Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hey Blog Readers

I just wanted to wish everyone of you who read my blog a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS! I really hope that you have all had a lovely day! and that you remembered what the spirit of Christmas is really about-Spending time with loved ones, remembering those who are no longer with us, being caring and charitable to others and living life!
The season of bright lippy :)
What I wore to the Assets Christmas Party:

My dress is from ASOS.com and it is actually Red although it looks pink ;) I particularly like the neck line. I wore Plain gold hoop earrings and a sparkly bangle that is penneys finest ;)

Stairway to Beauty in Athenry did my Tan for the evening and I did a rushed job on my own hair and makeup ;)

Makeup: Red lips, Smokey eye (using the naked pallet), contour and blush. Hair: Straight and down
My mum, me and my sister

Me and my sister Lauren :)
Carpe Diem: 
On Sunday I was in a bad accident on a motorway and under freaky circumstances. Me, my mum and my sister were on our way home from the airport-We had just been visiting family and friends in Birmingham and we were all in good form looking forward to getting back home for Christmas. We were chatting about life and following your dreams earlier on the journey and then I started listening to music on my iphone with my earphones in, my sister lay down on the back seat (luckily kept her seatbelt on) and my mum continued driving. Christmas is a very sad time of year for me as it is my friend Sadhbh's anniversary. I often look to the stars when thinking of my beautiful friend and I was in the front seat looking out the window at the stars listening to music just wondering, remembering back to memories we shared and missing her like mad: Tears started running down my cheeks but I didn't want to let on to my sister or mum that I was crying... I just didn't want to upset the Christmas mood. All of a sudden I got a very strange feeling: almost like I could see behind me and I looked up at my mums mirror... I saw a lunatic driver coming really fast and way too close behind us and I warned mum... I felt like I had an epiphany and saw it all in slow motion in my head. My warning gave my mum a split second more to react and also made my sister jump up and situp right instead of lying down. Next minute the young man goes into the outside lane and comes crashing into the right hand side of us at the back door. This sent the car into a 360* turn and we went flying towards the concrete barrier. My mum managed to stop the car but facing the wrong way on the outside lane of the motorway. I was very aware that we had seconds to get out as more cars would come at a high speed along the motorway and may not be able to stop I screamed 'Get Out' and we all managed to get out and run onto the verge of the motorway. I have no idea how we all got out ok-It was a sheer miracle. When I saw the concrete barrier coming I thought that was it. This year I am simply grateful and happy to spend Christmas with my family and that nobody was hurt and it didn't end much worse. To all drivers... Please consider how you are driving and take this story as a warning. My mum is a very careful and experienced driver and had she been going at a faster speed on the motorway she wouldn't have been able to control the impact from the car that hit us. That young man is also extremely lucky that he doesn't have 3 dead woman on his hands due to dangerous driving or  that he himself wasn't injured or worse. I am always advocating living life to the full but don't waste or risk your life or the life of another. Live and Let Live! Carpe Diem!

The Irish Daily Star
Every year in my house I cook the Christmas Desert!! I'm not the best cook but I'm a 'Baker Maker'! ;)  
My favourite is a Raspberry Bakewell!! Almonds/Raspberries... What's not to like ;) 

I'll post the recipe and directions to bake this in my next blog post ;)

I also made a Clove Orange... "WHY You ask...?"

It's a nice way to spend some time during the holidays. It's easy to make and a lovely Christmas decoration because it smells amazing!!-a beautiful Spicy aroma and all you need is a orange and cloves (but lots of them!) You just start poking the cloves into the orange skin. If you cover the whole orange in cloves leaving no spaces it will last forever... 'how'..I don't know but it does=Home made air-freshener! 

I didn't get time to cover the whole orange so instead I made a smiley face :)

Finally I got some Christmas cards made this year and sent them to different businesses and people that have helped me out throughout the year. I posted the below pic of the card to facebook and jokingly asked who wanted one but I got a big response from people who wanted one. I have 3left! So on a first come, first served basis if you want me to send you a Christmas card message me your address on my like page and I'll post one to you tomorrow :) Click here to message me.

I will be doing a 'Year in Review' blog but before then A HUGE THANK YOU :) to everyone who has supported me in any way this year. Merry Christmas and I'm sending virtual hugs your way :) 
Happy Holidays!

Lots of Love,  
Shahira Xo


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