Saturday, 1 December 2012

What I wore-Red Dress :)

Hey Blog Readers :)

I've had a couple of girls message me asking where I got the red dress I wore out last Tuesday night-I'm afraid I didn't take many pictures on the night-so I don't have a nice full-length one but...

Here it is: (In some very blury photos, lol)
Me & a lovely girl I met in the bathroom who said she reads my blog-so HELLO :) if you're reading & lovely to meet you!

Unfortunately as I mentioned I don't have a full-length photo but you can see it is a tight-body-fitting pencil dress that is very flattering on and lands just above the knee-It is perfect for Christmas time due to it's vibrant red colour! and My favourite thing about this dress is it's square neck-line and collar detail-which is always fab on everyone :) 

I teamed the dress with gold hoop earnings, a red lip (Kate Moss Rimmel red lipstick), white and beige eyeshadow with heavy black liner and sleeked back hair which my friend Julian did-I had a bit of a hair crisis on the way out as I had been on a shoot all day which entailed a lot of baby oil (to look like sweat as it was a fitness shoot) despite coming home and washing my hair the oil hadn't washed out properly and I had to find a hair-style that hid the oily/greasy look :O :/ Ahhh :)

It was cold so I wore it with a faux-fur jacket and yes that is a school bag on my back-had to pack my jammies to stay at my friends house, lol. don't worry I droped it at her house before going out ;) 

The dress is from NEWLOOK!! 

It was €29 when I brought it but I recently saw it had been put on sale (don't you hate when that happens, lol) and is selling for something like €12-€15 an absolute Bargain!!! 

Happy First of December-which means CHRISTMAS MONTH! 

Wishing you all the happiest Christmas full of love and joy! Remember that this month what really counts is showing your caring side to others (not in presents) but in kindness-Do something nice for your loved ones-show them you love them! and try not to argue, Remember those less fortunate (for example the homeless who have no where to go this year on the coldest month of the year or old people who may be at home alone).  basically & Simply...

Don't forget your Christmas Spirit

and start thinking of those New Years Resolutions-in the path of becoming the Best YOU YOU can be!! 

On another note-I am dedicated to making my blog more regular and I am in the process of getting a Brand-Spanking-NEW WEBSITE!-so excited!! (should take aprox.3weeks) my blog will then be moved there.

 If you have any requests/ideas for my blog etc... please let me know :)  

Help me to pick a day of the week which would suite you (the readers) best for me to post a new blog-post each week: As I want to make it more regular so you would know every e.g. Wednesday evening there will be a new post on my site!- Suggestions are more than welcome!! 

There's a message box on my facebook like page(I miss messages on my other fbook)-message me and let me know! Go there now by clicking here!

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo


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