Friday, 9 May 2014

Day 3 - Detox

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Hey Blog Readers!

Sooo today I saw actual FOOD again :) yay! HOW I MISSED YOU!x! lol

I had planned what I was going to eat since yesterday! I decided to split my 600 calorie meal in two, so that I would have enough energy in the morning to hit the gym, If I had attempted to hit the gym after two days of no solid food there is a high possibility I would of collapsed, lol! ;)

For Breakfast I had two poached eggs and slimbo toast with almond butter! (kcal 366)

For dinner I had 1 Turkey Burger on slimbo bread with lettuce, tomato, pickle and mustard (in the nutri-lean programme, which comes with the clean 9, you can have as many cucumber/pickles/tomatoes/lettuce as you like so i also snacked on tomatoes, lol). +300KCal I also had some crab meat (from crab claws). 
I was a bit over the 600cals today but I missed one shake (200 odd calories) in the morning. I also did a lot longer than the recommend 20 minutes exercise (which means I burned extra energy/kcals)... so a few crab claws wouldn't hurt :) 

This is the program for Phase 2: Days 3-9 

Morning: * 2 Garcinia Plus capsules (20 mins before Aloe)
* 120ml (4oz) Aloe Vera Gel + min 240ml (8oz) Water.
* 1 scoop of Forever Lite with 300ml (10oz) skimmed or soya milk
* 20 minutes excercise - walk, run, cycle or swim.
Snack: * 2 Bee Pollen tablets + min 240ml (8oz) water.
Lunch: * 2 Garcinia Plus capsules (20 mins before Forever Lite)
* 1 scoop of Forever Lite with 300ml (10oz) skimmed or soya milk
* 2 Bee Pollen tablets + min 240ml 8oz water.
Dinner: 120ml (4oz Aloe Vera Gel + min 240ml (8oz) water
* 2 Garcinia Plus capsules (20 mins before meal)
* 600-calorie meal (see calorie counter for suggestions)
* 2 Bee Pollen tablets.
Evening: Min 240ml (8oz) water.

For exercise I did 45minutes in a Piloxing class (which is a mixture of boxing, pilates and dance) 

I also weighed/measured myself today the results were as follows... 
Arm: 1/2 inch lost
Waist: 1inch lost 
Hips: 1/2 inch lost 
Thigh: 1/2 inch on one leg but not the other... 
Chest: no change 
Weight: 1pound lost 

Today was easy,as I'm sure the rest of this cleanse will be!, I'm even getting used to the horrible taste of the aloe vera gel! lol. However I did experience some stomach cramps after dinner but i believe this is simply down to two days without solid food and suddenly eating again. I'm sure my stomach will be adjusted by tomorrow! :) 

So Until tomorrow!! 

Day 4 here!
Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo

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