Friday, 9 May 2014

Day 5 -Detox

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Hey Blog Readers! 

So an update on today - It's Sunday so I didn't feel like much of a workout, lol. Instead I went for about a 45minute (slow) walk along the river Corrib and later I did a couple of squats but the intensity today definitely wasn't very high! (my excuse-it was a Sunday :) )

For Breakfast I had the same as yesterday - Beans on slimbo toast with almond butter.

And for Dinner I went to 37West which is a healthy food cafe in Galway (YUM by the way) I got the 'Muscle' salad which is a chicken and avocado salad. It came with gluten free bread made with sundried tomatoes (mmm)

Later I had some mango Pieces as a snack 

Remember this isn't the amount of food I eat on a regular day (a healthy woman's daily recommended intake is 1,500-2,000kcal). This is for detox purposes and includes the dietary supplements that comes with the clan 9!x! 

Until tomorrow... 

Lots of Love, 
Shahira X

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  1. I so love this detox water and actually i had it always , i mean anywhere with me. Instead of soda i prefer drinking detox water. It's not just water but a healthy water. It keeps me more challenged and healthy every time i drink it.


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