Thursday, 6 November 2014

new nail product love!

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So as I've said a number of times before I HATE doing my nails! I'm a girly-girl in many ways but my nails are always what brings the cat out of the bag in terms of my tom-boy side! I just really hate painting my nails, I like getting my nails done in the salon (shellac normally) but I rarely keep it up and I'm not a fan of fake nails - don't get me wrong: they look uber-glam but they always seem to get in my way (texting/picking things up etc) I just don't have the patience! I wish I did!

However, I recently came across a nail product that I wanted to share with you guys as it may be the answer to my constant messy-nail dilemma :P lol!

The product is....

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel! 

This Miracle gel is, in a nut shell, a gel nail varnish that does not require a light to set and is said to last up to two weeks!

Now this is a new product for me (I only brought it this week) so I have yet to test it's longevity but so far I am impressed! it is easy to apply and the colour is vibrant immediately (although you still need two coats!). It definitely gives the look and feel of a gel or shellac manicure which is a lot sleeker and smoother than a regular polish! The only thing I did notice is that because it is a gel formula it is thicker in consistency and therefore needs a little longer to dry and set! However it is worth it for salon results at home!!
The range has a whopping 45 colour shades altogether so there will definitely be something that catches your eye!

Although, now that I've tried the miracle gel I have a feeling I will be investing in some more colours! I decided just to get one (+ the needed top coat) to start with so that I could test it out and see if it was worth picking up any more!The colour I went with was pink cadillacquer!

This colour is a bubble-gum baby pink so it definitely embarrasses your girly side without being too dramatic!
The Miracle gel is $7.99 in Target (this would be cheaper in euros) but you do need to invest in a top coat at approx the same price! 
Whether or not I'll get two weeks out of this gel nail varnish is yet to be seen but I am hoping and optimistic that it will last longer than regular polish because so far it does compare very favorably to shellac manicures I have had done in the past! (fingers crossed) I will keep you guys posted! 
My tip for using this polish would be to allow plenty of drying time for the base colour before applying the top coat or the top coat may budge some of the colour off and that will ultimately cause more delays! Ain't nobody got time for that! ;) lol! 

Anyway in other news I'm battling my computer with regards to American spelling and I'm not sure what to do about it... Half of my mind is telling me to stick with English/Irish spelling as that's what is correct to me and what I was brought up on but the other half is thinking should I type in American spelling now that I live here and my computer keeps scribbling error lines under my English spelling??.... Mmm I hate typos and spelling mistakes (it's a pet peeve of mine) but I think I'll stick with the British spelling for now because that's what I know and from my blog statistics the majority of my readers are based in Europe... Oh the dilemma! lol!
Snoop Dogg and Shahira Barry
Snoop & I
In a catch up this week I finished 10days work on the movie Ted2, worked with Bruno Mars and was invited back to set with Snoop Dogg! I am feeling incredibly blessed! but now I need to keep it up #NoPressure :) lol

Lots of Love, 
Shahira Xo

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