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YouTube Video: Get SUPER WHITE Teeth at home! plus exciting news!

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Hey Blog Readers! 

Watch my latest YouTube Video on how to get SUPER WHITE Teeth at home! :)

I have some SHAMAZING news.... I have teamed-up with the Amazing American based company Whitening Lightning  ! :) 

A bit about whitening lightning... 
In 2010 CEO and Whitening Lightning founder Jennifer Gerard started with a bright idea to bring the world top notch of teeth whitening without the mess, hassle and sensitivity of other products on the market. Whitening Lightning has had the honor to attend countless Celebrity Events and their products are a celebrity favorite that have been integrated year after year in the exclusive celebrity gift bags at the 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards, 2012 Academy Awards (The Oscars), and the Academy of Country Music Awards (CMA). They were even named a Top5 pick by NBC News! It has featured in high profile magazines such as Style, Soap Opera Weekly, OK magazine and US Weekly to name but a few! In only a few short years on the market whitening lightning has cemented it's place as a celebrity favorite and their super booster whitening pen was dubbed as a 'must have' for every woman's purse!

ME + Whitening Lightning...

I wanted to use in particular the 'Dial a Smile' kit by whitening lightning for a long time! I had come across so many great reviews that I was intrigued by the product especially because it claimed to not give sensitivity - I had to try it and it has become my life saver for whitening my teeth with no sensitivity at all! :)
I was delighted when I got the opportunity to team up with the brand and act as a representative for the company! I am very careful with who I team-up with as I only want to represent the best but whitening lightning are an excellent company with a great reputation so I knew I was in safe hands - they are the best :)

What's in it for you...
I genuinely love every person who stops by to read my blog or follows me on any of my social media sites... I really appreciate the support so I love when I can bring you a good deal or a give a way!
My joining of the whitening lightning team as a representative means YOU can get 25% the whole site by entering the code 'Barry' when purchasing anything on

My Two Favourite YouTubers use the 'Dial a Smile' kit by whitening lightning :)

Carli also uses the 'Brow Bar to go' which you can get on for her eyebrows and contouring ;) 

And the person who got me hooked on YouTube videos and inspired me to do my own - Kandee Johnson!

Click here to check out Kandee's video on 5ways to have an awesome day! I love it!x! 

Top 5 Favourite Products from Whitening Lightning... 
(No particular order)

1) The most well known/famous product by whitening is The Dial a Smile Kit

I LOVE this whitening kit! it is my holy grail in teeth whitening products and it is the product I talk about the most in my most recent YouTube Video 'How to get SUPER WHITE Teeth at home'
Reasons why I love it so much!
  • It's easy to use with no mess!
  • A lot of product (it will last) 
  • It's quick! instant results can be seen after just one use!
  • You get a bonus whitening pen for quick top-ups etc..
  • NO SENSITIVITY!! :) :) :) 
How to use the Dial a Smile Kit in six easy steps... 

  • There is also a Zero White Kit 

Ultra-sensitive customers will swoon over this new innovation in teeth whitening. The ZERO White contains no harmful peroxide and is ideal for pregnant mothers, all-natural aficionados and anyone looking for a gentle yet effective treatment! 

2) Whitening Pens
Whitening Lightning have two types of whitening pens!

  • The Super Booster Whitening Pen 
This product puts strips and trays to shame with it's convenient, fast acting ingredients and painless red carpet results! High quality peroxide freshens breath, kills bacteria, and restores teeth to their natural whiteness. You can even toss one in your bag to whiten on the go! You decide when to whiten and its also a great way to maintain the results of a professional whitening session. 
  • The Zero White pen
This is the pen of the Zero White whitening kit above! 

3) Brow Bar to go 

Includes two smooth, easy to work with powders that can be mixed to create your individual perfect shade! These powders are so pigmented and easy to work with that they can also be used to contour or as perfect neutral eyeshadows. It also contains a wax for keeping your brows in place all day long! 

4) BB Plus Illumination Creme

BB Plus + Illumination is a versatile and luminous product that can be used alone, as a cream highlighter or mixed with your favorite liquid foundation!The product’s golden undertone adds dimension and a youthful glow to any complexion. BB creams are famous for their anti-aging, hydrating and brightening properties and with the boost of illuminating particles that reflect your imperfections, you will embrace a more vibrant you.

5) Color Your Smile Lighted Lipgloss
These Lipglosses are to die for! The one I am wearing in my most recent video is 'Figi' However I have a bunch of colours because I love this product so much!

These fresh and fun lighted lip gloss have created quite the buzz. Exotic Gloss is a highly-pigmented velvety smooth formulation that contains collagen peptides to boost moisture and fullness for the perfect pout. Infused with anti-aging ingredients, this innovation is a luxurious lip product that will make its way into your everyday makeup routine. The LED light and mirror make it the perfect purse companion for touch ups on an evening out :) 

Here's me wearing 'Bermuda' at the SMEDIA awards the other night (check my blog tomorrow, Saturday, for a post on the awards) My hair was by Lisa's Hair Emporium!x!

Whitening Lightning ship WORLDWIDE and offer a money back guarantee so that you can shop with confidence! :)


Discount code 'Barry' for 25% off the whole Whitening Lightning website!! eeek!! (all products)

Use discount code 'Barry' at checkout for 25% off!x! 

Have a Lovely weekend! I'm sending you love through my video <3 remember to thumbs up and subscribe :) 

Lots of Love, 
Shahira X


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