

Anyway my aim with this blog was just to give you a link to the Mantality website but now I've started I may as well do "as it says on the tin" (the title) and tell you about my perfect man.... 

The 'Bad-Boy' doesn't work we're not 14!
I genuinely have ZERO interest in a 'bad-boy'...I just don't understand any girl who likes a guy who treats her like shit... I think it's a sign of immaturity and low-self-esteem... I'm not saying a 'bad-boy' look isn't attractive because it can be but if a guy isn't nice to me then I'm gone. I refuse to like any guy who doesn't like me and it's as simple as that. If you're interested then show your interested: no game playing and that doesn't just mean when nobody else is around-I like a guy who is proud to hold your hand or give you a cuddle on the street: it's nice, it almost feels like they're protecting you, and I like that :) 

Messing around on your girlfriend or another girl you're seeing-NO WAY! If you are trying to text me and you have a girlfriend... to put it bluntly DON'T DO IT! This has happened to me in the past and it just leaves me with bitterness towards the person in question and feeling very sorry for the girl they're with who deserves better! (even if I don't know her). If you want to be single than BE SINGLE! If you like another girl (even if that girl isn't interested) you shouldn't go out with someone else just because the girl you like doesn't like you-stay single and then go out with a girl who you genuinely only want to be with her and nobody else because if your trying to text someone else in the first place what you have relationship wise obviously isn't very strong and also who your texting should never believe you'd treat them any different... Just grow up!  
I guess that goes for both sexes and just people in general who do that shit. 

Be nice it goes along way & remember old fashioned manners:
Personally I believe just being nice is the best way to a girls heart... Yeah you don't want to get stuck in 'the friend zone' and that's understandable but I think that happens when a guy is just nice but doesn't show he's interested at all-SO show your interested and be nice at the same time that's the key ;) 
I'm quite old-fashioned at heart: I like a man to be a man and to do silly things like open the door... 
I'm also very stubborn I'll never text you first (if we're in a relationship that's different but other wise-it won't happen, lol). 

Facebook isn't the answer: 
If I haven't met you before and you ask me out via facebook.. I'm going to say no. It doesn't matter if you're the biggest catch going-I don't do internet dating and I'd hate to meet up with someone I had never met before for a first date-it would add to the awkwardness that already comes with a first date. It's different if we've met before and we're talking on facebook. So basically try to met me first, lol.
If you message a girl out of the blue who you don't know or have never met on facebook than she is going to feel like how many other girls are you messaging as well... it's just not very personal. 

One thing I find hard to understand is I rarely get chatted-up on nights out (when I've actually made an effort) but for some reason I have been asked out on numerous occasions in the gym-I feel like crap, I'm sweaty and smelly-I really don't want to talk to anyone! I don't know how other girls stand on this? (let me know if you feel different girls)

Lastly nobody is forcing you to be in a relationship: I heard a guy on 2fm today who calls himself the 'Galway-Player': it annoyed me because he sounded like the biggest tool going! Don't lie to girls and 'wine and dine' them in order to manipulate and trick them into being with you. If your single let that be known and do what you like but don't hide behind lies and manipulation just be straightforward-there's still girls who'd want to be with you: I am definitely not one of them, lol. 

I don't want a man who puts his arm around me "in order to get to the pint on the bar", lol. Manners and general politeness are key. Someone nice, down-to-earth in personality but ambitious in life and who your able to have a laugh with :) 

Anyway they're my tips and my rant, lol :) 

Click HERE to go to the 'Mantality' website and read my interview:

Lots of Love, 
Shahira xo


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