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My Interview with Us Manager to the Stars: A MUST read! "We Working"

Eeeek I'm so excited to be writing this blog as I was lucky enough for hip-hop royalty Mr. Steve Lobel to agree to answer a few short questions for me for the purpose of my blog!

I'm amazed that someone of such status and who is well known across the world can be so humble and down-to-earth to agree to answer some questions for a 20year old new blogger from the West Coast of Ireland with no money involved or anything of the sort.
I am so honored! 

Everyone who knows me will know that I am a MASSIVE Hip-Hop fan! My mum brought me up with Tupac blasting from the car on the way to and from school and it's been in my blood ever since (That doesn't mean I don't like other genres of music-because I like a bit of everything really). Some of my favourite songs in the world would all be old-school hip-hop.. if you call the 90's old school ;) Notorious BIG, Tupac and Snoop Dogg.
Steve Lobel has worked with all three!!!

For me Steve Lobel is much bigger (and dare I say cooler, haha) than Simon Cowell. Because I'd see him as the Simon Cowell of Hip-Hop in terms of how his job is to manage and guide artists.

In this video with MauriceAyee Steve describes the resume of his career in just under 9minutes: It's a jam packed 9minutes!

As you can see from the video Steve has worked with everyone. Starting out with Run dmc/Jam Master Jay and then going on to work with other huge names like EasyE, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Biggie, Tupac, Three Six Mafia, Fat Joe and recently managing Sean Kingston, Iyaz and MANN all to name a few. (I'd be here forever trying to type out everyone he named in the video as there really is a lot).
 Iyaz, Dirty, Jam Master J'Son, Steve Lobel, Sean Kingston and MANN

The Questions I asked Steve:
1: Of course hip-hop fans will know who you are but for people in Ireland who may not know your career how would you describe what you do?
A: I'm a music manager and they can google me or hit up my a2z entertainment face book.

Also on Twitter @A2ZENT or @SteveLobel

2: How did you get into managing and guiding artists-did you plan it or did you fall into it?

A: I grew up with run dmc and jam master jay 

Steve grew-up in Queens New York with his friends Run dmc and Jam Master Jay who guided him to what he's been doing since a young age-managing artists. 

3: Why Hip-Hop? For me I love hip-hop because it often comes from life's struggles e.g. Notorious BIG's 'Juicy' "It was all a dream", what was it that drew you to it?

A: The passion for the music

It is obvious that Steve is extremely passionate about his love for music and it was this sheer passion and love that lead him into hip-hop.

4: At the moment there is a recession in most of the world (it's quite bad here in Ireland) what advice would you give to someone who comes from nothing, who doesn't have contacts but dreams of making it in the music industry?

A: Patience and sacrifice equals success , never give up , stay focused and positive

I think the above answer will be the one that would encourage a lot of young artists and people with big dreams in general-You can do what you set your mind to but you have to be FOCUSED and POSITIVE :)

5: What do you think of programs like Xfactor/American Idol... are they good or bad for the music industry?
A: It makes it easier if your on the shows Cause of the exposure and marketing behind it. There is some great talent sometimes on the shows.

6: You mentioned in the Video with MauriceAyee that you've lost many good friends: Biggie, EasyE and Jam Master Jay did you ever feel like giving up?what kept you going?
A: I lost big pun also and 2pac, I lost my brother and mom passed away last year , of course I feel like giving up but I have to stay strong and keep their legacys alive. Its not easy

Again for me this answer is very interesting as someone who lost a friend two years ago and also my aunty Della in the past year; sometimes I feel like "what is life about... what am I doing..." and it would be very easy just give-up but instead it fuels my ambition and determination for success and just to follow my dreams because I realise that life is short and I only have one life.. so I'm going to live it to the full. A lot of the things I've done in the past two years and the successes I've had I feel are due to some special people looking after and guiding me from heaven. 

7: You have obviously had many highlights but what has been the biggest highlight of your career so far?

A: Just taking artist from nothing and winning! Like iyaz with a #1 record , a grammy with krayzie bone and Chamallionare but Just being relevant I guess . Also there's so many highlights .

I think Steve's answer here shows that hard work and persistence pays off. 

8: You say your motto is "We Working"... is it all work or what do you do to relax?
A: Honestly that's my problem I don't relax , I love what I do and everything has to do with work , its in me , sad but true . I wish it was different.

I can relate to this answer, especially lately as I feel like all I do is work and stay focused: but when you enjoy what you're doing more than anything I guess that's easy to do. Unlike Steve for me I don't wish it was different all I want to do is more. He's had a great career and many of his dreams have come true I'm just trying to start mine. 

9: Do you still have the same drive and spirit that you had starting out?
A: My drive is always the same!

10: I hear you've written a book-what is it called?

A: Im writing a book called " the coach last longer then the player"

What an interesting title for a book-and I think it makes a lot of sense. Artists can have highs and lows,  they're the biggest name in the industry and then someone new comes up behind them: where-as the coach (the manager) is always progressing, always guiding and also working with new people-always in the game.. always there. I will definitely be buying this book!

11: What is next for Steve Lobel?

A: Hopefully a wife and kids.

It's nice that a man of many successes hopes to have a wife and kids next. It shows a softness and that success doesn't make you different to anyone else in many ways. 

Here is a video with Steve, Mann and 50Cent on set of 'making the video' for "Buzzing"-Mann Ft 50Cent.

In the video you can see the making of the part of the video where the lyrics are:
"New Cat with a old school feel
Only New Artist with an Old School Deal
Tied to the Game by Steve Lobel
So we always win, Don't receive no help"....

I hope You have enjoyed reading this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it :) And I hope anyone who hadn't heard of the music manager Steve Lobel can now appreciate all he has accomplished and Buy his book "The Coach Lasts Longer than the Player" ;) With all his experiences in life I'm sure it will make for a very interesting read that we can all learn a lot from. He is a man who has a lot to teach.  

"Speak Your Dreams Into Existence"

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo


  1. big up steve fair play man keep the good work up!!!

  2. Wow, thats really interesting stuff :) he is a legend!! Good work Missy!!

  3. He has achieved alot!Hes a smart dude:)


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