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Review - Veet in shower hair removal cream

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Hey everyone! 

This week I thought I'd do a quick review on a product that I've just recently picked up...

Veet in Shower Hair Removal Cream 
If I had my way I would laser off every hair on my body (except my head and eyebrows of course ;) )... but that takes time and effort so until then it's the manual way for me! zZz!

I come from a female dominate family and hair removal cream has been suggested to me on a number of occasions but until now I've stuck with the ol'reliable shaving. I've never liked the idea of a hair removal cream because I've always thought they are quite time consuming, sticky and don't always remove every single hair! I am a 'girly girl' in many ways but the truth is a part from make-up for nights out etc.. and going to the gym.. I really don't put that much effort into my image. What I mean by this is, yes, I have a daily routine just in terms of cleanliness-shower/brushing teeth/washing face/moisturizer - but it's really the basics that I do.. I don't fake tan regularly, do my nails, do my hair every day, or anything like that... Maybe I should! but I just don't - I rarely every wear fake tan, I'm a cluts with nails! and I tend to just sleep with my hair in a plait wake up and brush it and that's it's tlc for the day! So now you know my true laziness you can see why I find it easier to jump into the shower and grab the razer -It's quick, effortless and easy to maintain but Shaving is definitely not the best solution! Shaving only takes the top immediate layer of hair and the re-growth is stubbly and unpleasant ;)

About Veet in Shower hair removal cream: 
It's cheap as chips retailing for about €9 for quite a large tube (150ml)... so no complaints there! You can get it in boots or many local pharmacies!
It works the same as any hair removal except it's designed to work while in the shower- which saves time! 

How to Apply:
The cream comes with a sponge that has two different sides- you apply the cream with the smooth side of the sponge around 2/3 minutes before you jump in the shower. Yes you need to put it on before you go in the shower and not while in the shower which I agree is a little misleading by it's name! 
Once in the shower you can go ahead and wash your hair etc.. and then once you have left the cream on for the desired amount of time (not exceeding 10minutes) you use the rougher side of the sponge to remove the hair and MAGIC the hair wipes away and leaves your skin silky smooth! 
Give your sponge a rinse and keep it clean for re-use! 

How did it work for me:
This product worked wonders for me and I used it everywhere (even the bikini line). 

You have to use your head with it with regards to how long to leave the cream on for... Course hair is going to take longer than fine thin hair -So don't just diss it..give it enough time to work for you! Also be realistic: ensure the layer of cream is thick enough and that all of the hair is covered! 

I was blown away with how smooth my legs were! -they felt gorgeous, much nicer than shaving! 

I have been considering getting rid of all the hair on my arms (because I am naturally dark) but the last thing I want is them growing back stubbly so I have always put this off! However, I tested the cream on the top of my arms and it worked fantastically! ..I'm going to leave it a little longer to really test the re-growth on my arm and once satisfied I will probably start using it on my whole arm! 

Normally when using hair removal cream the strong smell can be a turn off but with this cream the scent is subtle and isn't a  problem as you are using it in the shower so it won't stick!

I love this product and it has replaced my razer completely! 

The blue tube that I picked up is for sensitive skin but there is also a normal and dry skin alternative - Pick the one that suites you! 

This product gets an 8/10 from me! - I took away two marks because: 
1) You have to apply the cream 3 minutes before entering the shower which the title doesn't suggest! 
2) It does run a little when the shower water hits it -so you would need to ensure there's been enough development time before this occurs! 

Over all it's a very good product and I recommend it to you, my lovely blog readers! 

If you try this product please let me know how you find it (I'm interested to know :) ). I'm also curious to know if it would work for men... 

HAPPY Smooth Skin

Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo

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