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Tips on getting rid of negativity

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Hey Blog Readers

I hope you all had a Great and  Merry Christmas! and that you're looking forward to starting a New Year!
I can't WAIT :) 2014... COME AT ME!! :) lol. Lets hope it's a good one!x! 

I am a huge believer that living in as negative-free a zone as possible makes for a happy life :) 

It's easy to get negative at times but just from my own life as an example I know that I am so much happier in myself when I make a conscious effort to be positive.. even when things aren't going as planned! and believe me it is a conscious effort that I have to put into place every day because everyone has day to day struggles! 

'Negativity', as the simple word itself implies, is a bad thing! I truly believe negative, unnecessary, thoughts are toxic and they feed of the negative energy that they create! Now please don't get me wrong-I'm not talking about genuine opinions and expressing them-Nobody wants to be a walking robot who agrees with everything that is said and has no opinions at all. I'm not talking about opinions-I think it's great to express how you're feeling and what you think. But what I'm referring to is to let go of the emotions and thoughts that make you feel bad which may cause you to either bottle it up (causing damage to yourself) or express that negative energy (which won't solve your problem, or may hurt another). 
Again I am not talking about expressing justified opinions such as politics, social inequality or simple every day things such as liking an outfit or not liking an outfit! No those are opinions I'm talking about negative emotions-it's hard for me to explain in writing but you know yourself those feelings and emotions when you feel them because they make you feel bad inside- such as hatred, jealousy, self-criticism, lack of self worth, comparison to others in a negative way, not thinking your life is good enough - anything like that! 

It affects your mental state: 

Negativity is like a disease it can infect your thoughts and give out bad energy which will return to you in other aspects of your life. It's not worth it! 

Being negative attracts more negativity into your life: 

I have read the book The Secret and I believe it 100% ... mostly because I feel it has worked in my life so I plan to continue living by it. The secret is based around the Law of Attraction. So in terms of negativity when you send negativity out into the universe, that negativity comes full circle and brings more negativity back into your life. It’s the law of attraction at work. According to this theory, when people have negative thoughts, it can directly affect the things that happen in their lives. Every time you communicate negative ideas, such as discussing things that you don’t want to happen to you, you actually give those things more attention and energy. 

It can Prevent You From Living A Fulfilled Life

Negativity can effect just about every area of your life, including your home life, workplace and your relationships with others. When negativity invades your life, it can prevent good things form happening to you. People surrounded by negativity generally live much less happier lives than those who surround themselves with positive energies.

My Top 5 Tips for banishing negativity from your life

1) Teach yourself to be optimisticLife isn't all bad. When you feel negative list 3-5 good things about your life in your head or write them down for yourself. When you think of them be grateful that those things are apart of your life. Gratitude is key. 

2) If you're having a negative thought towards someone else.. take a minute to ask yourself why are you feeling this way-is it because someone has something that you would like etc..? reflect on why you are feeling that way and instead of channeling it in a negative way (which will make you feel worse in the long run) think about how this feeling can help to make you a better person and how you can use it as inspiration to better yourself. Is there a change that you need to make in your life to make it better? remember it starts with small steps not big ones. Being negative towards another individual ONLY gives that person more energy and causes a bigger problem for yourself. Switch your focus!

3) Surround yourself with Positive people only. This will subconsciously do a lot to create positive thinking and a positive life. Positive people give us energy and strength required to achieve tasks which grows our confidence further. 

4) Perform Self Hypnosis: Doing this will allow you to improve your power of concentration. You can then concentrate more easily on positive thoughts. Visualization is the funnel of energy.Try it! it will help you change your view towards life. Imagine something that makes you happy-it will attract happy thoughts :)

5) Listen to Music that makes you feel good! (or do something that makes you feel good!) if you're feeling negative make a conscious effort to do something that makes you feel happy & good in yourself. For example stick on one of your favorite songs. I have a few songs that I call my fighter songs and when I listen to them they make me feel really happy and strong! These songs immediately make me feel good and in return release positive energy :) 

YOU have the power to switch it around! Don't get stuck in quick sand of negative vibrations!x 

Lots of Love, 
Shahira X

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