Sunday, 16 September 2012

Welcome to The PlayBoy Mansion

Hey Blog Readers :)
Welcome to The PlayBoy Mansion!
Come on in-Nowhere's off Limits :)
If you follow me on Facebook/Twitter you will know that I have spent the past two weeks over in Los Angeles living the dream and having a great time hanging in The PlayBoy Mansion :)

I've had possibly the best two weeks of my life to date-LA is AM-AZ-ING!x! I'm dying to get back there and do some proper work that is already in the mix at the minute ;) As a massive showbiz head I feel like I fit in there and that there are so many more opportunities for me in LA: Don't get me wrong I love Ireland and I'm very proud of where I come from but I long for the bright lights that I found in Los Angeles and I did so much in two weeks that I just think 'give me a year there and let me see what I can do' :)

As I said I had an absolute ball in the US! I decided to make a collection of some of my pictures from the mansion here on my blog :) There was loads of press coverage back home in Ireland-I still have to go through all the press clippings that were kept for me and I'll post them to my facebook like page when I do ;) Hef himself wants me to send back the press clippings to him for his own personal scrap book collection!-Which in itself is pretty cool!

Here are some of the pictures:
Riskay ;)

Tina, hef and myself on our 2nd visit to the Mansion

The Grotto :)

Having a laugh playing oldschool games in The GameHouse 

Feeding Coco Banana in the Mansion Zoo :)

Playing some Pool :)

Relaxing :)

By the pool with our new friends :)

Grotto Fun :)

Should I get the fake tan on ;)

Salute to the PlayBoy Pool ;)

Having a Mariah Carey moment in the mansion gym-working out in wedges ;) lol
Smile :)

I'm taking over for Hef ;) lol

nearly dinner time at the Playboy Mansion :)

Myself and Hef

Me & Actor/Comedian Jon Lovitz- Beverly Hills :)
It is not easy to get into the Playboy Mansion-It's extremely exclusive and not only do many take tour buses out to see simply the gate and surrounding walls but many also take helicopter tours over the mansion to try to get a sneak peak into the grounds... I am very lucky to have been invited & welcomed by Hef and to have visited the mansion twice in one week when most people will never get the opportunity to visit the iconic home in their lifetime! Everyone at the mansion from the staff to the girls and the man himself-Hugh Hef, were all SO nice and welcoming. They were genuinely some of the friendliest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet in my life and I am delighted that I was left with an open invite to come back to the Mansion whenever I am back in LA-I already can't wait to be back

What Else did I get up to on my Trip...

Of course we (myself and my friend Tina-who travelled with me) did some tourist things...


Visit some Iconic Stars on the Walk of Fame
RIP Marilyn Monroe

I'm a massive MJ fan-RIP :(

And a visit to Universal Studios-which gave me a craving to pursue some more acting ;)

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Paddle our feet in the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica beach :)

We also went out on a private yacht in the Pacific-living the American dream travelling along the coast past Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach with lovely people we met at the mansion. 
Inside the boat

Sunhat :)

Channelling my inner-diva, lol

Spent a day chilling with Akon in a BelAir mansion-on set of his new come back music video :)

Akon was a very nice, down-to-earth guy who came across extremely humble and hardworking! I had a great day and the location was BEAUTIFUL!  The wonderful late Michael Jackson looked into buying the property and making it the new Neverland, MANY music videos have been shot there-e.g. Lady Gaga Paparazzi and Christina Aguilera preformed there at Donald Trump's Private Party. 

AND went to Vegas!!
The Hangover ;)

We stayed in the amazing HardRock hotel :)

Flashing Lights :) 

Some betting ;) 

Lets Bet and Shop ;)

Even putting together these pictures/blog makes me wellup..I had THE BEST trip to the US and I'd go back in a heart beat :) As soon as the Jetlag wears off I'll be applying for a working Visa and begin planning my next trip back for 2013!! :) 

What do you think of my holiday snaps?

Lots of Love
Shahira Xo



  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! Good for you, enjoy all the opportunities you have :) xx

    1. The best time of my life to date :) Love it over there-getting back asap :P xox

  2. Certainly living the dream girl :) Keep it up!

  3. Awesome Shahira.. Well done!! So happy for you! xx

    1. Thanks Saibh :) haven't seen you in ages-catchup needed soon :) xox


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