Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Cheryl Cole: Steal her style; Primark

Another fashion Fix from Penneys: I just can't go in there without walking out with some goodies! :)

By now everyone has seen the vertical strip jeans and leggings that have taken over the fashion world lately-they definitely divide opinion but personally I LOVE them :)
If they were horizontal stripes I wouldn't be a fan as horizontal stripes make you look bigger and shorter but vertical stripes work wonders for doing just the opposite-Taller and Thinner ;) As I model but I'm not the required 5'8 (I'm 5'6) I'm always looking for ways to make me look that little bit taller (tip: high waisted jeans also elongate the legs).

The most recent Celeb to be spotted rocking the vertical stripes was Cheryl Cole...

I love this look on Cheryl although I think I would prefer if the jeans weren't flayered: Never the less she looks fab-as always!

You can get these similar fab stripped jeans in Penneys/Primark for 18e

The main criticism I've heard on the 'stripped jean look' is that they look like "prison pants" If you're one of the people who think this you can always avoid the black and white and go for an eye popping candy stripe colour-which Primark also have plenty of from Lilac to Mint Green-There's a colour to suite everyone's preference.



I went for the Pink and White stripped jean

They're cute, they're girly and they're fun; they remind me of candyfloss! As with all of the stripped jeans you can dress them up for a glamorous look with heels, dress down with a pair of flats or even give a rocky edge with a pair of converse-they're are really so many ways this look can we worn!

My next outfit inspiration came from Cheryl Cole's new music video 'Call My Name'

I'm sure everyone can agree that after a bit of a break from the lime-light Cheryl is back with a BANG and looking hotter than ever!-with new hair, new music and an edgier/funkier style!

Bright Colours and the floral print are hot for summer 2012 and Cheryl rocks this look in her new video:

I didn't go into Penney's looking to recreate her look but I spotted a few things along my way that made me think of the video and I couldn't help picking them up:

The recreated 'Cheryl look' from Primark is a little more like the above picture and Cheryl's recent performance of 'Call My Name' on 'The Voice'

Instead of Harman pants these trousers from Penneys are a little tighter and more flattering on the figure: 12e

They are made of light material and are 3/4 length (cropped at the calf) which makes them perfect for the summer season (especially with this lovely weather we've been getting).

Again I would wear these during the day with a cute plain T-Shirt: There are so many eye catching colours on the trousers that you don't need to go crazy on top if going for a casual day-time look.

However Colour clashing is in and that's where this little Crop Top also from Penneys comes in ;)

Penneys is full of these little crop tops at the moment!!7e! You can pick them up in a variety of colours and patterns. This orange crop top with Zebra detail caught my eye and I thought it would funk up the trouser and add to the 'Steal Her Style: Cheryl Cole' look so I went for this one! 

You could wear this during the day if it was hot out and you felt like a funky outfit: However I think i would be inclined to wear this on a night out and pair with heels.

A perfect heel for this outfit would be these limited edition Baroque wedges which are expected in Penneys/Primark stores this week!21e!

If you wanted to completely recreate Cheryl's look you could pair with these fab Leopard print boots that I've blogged on before-also from Penneys! 21e!
To finish the 'Cheryl' look off pair with a little pink waist coat, blazer or even a sleeveless blouse left open... like this one which is 11e also in PENNEYS!

I hope you have enjoyed this Cheryl Cole inspired fashion blog!

What do you think of the pieces mentioned? Are they something you'd wear? 

Is there any other particular celeb 'steal her look' you'd like me to try to recreate for cheap?

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo


Saturday, 26 May 2012

My Army!!

Hello :)

My facebook photo up-loader doesn't seem to be working today but I had to share this deadly image Sean Mc Cormack put together-How he managed to fit in 7figures of me (which were separate pictures) so perfectly and like they were meant to be together is beyond me-Great Job!x

The idea for this shot came from a Nicole Scherzinger picture-we thought it was really cool as the emphasis is on all of the legs and its just a fun crazy picture :) 

I must admit I wasn't sure how this picture would turn out-The shoot was definitely a new one for me as it just involved messing and dancing around while Sean snapped pictures of the movement. It definitely wasn't a posing shoot and I wasn't sure what I was doing but I just played around and went with it-and I'm delighted with the result! 

This could possibly be my favourite picture: I just love the concept behind it and the over-all look: it's not the sexiest, prettiest or anything else but it's impact is powerful-It's like I have my own little army :)

The make-up and hair was by the lovely Samantha Craughwell :) click here to visit her page and view some more of her work :)

Here's a BTS (Behind the scenes) video from the shoot:

What do you the finished picture?I think Sean did a great job!

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo

Friday, 25 May 2012


Hello :)

A very quick blog-just to give you the link really ;)

Last week I did a piece for Xpose with TV3. They were doing a section on how to dress for your certain 'Body Type' so I was categorized as an 'Hour Glass' figure and my section was aired yesterday evening-Thursday 23rd.

As many of you (including me) may have been outside and enjoying the beautiful weather we've been getting I thought I'd attach the link to my blog so you can catch up with it on the TV3 Player.

Click here to view or copy and paste this link

Me & cutie Ryan O'Shaughnessy  from BGT @Xpose

The lovely Karen Coster and me
I had a great morning filming wit xpose, met some lovely people and hope to work with them some more :)

It is important to know your body shape and to dress/shop with that in mind-Watch the body shape series on Tv3 Xpose to get the top tips on what to wear/not to wear to flatter your particular shape. 

What I wore:
  • The Green dress I wore-I LOVED and it was from Dunnes! -the quality was really good although that particular size was a little big on me: it was only 25e!

  • The white skirt is from River island and 25e while the top it's paired with is also from Dunnes!and 20e.

  • I thought the boyfriend jeans were amazing (then again; I love jeans with the ripped look-but it depends if that's your style or not: might not be everyone's taste) they're 55e from River Island. The little blazer was 70e and from Debenhams-The pattern was so cute. 
Lots of Love
Shahira Xo


Monday, 21 May 2012

I'm backkk lol

I haven't been great at blogging lately but I've had this one on my mind for awhile now...

This is just a quick blog on all the businesses that have really helped me, that offer a great service and that I'd recommend to a friend :)

Crystal & Co.
Like many girls I LOVE crystal & co! Anything that's sparkly and pretty I'm attracted too like a magpie ;) I particularly love what I call "Shilpa Shetty earrings" what I mean by this is BIG GLAMOROUS earrings :) If you don't know who Silpa Shetty is she's a beautiful Bollywood actress who was also on UK Celebrity Big Brother-you may remember there was controversy and claims of racism on the show between her-Jade Goodie (rest in peace) and Danielle Lloyd. Anyway... I remember admiring her gorgeous statement earrings she wore regularly on the show :)

I own a couple of pairs of Crystal & Co earrings and when I sent some back recently as a couple of diamond studs had fallen off along with a chain they were so helpful to me and fixed both sending them back to me in top-nic shape; i'm so delighted to have them back again!x! 


Not only are Crystal & Co pieces beautiful and glamorous but the staff are lovely and helpful and offer a great service!! 

Dingo Junction Galway -Mexx and French Connection
This is where I got my birthday dress -which I love!! But what stood out for me in store was how friendly and helpful the staff are!-I blogged on what I brought already in a "What I wore" blog which you can view by clicking here. However I wanted to mention how nice and helpful the staff are-which makes shopping pleasurable! The male manager in there (I'm not sure of his name) is particularly lovely! 

Car Service-Higgins Garage Athenry
Any time I have had any trouble with my car or needed anything done to it; George from Higgins Garage in Athenry always helps me out. It's a personal service and he's often collected my car from outside my house and dropped it back-handy ;) Higgins garage are reasonably priced and honest which can be hard to find in a mechanic-especially when your not a man who knows what he's talking about.
My car recently passed it's NCT and I am now looking to sell it :) if interested contact via facebook or email. 

Why go to Specsavers... stay Local!
Oranmore Opticians 
Another personal service I use is Oranmore Opticians with optician Jude. Another great service as I have often ran out of contact lenses(-My eye sight is really bad lol) and given very little notice but they have been able and happy to help me out-they have also dropped my contacts into the chemist down stairs if I haven't been able to make their opening ours-Which you may not get with the larger companies.
Sinead from is really lovely and sent me this gorgeous Cheryl Cole inspired dress I wore out on Saturday night :) You can read my full review on this dress-along with more pictures by clicking here :)

Allure/Calista Beauty
Louise who runs both Calista Beauty in Claregalway and Allure Beauty in Oranmore has helped me out on a number of occasions be it for nails or tan for shoots :) She is so friendly and helpful!She does a great Karora spray tan and I love visiting!

Chez Elaine
Another great beauticians is ChezElaine-for anyone who lives in town. Elaine is again really helpful and lovely!She offers a beautiful Tan Organic spray tan for anyone conscious of what they're putting on their skin or for anyone who might be prone to allergies. Elaine also invited me in recently to try the Genie Complete for inch loss and toning-click here to read my blog post on this treatment.

Daisy Boutique Galway 
If in Galway a GREAT boutique is Daisy Boutique which is located in the heart of the city-just across from the post office and Carbon nightclub. I can't rave about this store enough! at one point they lent me 8 dresses!!-for a small boutique this is a lot to have away from the store at one given time so I really appreciated their help! You can get my full blog with pictures of the dresses I wore by clicking here
Here's a taster video of three dresses I wore on a tv appearance-You can also spot my Crystal & Co Earrings :)

The Ivory Closet Limerick
The Ivory Closet in Limerick is very similar to Daisy Boutique but is the Limerick Version: both offer Designer Desirables which you can hire at a fraction of the price you would purchase them for-Giving you a chance to wear designer without the price tag. Aoife and crew are helpful and give an hnest opinion on what they think will suite you etc.. I love both stores and have used both on a number of occasions. The ivory closet offers a delivery service which is SO handy!! 

Elegant Undies-Galway
Elegant undies is an elegant lingerie shop located on the bottom floor of the Eyre square shopping center in Galway-They fit you to ensure the perfect fit-for years I guessed this after being measured only once when much younger-silly I know :) Not to worry I know my fit now and I have featured in many of the tabloids in lingerie from the store.

Here's a video which features Lingerie from the store...

As you may tell by now a personal friendly service wins me over every time-and all of the above offer just that! This blog is just to say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me out-be it for beauty treatments, services or fixing my car ;) Jhheezz I really hope I didn't forget anyone... so....

Thanks!! :)

Lots of Love
Shahira xo


Sunday, 13 May 2012

To Play or not to Play-boy that is the question?

Hey :)

So you may have seen that I was on the front of the Irish Sun newspaper on Friday #CrazyDay with a big article inside on page.23

As you can see the front page had the headline 'I Hef Hugh in my Sights' which I think is a witty and hilarious headline-although a little misleading as I definitely don't have Hugh Hefner in my sights. I'm not by any means a gold-digger as it might seem if I was set on becoming his girlfriend and 'had him in my sights' and although generally I tend to go for guys a little older than me (as in a year or two) I'm definitely not interested in any man older than my mum or older than my granny or granddad would be if they were still alive-lol. Although I do respect Hugh Hefner and I think he's definitely a great business man. I also would never look down on a girl(/s) who was dating Hef-that's between them and their business-they're not harming anyone so it's no odds to me, although I do believe in monogamous relationships when it comes to my own life. 

Inside the paper the headline read 'Legendary Nudie Mag After Shahira; Meet the Galway Girl Playboy Hef Want's'-now although the title may mislead some and has misled many; if you read on you would learn that it is not Hugh Hefner himself who has been in touch with me-I would imagine he doesn't even know who I am. So it's not that I've been invited to the mansion by the man himself. 

I have been invited by the head of casting at Playboy to attend a castings this month in LA. There is no guarantee that I would definitely make the title of 'Playmate': as you can imagine any organisation can't pick a girl over the internet based on photographs alone=they would need to meet in person-so that is what I would be doing. I was simply delighted to even be asked to meet with them. 
As playboy wanted to meet me for a casting in 9days time there is no way I could travel so far at such short notice, Instead I am trying to arrange that I could go a little later during the summer: possibly in early July and make a proper trip out of it travelling with my friend Tina who will be finished exams etc...

I have a couple of other things to do (which I'm keeping under wraps) and people to meet in LA as it is anyway so I'd like to be able to "kill the two birds with the one stone".

The last thing I want to do is nudity. I studied Primary school teaching in Mary I in Limerick-I worked extremely hard during my leaving cert to get the points to go to Mary I. I then worked extremely hard throughout college to stay in Mary I and to graduate with my honours degree. It was not an easy time for me with my best-friend passing away exactly half way through my course: I believe many in my position would have dropped out of college but I kept fighting through in order to finish with my qualification. I love teaching however it has always been a back up plan (I believe you always need a solid back-up plan) coming behind my dreams if they were to fall through and not work out. I love to model however playboy is not my dream of all dreams either-my main ambition is to sing, dance and act along with modelling and I feel modelling opens doors dramatically into these areas and gets my name out there. 

There is a big difference between being successful in the public eye and being asked to pose for playboy-which would be on your terms and starting your career off by posing for playboy. 
What I know about playboy is the playboy Mansion/the parties, The Girls of the Playboy mansion on E, the Shannon twins on Big Brother, the brand playboy/the merchandise and Hugh Hefner the man himself, As for the magazine I really don't know that much about it... If it was the case that I had to pose full frontal nude I would not accept. 

The Last Few Days:
The last few days have been really crazy but fun!x! It was great to have all the publicity-my facebook like page (which you can visit by clicking here) went up hundreds and my friend requests are full. The Sun is obviously a very powerful paper and I'm looking forward to doing more with them. I have also learnt about the power of the internet where one thing can be passed on and on and next thing I'm either already a Playmate or Hugh Hef's girlfriend in the mind of many. 

The story was even picked up by an American website where they compared me to Kim Kardashian (such an honour because I love her and think she's gorgeous). 

I was asked into Galway Bay FM for my first radio interview and I have been asked to appear on TV for an interview during the week. Until I know if it is going ahead or not I will keep quiet on which show etc... but #WatchThisSpace :)

I got so many good wishes and such positivity from nearly everyone that I want to take this chance to thank everyone who got in touch-ye are all amazing

I hope this blog has clarified a couple of things and keep an eye on it to keep up-to-date with the whole situation :)

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo


Monday, 7 May 2012

What I wore-London

Just a Quick Fashion Blog on what I wore/Brought in London :)

Firstly Thanks a Million to Allure Beauty and Nails for sorting me with a Karora Spray tan just before I set off for the weekend :) It was handy to have my Karora bronze on from the start ;)

Funky tights, Phone and nails
Tights: Penneys ;)
Nails: Impress nails-click here for my blog review ;) you can pick these up in a variety of different patterns and colours from loads of different chemists and good old'penneys for 7e ;) 

I Love my HUGE Orange Hat-Again from Penneys :) I'm going to pick up loads of these in a variety of colours-they spruce-up any outfit and hide a bad hair day ;)

Cheap and Cheerful in a sun hat :)

I am always blogging about Penneys-even when I was in London I couldn't resist a trip to the Primark (which is massive and really hard to get around... wayyy tooo many peopleee)

I picked up these funky number tights... Yeah I LOVE funky tights (they are so handy to wear) These ones were 2pounds-approx 2.50e

Brown flats, number tights, high waisted denim shorts, skull tee and gray flow cardi

I brought these cute summer sandle-heels in NewLook, my mate Julian found them-I was looking for shoes all day and NewLook on Oxford street was the last shop I went into. I was going to buy a pair in River Island, then again in Miss Selfridge and Selfridge's... All of which I didn't like as much as my eventual NewLook Bargain :)

They're beige, strappy and girly, with a platform and a little snake skin (not too much)... basically they're right up my street ;) They retail for 29.99e ... Bargain :)

I also got the above outfit in the same newlook on oxford street. I love these chiffon dip hem skirts that are in at the minute-they're long at the back and short at the front (a great holiday skirt) I paired the skirt with a little black crop top with a gold zip at the front.

I love the rich purple and blue tones in this skirt and it retails for only 29.99e

This cute-simple black crop top with gold zip retails for 17.99e

My Birthday Outfit 

I got this Dress from French Connection in Galway ("Dingo Junction" on facebook-Click here and follow their page..possibly the best highstreet store in Galway-however it's a bit of a hidden gem located behind Easons-and next to the back entrance of boots). It retails for 150-170e (I will have to double check), a bargain considering to buy the same real herve leger would cost you a few grand, and this is a real french connection: I LOVE this dress!#NewFavourite!

It reminds me so much of a the below herve leger dress-worn by playmate of the year and hills star Jayde Nicole(...come on they're the exact same :)


Smokey-cat eye, pink blush and lined lips with a nude/baby pink lipstick :)
I did look into getting my make-up and hair done over in London.. you're only 21 once after all, haha, but instead my friend Julian did my hair-and did just as good a job ;) and I did my own make up :)

Click here to read my birthday blog :)

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo

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