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I tired a meal delivery service - FRESHLY

Hi everyone!

Hope 2018 is going well so far!

well it's the new year and you know what that means..everyone is trying to be on their "New year new me!" routine. It's the season of trying to get fit and healthy once again and the bid to get rid of those extra few pounds that we may have gained during the Christmas and holiday period! The gym memberships are likely renewed and it's all steam ahead to that summer bod!
However, as we all know - establishing a fitness routine is only half the battle and what experts say matters the most is what we are eating! as they say you can't out exercise a bad diet!

I know from my personal life eating healthily can be really difficult! My schedule is all over the place, I'm surrounded by bad food and drink temptation and finding the time to shop for groceries and then cook a healthy meal isn't always easy! and don't get me started on when I shop on a hungry belly.. that in itself is a recipe for disaster!! I pick up everything that is quick and bad for me, I'm sure you've been there before too?! Anyway, what's been popping up on my socials a lot lately are adverts for meal delivery services.. "Healthy" meal delivery services at that! and they've really intrigued me!

Now.. is it ideal?..No! in an ideal world we'd all have time to frequent the farmers markets and the needed grocery stores to shop organically and be really good in the kitchen at whipping up a fresh and healthy meal! However, we don't live in an ideal world - busy work schedules and hectic lifestyles where we're just doing our best to fit everything in gets in the way!
Also I believe that often cooking for one is quite the task in itself! I don't know who else is only cooking for themselves reading this.. (I guess most of these meal delivery services really are geared towards the lone dinner, lol) but I find - I buy a loaf of bread for example and half of it goes off and goes to waste, and getting the portions right when cooking for yourself is the same thing!

I've been so intrigued by the idea of these meal delivery services that I decided to check some out! A couple of months ago I started with 'Freshly'. When trying to decide on which service to go with I wrote a post on my Instagram story (@ShahiraBarry) asking if anyone had tried one of the services and could recommend which one I go with..?? Freshly were one of my options and they were kind enough to reach out to me after my post and offered me 9 free meals to try! this was fab as I was planning on trying them anyway! YAY!

Anyhow this is how they are packaged. As you can see you can simply eat them from their container after heating if you wish - I did this most of the time (lazy girl problems)

I am absolutely rubbish at plating and making food look appetising but here are some of my meals that I did plate and show off(I say that lightly)on snapchat haha


I received my 9 meals and loved the service!
Freshly offer chef cooked meals delivered to you! They promise convenience along with fresh and healthy meals!
Every meal is

  • All natural and nutrient rich made from high quality ingredients!
  • Packed with protein! 
  • Free from refined sugars, artificial ingredients and hydrogenated oils!
  • and gluten free! 
They have been written about by Forbes and The Huffington Post to name a few! 

How it works: 
  • Freshly is a subscription service! each week your meals are delivered to your doorstep! they are packaged in a big box surrounded by ice packs and insulation to keep them fresh before they reach your fridge! 
  • You customise and plan your own weekly meal selections ahead of time so you always know what you are getting! 
  • All you need to do is heat up your meal and enjoy! 
The Cost: 
  • Use code "nocook639" and you'll recieve $20 off your first order on a 6 meal plan! 
  • After that 4 meals per week is $49.99 
  • 6 meals = $59.99 
  • 9 meals = $89.99 
  • and 12 meals = $107.99 
It is quite costly but for the convenience, especially if you're living on your own, I think it's worth it! I was on the 6 meal plan and it really worked for me! I used to find myself a couple of times a week in Trader Joe's spending $60/$70 here and there and I never really felt like I had gotten that much or legit meals for the week! with a service like freshly I just needed to pick up some breakfast bits and milk and I was good to go (presuming one day a week I ate out or had another dinner).  It is a subscription service but you can cancel any time or skip a week if you don't fancy it or you're going out of town etc..! 

While I was given 9 free meals to trial this is not a sponsored post! I was not paid to write about or promote freshly in any way! once I finished the trial I happily subscribed to the service with my own money and have been using it ever since! 

The pros: 
  • Super convenient!
  • A wide range of meal selections including catering for some different allergies!
  • Keeps you on top of and on track of what you're putting in your belly! 
  • All the nutritional information is available on their website! 
  • The portion sizes are decent: I find their size to be satisfying and it probably stops me from over eating from that point of view! 
  • You don't have to be home to accept a delivery as the meals are well packaged.

The cons: 
  • If shopping for more than yourself it probably would be cheaper to do a normal grocery shop! 
  • While the meals don't compare to traditional microwavable meals (they are way better taste wise- Freshly meals actually taste GOOD!) after a couple of weeks of using them I do find myself wanting a break for a little while however I think this is simple because of the packaging - I could just plate my meal but I'm lazy! lol 
To wrap it up my first experience with a meal delivery service was a really great one! I'm pretty much hooked with the convenience of it! If it's something that would suite your life style I would definitely recommend Freshly! Remember to use the code "nocook639" to receive $20 off a meal plan of 6! (this is not my code fyi. it's just a general code that was given to me to share if I liked it but it is not linked to me and won't benefit me if you use it.. (again no sponsored post here) but it will save you $20 and saving is always a good thing!! :)
This week I am taking a break from freshly to try out 'Hungry Root' which is a Vegan meal delivery service (but with Hungry Root you do have to cook your meals - though most meals can be prepared in under 10 minutes) I will keep you posted on how I feel about it and how it compares to freshly! so watch this space! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Shahira Xo 

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