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My Detox Journey - Clean 9 by Forever Living

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So after gaining a number of pounds in the past few months and generally not feeling like I'm at my personal best I have decided to start getting "Summer Ready" by doing my first ever detox! The detox I have chosen to do is the 'Clean 9' by forever living!

NOW to clear things-up... I am well aware that I am skinny and that I don't have a huge need to loose weight. I say that because I know that there will be a few people who think "what is she detoxing for.. she's a size 8... she doesn't need it" etc... However, let me explain that the reason I have chosen to do this is
A) I have always been interesting in detoxing to cleanse the body of unnatural chemicals and impurities. This is purely for health reasons.
B) While I realise I don't have a significant weight loss need - I do have a weight which I am comfortable at... I have been this particular weight for many years now! I am not trying to be lighter than that figure but I have put on a few pounds due to late night snacking etc... recently and I hope to return to this healthy weight which I feel is my personal best and is what I feel comfortable and happy at for myself - by body shape, my height etc...
C) My energy levels have been quite low lately so I am hoping that this will help to boost my over all energy and get rid of that 'sluggish' feeling.

Why I chose the Clean 9

I didn't go looking for a detox. To tell you the truth most detoxes that I have heard of I think are completely ridiculous, unsustainable and I have warned many a friend against them! It's definitely difficult to find a good one!

For example last year my friend told me that she was doing this week or so long detox where you eat nothing and only drink water with honey/maple syrup, lemon and cayenne pepper! It doesn't take a genius to figure out of course you will loose a significant amount of weight because basically you aren't eating!! However there are so many dangers associated with a detox such as this one! Not only that but the weight you do loose you will gain as soon as you revert back to a regular diet of food!lol. Of course people don't listen and she went ahead with this diet - she later told me she had lost a stone as a result! however she then agreed that I was right as she put it straight back on! That's because the real weight she lost was water weight. On a diet/detox such as that one not only are the results not sustainable but you also run the risk of damaging your metabolism which will lead to a high possibility of not only weight gain but a real difficulty in loosing weight also!

Anyhow, moving on..

The clean 9 came to me because I was working in a supplement store that stocked it (Apollo Galway)... I noticed how popular it was but didn't think much of it until I decided to research it and find out a bit more myself.. not with the idea of doing it myself but because if people came in to the store to find out about the clean 9 it was a part of my job to tell them what I knew! Once I found out about what it entailed and I saw some of the results from people who had successfully completed it I thought it seemed great and I became intrigued!
With the clean 9 the detox itself is only for two days and during these two days you do have dietary supplements, aloevera gel and a shake so you are not living on thin-air alone. After the first 2 days you then have the dietary supplement, the shakes, the aloevera gel plus a 600 calorie meal of your choice this can be one meal or divided into eg 2/3 smaller meals - depending on your preference. It is a good idea to combine a small bit of exercise with the detox.. (don't over do it as you need your energy and your calorie intake isn't as high as normal) 20 minutes or so is the recommended amount!

Why I decided to do the Clean 9 now

I have had the box ready to go in my house for ages now and I have been putting it off all of the time this is because firstly I feel I wont be able to do as much exercise as normal once on the detox and also because lets just say I AM NOT NICE WHEN I'M HUNGRY! lol!
However, I just had LASIK Surgery (to read my blog on this click here) and my eyes need some recovery time - this means laying off on the exercise and not applying makeup so while I have two free days I thought id get those initial difficult days on the detox over with and kill the two bids with the one stone :)

On a side note may I say.. 

I think everyone is different - you are unique and each person needs to find their own 'personal best' whatever that may be!! don't spend your time comparing yourself to others because that will not serve you! live for you! and be HAPPY :) 

Here is a picture of me at what I feel was a happy personal best for myself (4th of July 2013 at the Playboy Mansion). I'm not trying to be a stick figure, or a body builder, I just want to be at a healthy weight for my size, lean, toned and living a HAPPY-HEALTHY Lifestyle :)
This is obtainable and sustainable for me :)

I have already completed the Clean9 and I kept a day by day diary, here on my blog, of what the process entails and how I'm feeling so click on a day for a quick update :)

Day 1 
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4 
Day 5 
Day 6 
Day 7 
Day 8 
Day 9  

If you're interested in doing the clean 9 call into Apollo on the Tuam rd in Galway - If you mention that you read my blog you'll get a 20% discount. 
Or message AloeVera Fitness Health and Beauty on facebook to see if you can order it! 

Click here to skip to the conclusion and final day (day 9)

Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo 

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